It’s Day 3 of our 12 Days of Cheer & Play event! And with new games releasing every week, GameHouse has released plenty of Christmas games over the years. But just how many Christmas games are there in the GameHouse library? Let’s have some fun!


Can you guess the number of Christmas games GameHouse has?
Scroll down to play!


Pick a number.



Do you have a number? Great!



We’ll give you a hint…



It’s more than the number of hours in a day.



It’s less than the number of days in a season.



It’s more than the number of weeks in a year.



It’s less than the number of minutes in an hour, but only just!


The answer is…


Did you guess the correct answer? Were you close?

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GameHouse Holiday Feature - Garland

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GameHouse Holiday Feature - Garland

GameHouse Holiday Feature - Presents

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