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Spellarium 8

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Spellarium 8 embarks on a thrilling Match 3 quest! Help Eric build an enchanting new location across dozens of Match 3 levels and all-new bonus puzzles.

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Harness your wizardly abilities in a magical Match 3 quest!

Spellarium 8 embarks on a thrilling new quest! Join Eric on his spellbinding journey to build an enchanting new location. Help Eric by solving over 100 tricky Match 3 levels and dozens of bonus puzzles including Solitaire, Spot the Difference, Hidden Object, and more! Plus, enjoy all-new game features including new coin types. Experience a wonderous wizardly quest in Spellarium 8.
  • Help Eric build yet another beautiful location!
  • Complete challenging tasks and matching levels.
  • Remove colored tiles with power-up explosions.
  • Discover over 50 exciting new bonus puzzles!

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