Spellarium 9
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Spellarium 9

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Spellarium 9 follows Eric on an epic Match 3 mission to gain control of rebellious dark spirits! Can Eric tame the Dark Elements before it's too late?

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Help Eric tame the unruly dark spirits!

Spellarium 9 follows an epic Match 3 mission! The Dark Elements are an integral part of our world, however, they have grown unruly and now it's up to Eric to unite the other Elements to gain control of the rebellious dark spirits. But, he must act fast as a huge black hole is approaching and threatens to swallow everything! Can he succeed before it's too late? Find out in Spellarium 9.
  • Solve over 100 magically unique Match 3 levels!
  • Build a gorgeous new town.
  • Enjoy fun bonus puzzles including Mahjong and Jigsaw.
  • Collect coins and colored tiles to help Eric on his quest!

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