When we exercise our muscles, they become stronger and work better. Everyone knows that. But what everyone may not know is that we can exercise our brains too. And we’re not talking about exercises to keep your mind healthy (although this is also one of the benefits of giving your gray matter a “work out”), we’re talking about something relatively new and very relevant to the world of video games: Neurobics.

To begin with, what is Neurobics?

Gymnastics for the brain. Simple. With recent advances in neuroscience, scientists found that our brain is capable of amazing things, and among them is the ability to increase the number of neural connections and “rejuvenate” the brain through the creation of new synapses and neurons. Neurobics, then, can be defined as exercise for the mind that, as with the body, needs to be stimulated and trained to reach its full potential.

And what do these games have to do with it?

Everything! Especially those games based on strategy and the use of spatial reasoning. Puzzles, online strategy games and memory games are excellent stimuli for the brain. And before you say, “Oh, but I already knew that!” know that these games can single-handedly keep your brain healthy. But in order to actually develop it, it’s important to vary and, especially, try new things.

Breaking the routine

Neurobics is based on exercises that offer experiences outside the normal routine of our minds. From taking a new route to work, to periodically changing hands when writing or brushing your teeth, it’s exactly the same when getting some playing time with these games. So, if you’re familiar with strategy games or puzzles, just try playing games where a good spatial reasoning is required, and vice versa. And remember, the important thing is to vary games and seek new challenges. In fact, we have games of every kind on offer, so simply check out the ones that appeal to you!

Are you ready to start your mental gymnastics? ;-)