Use your control of the weather elements to save the Princess and her kingdom with the assistance of this Walkthrough for Weather Lord – Following the Princess. You are the hero in this story as you battle your way through strange lands; completing tasks, helping villagers, growing crops, and rebuilding structures.


General Tips & Tricks

Game Overview
As you progress through the different levels of gameplay, you can look back to these tips and tricks to help you earn specific awards of achievement for completing all of the requirements to advance. Use your weather resources to grow crops, gather items, and help to advance the ravaged villages. At the end of each level, an achievement seal will appear announcing the results of your play. This includes such statistics as:

  • Level completed
  • Medal earned
  • Time taken
  • Resources collected
  • Buildings constructed
  • Enemies eliminated
  • Option to restart or continue


Basic Gameplay
The basic play for this game can be done with just the mouse of your computer or tap of your finger on your touchpad. Each individual level has requirements or Goals that must be met in order to advance. The concept is to select the item that you would like to activate, and then either collect the item or utilize it where it is needed. An example of this is when Wood is requested. It is necessary to Chop Down the Trees to create the Wood for the project. Collect the items on the screen and Deposit them in the Wagon for use later. In the event that you are stuck during the game, you can refer back to this guide of hints to help you anywhere along your way.

General Tips
The Goals for each level are displayed on the bottom of the screen. When a Green Check Mark appears on the screen, it is an indication of that item being ready for interaction by building, collecting, or tending. The Items Collected are displayed at the top of the screen as well as the Timer for the items. Earning achievements and extras can be done by following the on-screen instructions for each level. Many actions are needed to complete some tasks, so planning is essential for quick unlocks to new levels of gameplay. It is a good idea to always have at least 50 Gemstones on hand for needed recharging.

Playing Tips and Tricks
There are additional extra tips that may help guide you through some tough situations with information such as:

  • Earn Extra Workers when you build Houses.
  • The Rainbow or the Thunderstorm can be used when the path is clear and the Altar is charged with 50 Gems.
  • Extra Resources are not transferred to the next level of gameplay.
  • Complete levels faster by earning Bonuses. Completed levels are awarded Gold Medals for speedy gameplay.

Image Color Key

  • Orange blocks = repairing or building
  • Blue circles = items to collect
  • Yellow blocks = use weather power
  • Green circles = renewable resources

Weather Lord – Following The Princess Walkthrough

Level 1 – 10

Level 1: Wagon Worries

The goal of this level is to Repair the Wagon so that you can reach the Tower faster. Collect the Food to open the Crate. Use your Rain power to water the Crop. Build a House and gain a helping hand. This will require the collection of Food and will award more Wood. Continue on the path and advance to the Wagon where you can use your collected resources to repair it.

Level 2: Feed The People

The goal is to use the Sun to dry the Swamps and the Rain to Water the Crops to feed the residents. Travel around the pathway to collect Wood, fill Holes, and pick up Coins. After collecting items, deliver them to the Wagon. You can utilize them when the need arises.

Level 3: The Grumpy Ghosts
Battle the angry Ghosts on this level. Use your Sun power to disable the Ghosts and Wind to blow away the Webs. The task here is to Rebuild the Ghost Houses, construct a Sawmill, and collect an Artifact. This will require WoodFood, filling Holes, harvesting Crops, collecting Coins, and repairing Bridges. Repairing these items will allow you to reach the Treasure Chest and receive the Axe Artifact.

Level 4: Forlorn Fairies

Using the Rainbow will heal the sad Fairies. The Goals here include giving Gold to the Frogs and Charging the Portal with Gems. Repair the Bridge and clear the Pathway to collect FoodWood, and Coins. Your power over the RainSun, and Wind will come in handy here.

Weather Lord - Following The Princess - 4

Weather Lord – Following The Princess – 4

Level 5: Taming The Thunderstorm

Utilize the SunRainWindRainbow and Thunderstorm powers to continue on your quest. Find an Artifact, destroy the Barricades, and activate the Buttons to remove the Columns blocking the Pathway by Stepping On Them. Once you have control of the Thunderstorm, you can destroy the Barricades. The Treasure Chest contains the Wind Staff Artifact, which makes your Wind power restore 40% faster.

Level 6: Swampy Sadness

On this level the Princess is locked in a Tower and more Sad Fairies need your Rainbow powers. To complete this area, Drain the Great Swamp by repairing the Weather Booster. On this level you will need to build a Grain Mill, a Sawmill, and a Forge. Continuing construction upgrades on the House will gain you more Workers to reach your Goals in record time.

Level 7: Chasing Goblins

The Goblin Enemies have taken over and it is up to your Wind power to Demolish their Lairs. Use your WindSun, and Rain powers to collect the necessary WoodGrainCoins and Gems. Construct and update a House for Additional Workers. Build a Grain Mill, Sawmill, and a Forge on this level.

Weather Lord - Following The Princess - 7

Weather Lord – Following The Princess – 7

Level 8: Super Sizzling Sunlight

Collect the Rake Artifact, drain the Swamp, and destroy the Enemies and their Enemy Forts to advance. Call on your weather powers of the SunWindRainbow, and Rain to be rewarded the Sun Staff. This Sun Staff will restore your Sun powers 40% faster. Use the Wind to destroy the Enemies that appear.
Level 9: Sanctuary Stones

On this level, your power of the Sun will be your secret weapon against the Frogs that have created a mess in the Swamp. Collect GrainWoodCoins, and Gems to construct a HouseGrain MillsSawmillsForges, and Jewelry Shops. Clear the Swamp and Open the Portal to travel to your next adventure.

Level 10: Family Feuding

Rely on your command of the Rainbow for healing the Fairies and fix the Springs here. Collect, create, and build with your supply of WoodCoinsGems, and Grain. Your Rake, Axe, and power of the Sun will have a 40% increase in power and speed in recharging. Your power over Thunderstorms will destroy the Barricades. Using your Rainbow on the Fairies will result in the defeat of your Evil Uncle. Follow the strategic hints in this walkthrough to collect resources, build three buildings, and kill six enemies on this level before moving on.

Weather Lord - Following The Princess - 10

Weather Lord – Following The Princess – 10

Level 11 – 20

Level 11: Well Wishes

Repair and Fill the Well With Water. Your power of the Sun and Wind Staff will replenish 40% faster when on this level. Use your Axe and Rake to increase your workers speed. WoodGrainCoins, and Gems are valuable collectables. Use the Wind on enemies. Topple the Barricades with Thunderstorms. Construct a HouseGrain MillsSawmills, Forges, and Jewelry Shops.

Weather Lord - Following The Princess - 11

Weather Lord – Following The Princess – 11

Level 12: Frightening Fixes

The Ghosts are not happy with their broken Homes. Use the WindSun, and Rain to quickly repair the damaged sites; provide Wood, Grain, Water, and secure your passage onward to save the Kingdom of Lorraine and the Princess. Use your power of the Sun to Charge the Tower to destroy Enemies as they appear. Faster level times equal a higher end ranking (gold, silver, or bronze), and more Bonus Points. With the aid of these hints in this walkthrough, you will earn a Shovel on this level.

Level 13: The Foggy Face-off

Enlist in the help of Shamans to defeat the Evil Demon Ifrite and Princess Olivia’s Uncle. They are hiding within a thick and mysterious Fog. Command the Wind to send the strange Fog far away. Collect GrainWoodCoins, and Gems on this level. Use your forces of the SunWindThunderstorms, and Rain to power your way through this level.

Level 14: Troll Trouble

The Tower Staff is your Goal on this level. Use the Thunderstorm to defeat the Troll and break the Thickets for hidden items. A strong Wind will defeat the Troll. Collect Food, WoodCoins, and Gems on this level.

Weather Lord - Following The Princess - 14

Weather Lord – Following The Princess – 14

Level 15: Water Woes

Fill the Well and rescue the Residents as you repair Houses on this level. Use the Sun, WindThunderstorms, and Workers to repair the Well and the Houses to complete this level. As you restore the Houses, the land becomes increasingly healthy as you collect your WoodGrainCoins, and Gems.

Level 16: Undercover Trolls

Use your Thunderstorm resources to topple the Trolls and recover the Artifact. ThunderstormsRainSun, and Wind will ensure that nothing stops you from earning the Rain Staff. Clear yourself a pathway to the Treasure Chest and earn passage to the next level.

Level 17: Troll Overload

There are a multitude of nasty Trolls to defeat here. Use the Thunderstorm power to eliminate them and reach your supplies. It is best to work quickly, as these pesky Trolls are eating your Grain! Use the SunWindRain, and collectables to defeat these menacing monsters.

Level 18: Talking Troll

Eliminate the Trolls, Find the Artifact, and destroy the Enemies Homes. Use the Sun, Wind, and Thunderstorms to keep this level under control. Mastering this level will give you a reward of a Pickaxe.

Level 19: Buried Buttons

Open the Gate and operate the Buttons to complete this level. Sounds easy, however, there are a number of obstacles including FogTrolls, and repairs to take care of first. Use the WindSunThunderstorms, and Rain to prosper here.

Level 20: Gluttonous Goblin King

This level is overflowing with GrainWood, and Coins. However, the greedy Troll is not willing to share this bounty with his subjects. It is up to you to collect as much of the supplies as you can before the patrolling Trolls eat all of the bounty and steal all of your supplies! Use a combination of WindSunRainTwisters, and Thunderstorms to overcome this treacherous level.

Level 21 – 30

Level 21: Welling Up

Quickly fill the Well with Rain and demolish the Enemies Lair in this level. Use the powers of the SunRainWind, and Thunderstorms to overcome the obstacles in your way.

Level 22: Saving Spooky Shacks

On this mission you are to repair the damaged Houses and collect the Artifact. The Weather Scroll is the reward for fighting your way through these perils. Use all of your element powers and collect the supplies to repair the Ghost Houses to make short work of this level.

Level 23: Gravish Golems

It is battle time with the Golems as you work on filling the Well with Rain water. Keep the enemy at bay by demolishing their Lairs. Use your RainSunWind, and Thunderstorms to pass this area. Repair the Well and beware of the awaiting Enemies.

Weather Lord - Following The Princess - 23

Weather Lord – Following The Princess – 23

Level 24: Buttons and Bargains

Trading abilities are a valuable tool on this level. To complete this area it is necessary to Trade with a Merchant 20 times and uncover the Artifact. Use your wits and your natural weather powers to advance from here. You are awarded a Clover for overcoming this level.

Weather Lord - Following The Princess - 24

Weather Lord – Following The Princess – 24

Level 25: Turbulent Tower

Rely on the Rain and your Workers to demolish the Enemies Lairs and fill the Well. Enlist in extra Workers to help you keep up with the frantic speed of the available resources and materials on this level. The power of Wind is effective with the Tower here.

Level 26: Golem Grief

Fast Workers will make short work of the repairs to the houses on this level. Repair all of the Houses to advance. Thunderstorms and Rain are especially important on this level. Use all of your skills, including the SunRain, and Wind to defeat this area. This will allow you to freely travel out of the courtyard with your newly acquired Luggage.

Level 27: Golem Showdown

Inching ever closer to the ultimate fight, this showdown with the Commander of the Golems requires your command of all of your natural elements. To prevail, it will require the demise of twelve Golems and their Commander. Finish them off by destroying their Lairs.

Level 28: Clobbering Golems

Search this area for the Magic Lamp to aid your quest on this level. Use your power of the Sun and your inventory of supplies to take over the land from the enemy. The Shovel will prove to be particularly useful here. You will have to climb the Mountain to retrieve the Magic Lamp and trap the evil entity inside.

Level 29: Taking To The Skies

If fighting on solid ground weren’t enough, the battle is now taken to the skies. In this level you will construct a Hot Air Balloon with a supply of Food and Wood. Finish off the quest by paying the Shamans for their assistance. Use all of your available elements to get your bag of hot air off of the ground and past this level.

Weather Lord - Following The Princess - 29

Weather Lord – Following The Princess – 29

Level 30: Licked By A Lantern

Hurry through this level as Irite watches on eerily. Stay on your toes as he works up a ball of fire to destroy your Grain and slow your progress. Enlist more Workers as he continues his wrath on your buildings and the Kingdom. Great timing and an adventurous soul is necessary to coax this demon back into the Magic Lantern once and for all.

Congratulations! You’ve completed our Weather Lord – Following the Princess Walkthrough!


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