Spellarium 3
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Spellarium 3

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Spellarium 3 reveals a world ruined by war. Fulfill the wishes of the Gods by restoring the land and building a great palace in their honor.

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Raise the world from the ashes and build a glorious palace.

Spellarium 3 continues the mythical Match 3 saga. A great war between the Gods and the Dark Spirits has left the land in ruin. The Gods summon the wizard Eric to raise the world from the ashes. Solve over 100 Match 3 levels and build a glorious palace in their honor! Experience the magic of Match 3 gameplay in Spellarium 3.
  • Discover new levels and game mechanics.
  • Choose from 3 game modes, including Relaxed.
  • Immerse yourself with bright, beautiful graphics.
  • Play at your pace with skippable bonus games.

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