Mr. Gristleman’s magic pills are all the hype, but you know the real way to get an energy boost is through hearty exercise! In this time management game, you will open up your own gym and help your clients get the training they need. Our Fitness Bustle – Energy Boost walkthrough will give you the leg up you need to help you get through this mental workout with tips, tricks, and an explanation of how to play.

Fitness Bustle - Energy Boost Opening

Fitness Bustle – Energy Boost Opening


Fitness Bustle – Energy Boost Essentials Walkthrough

Welcome to our Fitness Bustle – Energy Boost Essentials walkthrough. Fitness Bustle – Energy Boost us a time management game that boasts 64 levels taking you across the whole of the United States. This game is designed with the same basic strategy from level to level, so this walkthrough focus on the essentials of the game – How to Play, Tips & Tricks, and all the general strategies and how-to’s to help you play your best game.


How to Play

Whether this is your first dive into running a gym or if you’re in need a refresher, this section covers the game’s general gameplay and how everything works. There are eight levels to each section of the map. Select the level by pressing the by blue button. Each level starts with your Score Card.

Fitness Bustle - Energy Boost Scorecard

Fitness Bustle – Energy Boost Scorecard

On the right (Green) the Goals for the level are listed. These are the things you need to complete to finish the level.

On the left (Red) you will find your Scores. Use these guidelines to maximize your score. Hover your mouse pointer over each image to see more details.


After you are done looking at your Score Card, the game begins. Customers enter and sit in the upper left of the screen. After a moment of thinking, a thought bubble will appear over their head with the gym equipment they would like to use. Click on the customer and drag them to the first equipment they wish for.  As they begin using the equipment a green button will appear beside them. Click this to start training the customer, allowing them to use the machine faster.

  • Tip: If another customer is moved onto the equipment you are currently training at, you will automatically start training that customer.
Fitness Bustle - Energy Boost Gameplay

Fitness Bustle – Energy Boost Gameplay

After the customer is done with the equipment, they will want one of several things:

  • More exercise. The customer will ask to be moved to another piece of gym equipment.
  • To shower. Right click the customer to send them to the shower. They will pay and leave the gym afterwards.
  • An item. The customer may want an item before choosing to shower or use another piece of gym equipment. In example, they may want water or a hot towel. Right click on the correct station to give them this item.


Awards (Bonus Items)

As you play, you earn stars. The more stars you earn, the more awards you can unlock. Each award is a useful item you can use help you in your game. You can have up to three Awards selected at once.


To access the full rewards screen, rom the level selection map, you can click on the Awards button in the lower right to see the full rewards menu. You can select the Hide/Show button at the top of the screen to quick select the rewards you’d like to use.

Fitness Bustle - Energy Boost Awards

Fitness Bustle – Energy Boost Awards

  • Misting Fan (2 Stars) – The cooling breeze speeds up all your customers.
  • Extra Chair (14 Stars) – This gives you an extra chair in the upper left of the screen. Use this when you need to move more customers through the gym in a shorter amount of time.
  • Tip: Some levels already have 2 or more chairs. Be careful an extra chair does not overwhelm you!
  • Boom Box (25 Stars): These jams make your staff work faster.
  • Energy Bar (35 Stars): Giving these treats to unhappy customers will raise their happiness a small amount.
  • Extra Shower (46 Stars) This will give you another shower, allowing you to let customers wash up and leave faster. An extremely useful award.
  • Relaxation Station (58 Stars): This gives you an extra Relaxation Station in the gym. Use on levels where you’re running into problems with customers who want to use the same machine.
  • Shop (120 Stars): Bring in that extra dough with a shop for your customers to purchase things, giving you extra tips.
  • Advertising Robot (140 Stars): Use this guy to bring more customers into the store. Can be used in combination with the Extra Chair reward for a double boost!
  • Robot Trainer (160 Stars) A robot to help you train your customers, so you can hire less humans.
  • Device Upgrade (180 Stars): Give your machines a makeover, allowing customers to be trained quicker.
  • Device Upgrade 2 (260 Stars): You machines become even faster, allowing customers to be trainer even quicker.


You can also unlock two different modes by collecting stars.


  • Relax (220 Stars) allows the Relax mode to be accessed for play.
  • Survival (240 Stars) allows the Survival mode to be accessed for play.


Tips and Tricks

  • Room Layout: While your first customer is walking in, take a moment to look over the gym. Your equipment changes position from level to level, so you will want to make sure you know where everything is.
  • Fast Showers: When a customer is ready for a shower, you can right click on them to send them directly to the shower without having to use time clicking and dragging the customer.
  • Fast Water: When someone wants a drink, right click on the prepared machine to automatically send them a full glass!
    • Tip: Remember to click on the machine again right away to prep the next glass of water.
    • Tip: The Hot Towel Tables work in the same way.
  • Two Hands Are Better than One: Do not hesitate to hire extra help. If you are feeling overwhelmed by training your customers or you’re pulling your hair out as things break down, an extra Trainer can ease your struggle. Some levels start you off with an extra trainer!
  • Rest and Relaxation: Make sure to use the Relaxation Station to good use. Customers who sit in this chair do not loose happiness. It is very useful for when two customers want to use the same gym equipment.


Congratulations, you’ve completed our Fitness Bustle – Energy Boost Guide and Essentials Walkthrough!


The Fitness Bustle – Energy Boost Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.