(Last Updated On: April 11, 2017)
It’s Almost Time for Your Annual Veterinary Visit!

Mark your calendar, because this is our friendly reminder it’s almost time to meet our newest GameHouse Original Story character – Amy! Fresh out of veterinary school, Amy loves nothing more than animals. With her heart set on making a difference, Amy is now getting ready to spread her wings and make a pawsitive impact in animals’ lives.

Dr. Cares – Pet Rescue 911 is an all-new time management game with 60 story-driven levels, 30 challenges, trophies, minigames, mice, and more! Following the style of Heart’s Medicine, it’s the latest title in the GameHouse Original Story book. Meet amazing animals and an assorted cast of characters both old and new.



Enjoy the Purreview!

Dr. Cares – Pet Rescue 911 Platinum Edition will be available this Wednesday. Visit GameHouse or your device’s app store starting tomorrow to play.


We appreciate your patience and look forward to sharing the game with you!