Gnomes Garden 3
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Gnomes Garden 3

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Gnomes Garden 3 takes you on another spectacular quest! Your castle, your loved ones... They've all vanished into thin air. What's going on?

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After an intense but fruitful trip you can't wait to get some rest in your very own castle. But... But... It's gone!

In Gnomes Garden 3, you'll have to face a new enemy! After successfully making peace with the trolls and their queen, you arrive back home only to find something terrible has happened. Your castle, your loved ones... All gone! How could they suddenly vanish into thin air? Just when you thought everyone was safe... Set off on a new adventure in Gnomes Garden 3!
  • journey through an unexplored world to find your castle and loved ones
  • discover a wide variety of exciting time management challenges and other tasks
  • earn all the achievements in over 40 levels and 4 unique worlds
  • enjoy the entertaining plot, colorful comic-style stories and interesting characters

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