Embark on an adventurous journey around the ancient lands of the Mediterranean in The Rise of Atlantis to gather the seven powers that will help raise the city of Atlantis. In each of the seven countries visited assemble magic artifacts piece by piece. Once complete, the assembled artifact is placed in Poseidon’s Altar. When all seven artifacts are placed in Poseidon’s Altar the city of Atlantis rises again.
The Rise of Atlantis Walkthrough Gameplay Guide assists players through the 77 levels of gameplay fun by providing tips and tricks, guidelines, and hints to successfully raise the city of Atlantis. Divided into two sections, toggle or scroll, to reach the section you wish to review to obtain valuable insights on completing the adventure by solving Match 3, 4, or 5 puzzle games and board game fueled by a quest.

The first section of The Rise of Atlantis Walk through Gameplay Guide discusses General Gameplay Rules. This section will review the nuts and bolts of the game and available features to customize. The second section of The Rise of Atlantis Walkthrough Gameplay Guide is the main portion of the guide and contains detailed information about How To Play The Rise of Atlantis. In addition to the objective and gameplay rules, additional attention will be paid to the Power Ups or available bonuses in the game.


The Rise of Atlantis Walkthrough

Section One: General Gameplay Rules

The Rise of Atlantis is a Match 3 game full of puzzles that also contains a quest to put together an artifact to use and combine with 7 other artifacts to create an altar. The altar will allow the player to raise the city of Atlantis. Before the game starts however, some customizations are in order.

Create a Screen Name

Enter a Screen Name to identify the player. Other players can be added or subtracted by selecting the Change Player button.

Main Screen

The Main Screen contains buttons that allow access to the game and available customizations. The Start and Exit buttons are self-explanatory. Select these buttons to begin gameplay or to exit from gameplay. Levels are saved making it easy to save progress for gameplay at a later date and time.

The Options button permits the player to modify sound and music settings along with the video settings – full screen or windowed are the available options. A custom cursor can also be selected and an option to play the game showing tips is also present. For the true computer game aficionado, credits from developer Terminal Studio can be reviewed in this section

The Help button provides assistance during gameplay with a cheat sheet of the game’s main rules. A detailed discussion on How to Play The Rise of Atlantis will be explored in the second section of The Rise of Atlantis Walkthrough Gameplay Guide.

The map of the lands that make up the ancient kingdoms of the Mediterranean Sea can be accessed at the Travels button. This button also allows the player to monitor her progress and return to any unlocked locations. At the end of the game, when all the levels are completed and the city of Atlantis is raised, a 3D screen saver is created and can be used on the player’s individual computer or laptop monitor.

Section Two: How To Play The Rise of Atlantis

General Gameplay Objective

The objective of The Rise of Atlantis game is to clear Match 3 puzzles to free artifact pieces in each of the lands the player visits in order to collect the artifact pieces, assemble the artifact, and place then place the artifact inside Poseidon’s Altar. Once complete, Poseidon’s Altar is used to raise the city to Atlantis.

In the electronic Match 3 and board game The Rise of Atlantis the player visits 7 ancient lands. The ancient lands are: Phoenicia, Babylon, Egypt, Carthage, Rome, Greece, and Troy. When the player enters the new lands, she is told about the artifact she must find. Once the artifact pieces are freed they are used to assemble the artifact. The artifacts themselves are also puzzle pieces. As the Match 3 game puzzles are cleared, the player assembles the artifact.

The artifact has historical significance to the featured societies. The combined artifacts create the most powerful tool imaginable, enabling the city of Atlantis to Rise again. To move onto the next level, place the artifact in Poseidon’s Altar. This process will need to be followed and repeated in all 7 lands. There are 10 levels in each of the lands for a total of 77 Match 3 games to play.

The Rise of Atlantis - 1

The Rise of Atlantis – 1

Gameplay Rules

There are four primary rules of gameplay used in The Rise of Atlantis game. They are as follows: (1) Match 3; (2) Match 4; (3) Artifact Assembly, and (4) Bonus Plays.

Match 3

Swap adjacent tiles together to form matches of 3 like tiles. Hint: The tiles must be of the same shape, size, and color.

Match 4

Match 4 or more like tiles together (same size, shape, and color) to recharge the Sun

Power Ups

Artifact Assembly

At the beginning of each level, the player is told what artifact is being assembled. There is a picture of it on top of the left handed sidebar. The artifact’s pieces are missing. The level artifact is assembled by collecting the pieces to the artifact scattered throughout the gameplay board layout. Make 3, 4, or 5 match pairings to bring the artifact pieces to the bottom of the gameplay board layout. Once at the bottom, the piece freed from the gameplay board and is automatically placed on the artifact.

Bonus Plays

There are 4 Bonuses in the game available for play. They are the Bomb, Sun, Lightning, and Clock Power Ups. To clear the Bonuses or the Power Ups, the items must be free by making Match 3, 4, or 5 pairings. Like the artifact assembly rule, to free the Bonuses bring the items down to the bottom of the gameplay board layout. Once freed, the bonus is collected and stored in the lower portion of the left hand sidebar contained on the screen. TIPS AND TRICKS: Bonuses can be accumulated and used in any level.

The Rise of Atlantis - 2

The Rise of Atlantis – 2

Power Ups

The Power Ups available in The Rise of Atlantis add time or eliminate sections of the gameplay board in one move. Throughout gameplay, bonuses will be present in the game board layout, collect them. The collected Bonuses can be used to make the following moves.

  • The Bomb Bonus eliminates part of the game board. Simply detonate it where you want to unleash maximum destruction of tiles.
  • The Sun Bonus wipes out random but many sections of the gameplay board layout. This bonus generates throughout the game. Hint: When full use the Sun Bonus so that it can recharge and provide you with another Sun Bonus before the level is over. Remember to recharge the Sun, the player must make 4 or more match pairings.
  • The Lightning Bonus destroys the same tile (identical color, shape, and size) on the entire gameplay board playing field in one move. Zap! And the game board is clear of the tile the player wants to get eliminate from play.
  • The Clock Bonus adds more time to the clock allowing the player additional time to complete the level. HINT: Please note that the game is timed. The player can check her time status by looking at the status bar at the bottom of the screen. If the player runs out of time prior to completing the level, she will be forced to repeat the level, losing progress made, to advance to the next level.
The Rise of Atlantis - Power Up

The Rise of Atlantis – Power Up

Tips and Tricks

  • When stuck, a rectangle appears over two tiles. Swap the tiles to make the match.
  • In the left sidebar, there are hearts. The hearts represent extra lives.
  • Most levels contain 2-3 pieces of the artifact to collect. Make sure you collect all of the pieces of the artifact before clearing the level or running out of time.
  • In between the levels of gameplay a history lesson regarding the ancient’s lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea are explored. Vital clues and explanations of the artifact and its significance to the peoples featured are discussed.
The Rise of Atlantis - 3

The Rise of Atlantis – 3

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The Rise of Atlantis Walkthrough Gameplay Guide is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.