Summer may be a month away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a head start on fun and relaxation! Find the perfect summer Hidden Object getaway with Vacation Adventures – Park Ranger 7. The Vacation Adventures series continues in Pinecreek Hills National Park, where you’ll aid the rangers with dozens of activities. Click Play below to watch the trailer:



A Sensational Summer Getaway


Enjoy life as a National Park Ranger in Vacation Adventures – Park Ranger 7. You’ll patrol Pinecreek Hills National Park and the surrounding scenery in preparation of Charity Week. Welcome families on summer holidays and organize annual activities. Discover the beauty of Bluewaters Lake, the surrounding rivers, and the rolling park wilderness. Put on your uniform and protect the park from unwanted poachers and hunting traps. There’s simply so much to do!


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The Vacation Adventures Continue


Vacation Adventures – Park Ranger 7 invites you to explore new park trails and hiking paths as you look out for potential hazards. Embrace the beauty of nature in over 50 highly-immersive Hidden Object levels. Complete additional puzzles and challenges along the way, such as assembling the park’s map, to prove you’re the ultimate park ranger.


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While stewarding visitors and park wildlife, you’ll get a chance to explore, too! Discover dozens of gorgeous outdoor locations, hundreds of species of flora and fauna, as well as Pinecreek’s many historic buildings and landmarks. Prove you’re a wildlife warrior to earn awards and purchase souvenirs as a tourist to commemorate the best Hidden Object vacation this summer!


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