Two figures, a pink and a blue, have become tangled apart from each other and must reunite at the light bulb connecting their circuits. To reconnect them, you must use the Laws of Attraction and Repulsion to push them towards their target one square at a time. In this Tangled up walkthrough we will take you through all the tips and tricks you need to be guided through this fun game.


How To Play

The idea behind Tangled Up is to untangle electrical cords while re-uniting a blue and a pink figure inside of a puzzle space. The space is bordered by eight blue and pink magnets which extend their field into the puzzle zone and push those figures in one direction or the other.

The push and pull follow the basic laws of attraction. Like repels like, so a pink figure is pushed away from a pink magnet one square per click but a blue figure would be drawn closer to a pink magnet and vice versa. To win, you first have to untangle the electrical lines connecting the figures from the electrical nodes located at different squares. Once they are unraveled you have to reunite the figures at the light bulb square. Depending on the mode of play you either have to collect stars or beat the clock as well.

When you reach new levels it creates new challenges and unlocks new clothing, eye wear and hair choices for the characters. The spinning wheel will give you additional energy or help solving tricky puzzles that might be keeping you from the next level. As you complete each room, you can unlock the next room in the puzzle set.

Tangled Up - Character Customization

Tangled Up – Character Customization

The Spinner
The best way to boost your success in this game is to earn extra spins on the spinner. The spinner has three rewards: energy, spins and helps. The lightning bolts will give energy, the wheels will give you an extra spin, and the question marks are additional hints. Players receive a free spin after every thirty minutes and after completing a level.

Tangled Up - Fortune Wheel

Tangled Up – Fortune Wheel

The Photographs
As you are moving along the different rooms and levels you will have the chance to unlock certain achievements. You can view your achievements by clicking on the trophy. The trophy screen also has space for different photographs which you can collect while going through the basic game play.

Tangled Up - Achievements

Tangled Up – Achievements

The Insulator
An insulator dampens electricity. In this game, the insulator will drain the figure of all its energy the moment it comes into contract with it so you have to collect the stars without touching it.

Tangled Up Walkthrough


Each room has a set of levels associated with it. You unlock a more challenging room as you master the previous one.
Couch Potato: Start by working your way through fifteen living room levels.
Saucy Chef: Move in and mix and match stars in the kitchen
Little Sprinklers: Make a splash in the bathroom but don’t get your electrodes crossed!
Sweet Dreamers: Final set of levels will take place in the bedroom but the thinking fun will not put you to sleep!

Tangled Up - Location 1 Living Room

Tangled Up – Location 1 Living Room

Each level of the game has three challenge modes which you must complete in order to earn a trophy and a spin at the wheel. First, you have to collect the gold stars, then match the colored stars with the right figure and the final challenge is to gather all the colored stars with the matching figure before the time runs out.

Each level begins in a room. There will be blue and pink figures in the room, connected to a light bulb with colored lines. If those lines cross at an angle it creates a static electricity noise, and if the figures hit a magnet of the same color you lose a life. Lose too many lives and you have to restart. All the lines will need to be untangled before you can pass the game. The goal is to get both the blue and the pink figures to the light bulb without any entanglement in their lines.

One you have accomplished the first mode of each level then you can move on to the next level or continue to defeat all three modes in order to unlock an achievement trophy.

Mode One: Collect the Gold Stars

  • This is the simplest of the three modes so you start by looking at the figures and where they are on the board.
  • Then you want to find the stars. You will need to move the figures to the stars by clicking on the magnets. Like colors will move farther away from the magnet and opposite colors will move closer.
  • Each magnet has a zone of influence which will push or pull all figures in that area based on your clicks
  • Continue clicking on the magnet until the figures have collected all of the gold stars on the board.
  • Move the figures along their colored lines until they have reached the light bulb at the same time.
  • Now you can move on to the next two challenges.
Tangled Up - Location 2 Kitchen

Tangled Up – Location 2 Kitchen

Challenge Two: Collect the Different Colored Stars
Find where the blue and pink figures are on the board.

  • Locate all of the blue and pink stars and move the figures towards the right color star one square at a time. The magnet zone of influence will move all the figures in its area so make sure that the lines do not get crossed or that the wrong piece gets moved.
  • When all the stars have been collected, move the figures along their lines towards the light bulb so that they meet there.

Challenge Three: Timed Star Collection Challenge

Insert Screenshot: Level 5, Mode 3, with 5 seconds left on clock

  • Check the timer to see how much time is on the clock. You will have to collect all the stars and get the figures back to the light bulb before the time runs out.
  • Move the blue and pink figures along the board using the magnets to collect the stars as fast as you can.
  • Move the figures to the light bulb to pass on to the next level before the clock runs out.
  • If the clock runs out, you have to click on the single triangle to start again
Tangled Up - Location 3 Bathroom

Tangled Up – Location 3 Bathroom

Tips and Tricks

If you are having trouble untangling your tangled lovers, these simple cheats will give you a light bulb of inspiration!

  • Use the Spinner as often as you can to collect energy and hints so you do not get stuck at individual puzzles.
  • If you get stuck on a level, you can use the hint button ( ? ) to solve the puzzle. It will take you back to the beginning and tell you which magnets to press and in which order.
  • Keep an eye on the total board as you move the figures side to side or up and down. Sometimes the best move is right in front of your nose and you can miss it if you are too focused on a single play.
  • When you are lining up for the final connection make sure that the pink and the blue figure are at an equal distance from the light bulb by counting the squares so you can do an equal number of clicks to bring them together.
  • You can gather extra gifts for hints, spins and other toys while collecting stars
  • Follow the blue and pink cords as closely as possible to unravel them from the nodes
  • To change the mouse button, right click and you can reveal new cursors
Tangled Up - Location 4 Bedroom

Tangled Up – Location 4 Bedroom

Now that you have finished Our Tangled Up walkthrough guide you are ready to play and reunite the blue and the pink. Have fun untangling!


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This Tangled Up Walkthrough is meant as a guide and contains no cheat codes, hacks, or serials.