Match cute and colorful fuzz balls called Chuzzles with their like-colored brethren in Match 3 game, Chuzzle. Feel free to tickle their furry bodies as you slide rows and columns to make them pop. Don’t know which row to slide next? This Gameplay Walkthrough will guide you with the tips and tricks needed to nail your longest combo yet so you can fill your flask to victory!


Chuzzle Walkthrough

How To Play

Start by choosing one of the four gameplay options on the Main Menu. Your choices are Classic, Speed, Zen, or Brain Teaser. Classic, Speed and Zen modes all share a basic game play strategy, which is to match at least three like-colored Chuzzles by sliding rows left to right or by sliding columns up and down on a six by six board. Matches can be made down, across or in an “L” shape, but not diagonally.

When matched, the Chuzzles will pop and more will fall into play. When Chuzzles pop, their eyes fill a flask to the left of the board. When the flask is full you have won the level and advance to the next, more advanced stage. There are several types of Chuzzles that make their appearance as you advance through the game. They are just as cute as the furry friends you are playing with from level one, but they can also make the game more challenging. But then again, who ever said popping furry little creatures would be easy? For more information on the different game modes and Chuzzles, make sure to check out the rest of this walkthrough.

Chuzzle - 1

Chuzzle – 1

Classic Mode

In Classic mode you play the original game without a timer and can search for matches at your own leisurely pace. The goal in this mode is to fill the flask and move on to the next stage. Start by choosing one of two difficulty levels: casual or expert. This mode starts out very basic with only solid-colored, normal sized Chuzzles. Simply slide the rows and columns to make matches. Make more than one match in a single slide to create a combo.

After the first level Giant Chuzzles make their appearance. These require you to slide two rows or columns at a time. Next come the Locked Chuzzles. Whichever row or column they are in cannot be moved until a match is made using one of the locked Chuzzles. Did you notice some Flashing Chuzzles? Matching one of these is like setting off a bomb that blows away a three by three square surrounding it.

By the time you reach level five you will encounter the Rainbow Chuzzles. These extra colorful fuzz balls are matched with one another just like every other color, but require you to step your game up a bit since more colors on the board means more difficulty finding matches.

Strategy is important when planning which move to make next. If you don’t plan carefully you could run out of moves and you will be given the option to Shuffle the board. Shuffling gives you a fresh start, but be careful. You only get to shuffle twice. After that it’s game over and you receive your final score. If this happens then check the high scores from the main menu to see if you made the cut!

Speed Mode

Thank fast! Speed mode is similar to Classic Mode, but instead of finding matches at your own pace to reach the next level you are playing against the clock. Think you can keep up with the pace?

Again, start by choosing either casual or expert difficulty level. There is a timer below the game board with a marker on it. The marker is a warning to let you know that you are about to run out of time. Find matches to keep the timer from running out or a Locked Chuzzle will be added to the board. When Chuzzles are locked you cannot slide the row or column that they are in until you are able to use them to make a match. Match at least three Chuzzles to set the timer back a little bit, or try for a combo. The bigger the combo, the more time you get. You are still aiming to fill the flask in this mode to reach the next level.

Every time the meter at the bottom runs out Locked Chuzzles will continue to appear on the board until you run out of moves. Just like in Classic Mode you can use a shuffle when this happens. This wipes out all of the locked Chuzzles on the board and you can start fresh with new Chuzzles, but again, you only get two shuffles before it’s game over. With each new level, the timer at the bottom moves a little bit faster.

Zen Mode

When you simply want to unwind and find your inner peace, then you can try out Zenmode. This is an endless mode, where instead of advancing to the next level every time the flask is filled you play indefinitely to your heart’s content. Aside from being a no-pressure, Chuzzle-popping good time, it is also a great place to test out strategies you may want to try while in Classic or Speed mode since there’s no way you can lose.

Mind Bender

If you’re in the mood to test your mental prowess, you can select Mind Bender from the main menu. In this mode you have a diagram on the left with a design that you have to make on the game board. There are five puzzling challenges per difficulty level. There is no timer to beat or high score to reach, but the rubik’s cube style of puzzle solving may still leave you stumped.

If you’re feeling stuck, don’t forget that the rows and columns wrap, so what appears as four in a row now can easily turn into two in a row on top and two in a row on bottom. Also keep in mind that the order you slide the rows and columns matters. If you feel like you’ve ruined your chances of solving the puzzle and have gone to far to back track, don’t stress. Just click on the diagram on the right and the board will reset in an instant.

Chuzzle - 2

Chuzzle – 2

Tips and Tricks

  • It is important to remember that you can wrap rows and columns. When sliding a row or column in one direction, it will reappear from the other side of the board. Giant Chuzzles are the exception to this though since they cannot go past the edge of the board.
  • You’ll notice that if you get stuck there is a Hint button above the flask.
  • You earn trophies for accomplishing certain goals in the game and can visit them in your trophy room from the main menu.
Chuzzle - Trophy

Chuzzle – Trophy

  • When playing in Classic and Speed modes, you get twice as many Bonus Points for filling a flask in Expert Difficulty as you do in Casual Difficulty.
  • When encountering Giant Chuzzles, try to eliminate them right away to make finding other matches easier.
  • If you are color blind, then you can turn on Color Blind Mode from the “options” screen on the main menu. This adds shapes to the Chuzzle’s foreheads to help tell them apart.
  • A few more options to choose from are whether or not you want the game in full screen, the game resolution, music volume, fx volume and what you would like your curser to look like during game play.
Chuzzle - ColorBlind

Chuzzle – ColorBlind

This completes the gameplay walkthrough for the Match 3 game Chuzzle. Happy popping!
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The Chuzzle Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.