Spellarium 5
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Spellarium 5

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Spellarium 5 calls upon you to save the world! Retrieve a magical crystal and restore balance to the universe before it's too late.

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Harness the power of the elements and bring balance to the world!

Spellarium 5 beckons you for an exciting new quest! A magical crystal known as the Spellarium has fallen to the bottom of a huge lake, throwing the entire world out of balance. Can you harness the power of the elements to retrieve the Spellarium and restore balance to the world? Embark on an exciting Match 3 journey with Spellarium 5!
  • Save the world one exciting Match 3 level at a time.
  • Discover thrilling new bonus levels.
  • Embark on a new mission and build a new town.
  • Restore balance to the universe with the Spellarium!

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