The gods of Asgard call upon the Viking brothers, Evarand and Boromir, to once again pick up their weapons and deliver the universe from evil. Sharpen your swords and strategic wit in Viking Brothers 3 Platinum Edition, an exciting strategy game from the creative minds at Alawar. Click the play button below to watch the trailer!



A Tale of Two Brothers


The legend of the Viking brothers precedes them. No sooner have Evarand and Boromir stopped to recuperate from their last heroic journey than the gods call upon them once again. A mysterious plan has been concocted by Loki, stretching from the frosty realm of Niflheim to the inferno of Helheim. Together, the Viking brothers will need to battle dark dwarfs, fire giants, cruel witches, and countless trials and challenges spread across dozens of thrilling levels and locations.


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Guided by Heimdall’s lantern, Viking Brothers 3 Platinum Edition will take you on an epic journey through realms of legend. The fate of the universe rests in your hands!


An Arsenal of Features


The rich story of Viking Brothers 3 Platinum Edition is reflected in its equally-detailed visuals. Rich and vibrant levels and layouts put a refreshing spin on the classic Strategy game format. A wealth of appeal awaits players. Arcade game fans will love racing against the clock and utilizing their resource and time management skills, while more casual gamers will enjoy the option to relax and enjoy the game at a more leisurely pace. Choose your own adventure!


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Furthermore, achievement-hunters will have plenty to do in Viking Brothers 3 Platinum Edition. Manage your time and resources well to earn additional rewards. And for the ultimate perfectionists, the inclusion of an integrated walkthrough and strategy guide will provide detailed strategies and solutions on how to complete each level and its challenges.


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Viking Brothers 3 Platinum Edition also includes bonus features. In addition to the integrated walkthrough, enjoy extras such as an entire unlockable bonus chapter, downloadable art and music. The gods smile upon thee!


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Ready your weapons and answer the call of the gods.

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