Being a world-famous wedding planner isn’t easy, especially when your reputation precedes you so much, your honeymoon is cut short! Jump into the time management mayhem of Wedding Salon 2 with Holly and make all those days magical. Our Wedding Salon 2 walkthrough features all the essentials you’ll need, such as how to play, tips, tricks, and more!


Wedding Salon 2 Essentials Walkthrough

Welcome to our Wedding Salon 2 walkthrough. Wedding Salon 2 is a time management game featuring 10 international locations and 90 levels. Almost every level follows the same basic strategy. As such, our Wedding Salon 2 walkthrough focuses on the essentials – How to Play, Tips & Tricks, and all the general strategies and how-to’s you’ll need to achieve high scores.


How to Play

Whether you’re just starting in your own salon or need a refresher, this section covers the game’s general gameplay and how everything works. Each location is divided up into 10 levels, or days. Almost all days feature the same basic challenge: complete the day with the highest score possible before time runs out.


First, a customer will enter the salon. New customers will take a seat on the left as they wait to be taken to the station they’re requesting. Once a customer has decided where they’d like to go, an icon with the corresponding station and color will pop up over their head. Click and hold the customer to drag them to the location of their choosing.

Wedding Salon 2 - Click and Drag a Customer

Wedding Salon 2 – Click and Drag a Customer

Once a customer has been taken to the station of their choosing, click on them to perform the action associated with that station. Sometimes, simply clicking on the customer will be enough to complete the action, e.g. styling someone’s hair. However, sometimes a mini-game will pop up in which you must complete a task before that customer will be happy. Most mini-games come in the form of matching or selecting an item. A couple examples are listed here:

  • Example: Match a Pair of Earrings

Match a pair of earrings by clicking on them. Earrings will rotate around the stand as you look for the matching pair. The customer will not be satisfied until the minigame task is complete. Complete it successfully to bolster their mood.

Wedding Salon 2 - Match a Pair of Earrings

Wedding Salon 2 – Match a Pair of Earrings

  • Example: Unique Gift

Choose the unique gift from a lot of gifts available. A unique gift will be unique in both color and design. Do this successfully to bolster a customer’s mood.

Wedding Salon 2 - Choose a Unique Gift

Wedding Salon 2 – Choose a Unique Gift

Sometimes customers will want to make multiple stops at different stations before they’re ready to check out and pay. If your stations are full, but a customer from one station wants to go to another and vice versa (and they match), simply click and drag one of the customers to the station they’d like to have them automatically switch.


Once a customer is finished with their makeover, they’ll move to the cash register. Click on the register to collect a customer’s cash. A maximum of 4 customers can wait at the register at once before they will start to back up.


That’s it! It’s that simple. Once you feel comfortable, you can stack multiple actions by clicking multiple locations. A number will appear showing in which order Holly will complete tasks. If you made a mistake and assigned a task you don’t want Holly to do, don’t worry – just click on the task number to cancel it instantly.


General Tips & Tricks

You know how the basics work, now it’s time to delve into more advanced strategies to help you in your quest to give every wedding a happy ending. This section focuses on the more advanced aspects of the game.


  • Make sure you always have an available seat. Customers entering your salon will want to be seated immediately. If a customer is unable to be seated, a timer will appear over their head. You will have a very short period of time to free up a seat for them, otherwise they will leave the establishment. It’s almost impossible to get a gold score if a customer leaves, so make sure you always have a seat free!
Wedding Salon 2 - Waiting Customer

Wedding Salon 2 – Waiting Customer

  • Help your indecisive customers decide. Sometimes a customer will have difficulty choosing a product or service. In these instances, you have two options:
  • If you have a catalogue available, give this to the customer with a “?” mark over their head. This will help them instantly decide what they’d like without the need for Holly to move over to them.
  • Click on the customer with the “?” mark over their heads to have Holly go to them and help them decide. An indecisive customer won’t make decisions on their own, so it’s important to focus on them right away to make sure that seats remain free!
  • Click quickly to make actions go faster. When the circular meter appears over a customer’s head showing how much longer is needed to complete their task, click repeatedly to make the task go that much faster. This will save you a lot of time.
  • Serve multiple clients of the same gender in a row. If you serve multiple clients of the same gender in a row at a station, you will build up a series of combos that will allow you to skip minigames and improve your score! The best tactic to use, in the event you have two or more stations, is to dedicate one station to male customers and one to female as much as possible.
Wedding Salon 2 - Gender Combo Bonus

Wedding Salon 2 – Gender Combo Bonus

  • Hire Help! One of the best investments you can make while purchasing upgrades is to hire the help of an assistant to manage a station for you. This is by far the most time-efficient upgrade you can purchase, so try to save up as much as possible.
  • Serve the VIPs first. VIPs are valuable customers that tend to be impatient, but will tip more. Make sure these customers are always your priority when they’re present.
  • Keep one station free at all times. As much as possible, try to ensure there’s an empty spot at one of every station. This will allow you room to maneuver and prevent customers from backing up and leaving.
  • When in doubt, don’t worry about the combos – Focus on the customers! It’s better to check out customers individually than to try and check them out or help them in pairs. Attempting to check people out in pairs will often result in a customer back-up that will prevent you from obtaining a high score.
  • Collect bonus happiness and gold when available. A happy customer makes everyone happy – including you! Bonus happiness and gold will appear when a happy customer is helped. Collect these for free bonuses to your score!
Wedding Salon 2 - Collect Free Bonuses

Wedding Salon 2 – Collect Free Bonuses


Home Improvement

As you complete levels and obtain high scores, you will obtain gold for upgrades and tokens for renovating your home. Each time you earn a new token, you will automatically be taken to the Home Improvement screen. Click on the arrows at the top of the screen to navigate between home locations. Click on gold-colored tokens to select the upgrade you’d like to install in your home. You can also access the Home anytime by clicking on the house icon in the upper left corner of the level select screen.

Wedding Salon 2 - Home Improvement

Wedding Salon 2 – Home Improvement


Wedding Salon Series by Sugar Games

The big day only comes once in a lifetime. And that’s where Holly comes in – wedding planner extraordinaire! With Holly’s skills, endless couples have left her salon pleased as punch. If you’ve enjoyed Wedding Salon 2, check out the game that started it all!


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Congratulations, you’ve completed our Wedding Salon 2 Guide and Essentials Walkthrough!


The Wedding Salon 2 Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.