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For over a decade, the Delicious family has captured the hearts of Time Management fans. Ever since her debut in 2006, Emily O’Malley (née Napoli) has left an unforgettable impression with her polka-dotted apron and freckled cheeks. It’s been an exciting journey! Through heart and determination, Emily has opened restaurants, traveled the world, started a family, and starred in nineteen full-length Time Management games. But where did it all begin? Join us as we take a Delicious journey through time with Emily’s story!

Delicious - Emily's Story - GameHouse


Small Town, Big Dreams (Delicious 2006 – 2009)


Like many homegrown heroes and heroines with big dreams, Emily’s story starts out small. Little by little, she saves up the money she’s earned to open her own restaurant. Along the way, Emily’s love for cooking is revealed to be a family tradition. Emily’s best friend, Francois, is also introduced in Emily’s earliest games!


Delicious - Emily's Taste of Fame - GameHouse

Early games like Delicious and Delicious 2 focused on establishing the gameplay that would later become the foundation of the renowned Delicious series of games. When Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden and Delicious – Emily’s Taste of Fame released, Emily’s shining personality was unveiled to the world. A GameHouse Original Story was born!




Emily’s Friends and Family (Delicious 2009 – 2011)


With Emily’s big heart and charm revealed, it wasn’t long before others started to notice, too! In Delicious – Emily’s Holiday Season, two handsome men compete for her attention. Oh, who should she choose? Everyone knows the right answer: Francois! That’s right, the optional third choice Francois remains the most popular choice to this day.

Delicious - Francois Art - GameHouse

Delicious - Emily's Childhood Memories - GameHouse


Friends are like family, and Emily’s family relationships are also explored during this time. Angela, her sister, who would later star in her own Fabulous series of games, is introduced, as well as Emily’s parents. Together, they take a trip down memory lane in Delicious – Emily’s Childhood Memories.




Live, Laugh, Love (Delicious 2011 – 2013)


Delicious - Emily's True Love - GameHouse

Emily’s love life took the spotlight in Delicious – Emily’s True Love. It’s in this romantic game that the loveable florist and Emily’s husband-to-be Patrick O’Malley is first introduced. Sparks fly between them, but Patrick’s family – and ex-girlfriend – have other ideas! The lovebirds tackle their challenges together in Delicious – Emily’s Wonder Wedding and start their new lives as a couple in Delicious – Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise.


The Delicious series reached new heights with the exploration of Emily’s love life. Emily’s True Love was the first game of the Delicious series to earn a perfect 5 out of 5 stars from game review site Gamezebo. Brand new Platinum Editions were also introduced, featuring bonus musical soundtracks, wallpapers, and even an all-new bonus restaurant!



Home is Where the Heart Is (Delicious 2014 – 2015)


Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home

Emily and Patrick welcome their first daughter, Paige, in Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning. But by now, you should know Emily is quite the multi-tasker! Juggling work and home, she faces new challenges with the help of her friends and family. From house-hunting in Delicious – Emily’s Home Sweet Home to facing unexpected illness in Delicious – Emily’s Hopes and Fears, the O’Malley’s settle into the home life – give or take a few shops!


The arrival of Paige marked a new chapter in Emily’s life as a main character. Players had watched Emily mature from a young woman into a loving mother, all while holding onto her hopes and dreams and pursuing her ambitions as a shining Time Management extraordinaire. But happily-ever-after was far from an ending – Emily’s family adventures were only just beginning!


Delicious - Emily's Family Concept Art - GameHouse


A Delicious Family Expansion (Delicious 2016 – 2017)


Delicious - Emily's Miracle of Life - GameHouse

Life has a way of surprising the O’Malley family – and nothing is more surprising than when Emily’s long-lost Grandpa Vito shows up in Delicious – Emily’s Message in a Bottle! Old family history meets new family memories in heartwarming stories and recollections. The warmth continues in the holiday story Delicious – Emily’s Christmas Carol, and only grows – quite literally – in Delicious – Emily’s Miracle of Life! Juggling the challenges of now being a large family, Emily and Patrick turn their teamwork into a friendly competition in Delicious – Emily’s Moms vs Dads.


During this time, the Delicious series’ attention to story-driven detail became a shining example of the beloved GameHouse Original Story label. Additional Time Management series such as Heart’s Medicine, Dr. Cares, and Amber’s Airline were born from this inspiration, shaping new GameHouse Original Stories and characters taken straight from the heart of Snuggford.

GameHouse Original Stories - Heart's Medicine, Dr. Cares, Amber's Airline - GameHouse



The Adventures Continue (Delicious 2019)


In the bustling world of Snuggford, adventure always finds its way to the O’Malley family. This time, the aroma of excitement fills the air as they embark on Delicious – Emily’s Road Trip. Bound for a journey down the iconic Route 66, they traverse through the heartland of America, discovering not just the landmarks but the profound essence of togetherness, bringing the family of five closer together than ever. Sometimes it’s not the journey, but the ones you travel with!

Delicious - Emily's Road Trip - GameHouse



The return of the O’Malley’s (Delicious 2023 – current)



While we didn’t see the O’Malley clan for a number of years, life in Snuggford continued, marked by the children’s growth and the inevitable passage of time for Emily and Patrick. They returned to our screens in Delicious – Emily’s Cooking And Romance, where unexpected opportunities turned the quaint town into a stage for Hollywood dreams.




The new adventures will officially continue in Delicious – Emily’s Mansion Mystery, as Emily takes a much-needed “friend-cation” with her bestie, Francois. Disaster soon strikes in a sprawling mansion and the best friends must work together to solve the mystery!






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