Gnomes Garden 4
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Gnomes Garden 4

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In Gnomes Garden 4, you will embark on an epic journey to the Elven lands to save your people from starvation! Are you ready?

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So much has been done, but there is still so much to do. Return to the world of the Gnomes and rebuild their land!

Gnomes Garden 4 finds the gnomes with their castle intact, but set in a wasteland where nothing grows! How will they survive? The secret lies in the Green Recipe, held by the Elven Queen in a far away land. You will need to use cunning and strategy in order to find the Crystal of Eternal Light to barter for the Recipe. Heal the land and save your people in Gnomes Garden 4.
  • beat challenges to earn 21 different trophies
  • enjoy over 40 time and resource management levels
  • defeat dangerous foes as you pass through distant lands
  • find the Crystal of Eternal Light, coveted by the Queen

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