Visit twelve exotic beachside locations around the world without boarding an airplane or forming any security lines. Solitaire Beach Season is an electronic card game that matches the rules and instructions of the traditional card game solitaire with the convenience of automatic game set-up and play. Sit back, relax, and embark on a beachside vacation journey to chase away the wintertime blues! Make sure to turn the sound on and raise the volume – during game play listen to the perky soundtrack featuring the bright sounds of steel drums to completely go to the ocean.


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Solitaire Beach Season contains 120 unique Beach themed game levels among 12 distinct tropical location getaway destinations, including Bali, Hawaii, and the Caribbean Islands to name a few. There are two form of game play: Classic and Unconventional and two game modes: Tourist and Traveler.

In Tourist mode any game level among the 120 levels can be played in order or out of order.

In Traveler mode the game levels can only be played in sequence and replayed in the order presented in the game play mode.

Solitaire Beach Season - GameMode

Solitaire Beach Season – GameMode


Levels are unlocked by collecting trophies.

The card or puzzle combinations become more difficult to solve as the player progresses through the 120 game levels.

Solitaire Beach Season Walkthrough

Classic Game play Mode – Rules and Game play Instructions

Solitaire Beach Season is a one player electronic card game that utilized a 52 playing card deck.

Playing Card Deck

Each deck that appears in the levels contains 52 playing cards with 13 Ranks of each of the 4 Suits in two colors: red or black.

  • The 13 Ranks are: A, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, and K.
  • The 4 Suits are: Clubs (), Diamonds (), Hearts () and Spades ().
  • The two playing card deck face colors are Red and Black.
  • The Diamonds () and Hearts () are Red.
  • The Clubs () and Spades () are Black.

Reserve and Waste Spaces

Each of the game levels contains a stack of playing cards that are placed faced down and not visible to the player. This is called the Reserve space. The Reserve space is accessed when no further moves are available to the player and may contain a card that can be utilized during play to keep the game progression going.

The Waste spaces are two blank boxes next to the Reserve space that allows the player to place any visible card in the space in an effort to solve the game level. Up to two cards can be held and the space only becomes available when the cards held in the waste area are played.

Classic Game play Mode Objective

The objective of the classic game play mode in Solitaire Beach Season game is to clear each of the 13 ranks until the entire playing cards on the tableau or Beach themed layout are visible, revealed, or turned over.

Solitaire Beach Season - 1

Solitaire Beach Season – 1


Playing cards are turned over by clicking on the selected playing card with the pointing device (i.e. mouse, stylus or finger).

How to Play Classic Solitaire Beach Season

When each of the 120 game play levels begins, the 52 playing cards are arranged on a tableau or Beach themed layout. The Ranks are arranged in a variety shapes throughout the tableau. Some are organized in rows, columns, or circles and so forth. At least one playing card in the shape grouping is revealed, turned over, or visible to the player. The other playing cards are face down and hidden from view within the grouping. The remainder of the playing cards are stacked together in a Reserve column contained at the bottom of the screen. Beside the Reserve column and two open Waste spaces.

The revealed playing cards are removed from the tableau by selecting and clicking on ranks in order (A, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K). The hidden playing cards are accessed by clicking on the desired playing card with a pointing device once the playing card on top of it has been removed or eliminated from play.

Tips and Tricks:

The color of the playing card suit is not important. Focus on the rank and clear them in ascending order.

Access playing cards in the Reserve column when the player runs out of moves to make with the visible cards.

Place revealed cards in the Waste space to uncover up to two hidden playing cards. Waste spaces become available once the playing card is selected and cleared.


Some of the revealed playing cards are highlighted in gold. Make sure you clear those playing cards. See the Rewards section below contains a more detailed explanation on how to collect the gold cards, what they are, and how to use them.

At the end of each level, the player is provided with stats on her performance. Among the stats complied are: special cards or Rewards found; current score; and top score. The player is also given the option to continue onto the next level, replay the previous level, or track game progression through the levels. Keep in mind that the player must clear or successfully complete the 120 levels to complete the game. As the player progresses through the game, the Beach themed levels become more difficult to solve.

Solitaire Beach Season - 2

Solitaire Beach Season – 2

Unconventional Game play Mode – Rules and Instructions

The Unconventional play mode rules and game play instructions are similar to the Classic mode’s rules and gameplay instructions. Click here or scroll up for game play objective or here for rules and instructions.

Tips and Tricks:

Trophies are earned when the level is cleared. After a certain amount of Trophies are accumulated, the Trophies are used to unlock a new location.

Games become more difficult as the player moves through the levels.

Solitaire Beach Season - Trophies

Solitaire Beach Season – Trophies


The player is able to advance to the next Beach themed level faster because a special multiplier is included in this game play mode that clears Ranks in pairings across all Suits increasing overall score and rewards.


Both the Classic and Unconventional game play modes permit players to collect Rewards. The Rewards appear in the game as Golden playing cards. When the player clears the tableau she collects the Golden playing cards and then the player is able to purchase Mulligan, Shuffle, and Joker Rewards. Each of these Rewards enable the player to essentially cheat during game play and keep the momentum going as Ranks and Suits are cleared.

  • The Joker Reward permits the player to complete the clearing Rank sequence by providing the missing number to clear the Suit. For example, during game play the 3, 5, and Joker playing cards are exposed. The Joker Reward can be used in place of the 4 to complete the number sequence and clear the tableau.
  • The Shuffle Reward permits the player to reshuffle all the playing cards by hiding visible playing cards and revealing hidden playing cards. The goal of this Reward is to keep the game momentum going enabling the player to clear the level faster and collect more points.
  • The Mulligan Reward allows the player to undo her last move and restore the tableau to the view it had prior to making the move the player now wants to undo.
Solitaire Beach Season - Tourist

Solitaire Beach Season – Tourist

To recap, Solitaire – Beach Season contains 120 unique Beach themed game levels across 12 locations. Play in Classic or Unconventional game play modes paying attention to the clearing or collection of pairs to gain the maximum amount of points. Use Rewards to purchase Mulligan, Shuffle, and Joker cheats that permit the player to clear the game level faster. As the player completes level, trophies are unlocked that provide access to new locations. Pay attention to the gold cards, collect them all to receive the maximum level of Rewards purchases. Lastly, in addition to the visual delight of the Beach themed levels and locations turn on the music, tap your feet. A holiday adventure is before you – Bon Voyage!


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The Solitaire Beach Season Walkthrough Gameplay Guide is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.