Viking Brothers 2
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Viking Brothers 2

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Play Viking Brothers 2 and help two brave brothers save the Viking world! Can the three of you overcome the mysterious force that's been trying to stop you?

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No matter how big the challenge, Viking strength and valor have never failed - and neither will you!

In Viking Brothers 2, two brothers set out on an exciting quest to save the Viking land! Their journey is going to be long, challenging, and filled with many obstacles. Pirates, trolls, and a mysterious force await - but fortunately, Viking strength and valor have never failed! If they do the heavy lifting, can you be the guide they need? Explore the Viking land in Viking Brothers 2!
  • help two Viking brothers on their quest to fight off evil
  • explore the Viking land, and meet many quirky characters - monsters, men and gods alike
  • complete challenges to earn dozens of achievements
  • enjoy beautiful cutscenes, a lively soundtrack and colorful worlds

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