Hi everyone!

Phew! It seems like we’re finally back on track! My team has finally picked out what we *hope* are the last bits of cat hair from the last update. Ming may be cute, but is also more than a little destructive, even when trying to help!

To play the updated version of my game, you will first have to uninstall the game. I know this sounds scary, but it’s kinda like cleaning a paintbrush before using a new color of paint. Once that’s done, you can head over to my Cathy’s Crafts page and redownload the game. Now when you run it, if you click on that little gear icon in the upper left corner and click “settings”, you can choose whether or not to play the game in full screen mode. Click on the green check mark to remove it, and you should be able to see that new shiny version number (It’s 1.0.2, by the way!). Um, here, I’ll show you what it looks like –

Cathy's Crafts Update Version 1.0.2

Cathy’s Crafts Update Version 1.0.2, yay!

We really hope you like the new update. I even helped polish it! We’re also busy updating the Cathy’s Crafts Official Walkthrough, which should be done soon- Ming! Stay away from the walkthrough!

Er, anyway… I’ll see you in Snuggford! <3Love, Cathy