In this Shop-N-Spree – Family Fortune game, you are expected to take care of customers’ needs as they come into your shop to purchase different items. You will be able to enjoy various levels, and you can actually choose to play the game in one of three different modes: Untimed, Normal, and Hard.


Gameplay Modes

Untimed – In this mode you can play without having any kind time limit. This is an excellent way to just have fun and relax.
Normal – In order to complete a level in normal mode, you have to finish the monetary goal within a time frame.
Hard – In hard mode, the time frame to complete the monetary goal is diminished extensively. In order to complete this mode, it is generally easier after having completed the at least one of the other two modes.

General Tips to Playing

Levels – For each level, you will find three different scenes. To complete each level, you have to complete all of the scenes as well as a mini game. Once you reach the monetary goal in a scene, the time will stop for the day, even if you have more customers in line.
Identifying Objects – You can identify objects easier by clicking on them to get a better look at them. If you still cannot figure out what the item is, you can hand it to a customer to find out what it is easier. If it is not what the customer wants, they will not take it.
Magnifying Glasses – You can collect magnifying glasses from every scene, and when you collect them, you will be able to get extra hints. Each scene has between 3 and 4 in it. If you already have the maximum amount of magnifying glasses, you actually will get $30 for each one to help you towards your scene goal. The maximum amount at one time is 5.
Hints – If you take too long to click on something, the game will give you an automatic hint by revealing an item with a sparkle somewhere in the scene.
Super Hints – Unlike regular hints, a super hint will actually show you up to 3 items that your current customers are requesting. However, these hints will only light up 3 items for the same customer. You get extra points for having the maximum amount of super hints available at the end of a level. Unlike regular hints, you will lose a super hint if you already have the maximum amount.
Yellow Price Tags – These tags will allow you to receive double the amount of money from the customer that it is put on. However, you will not receive the money until all of the items have been found for that customer. You should use these tags on customers that already have a higher price for the items they are requesting. Generally, the further along in a scene you are in, the higher their ticket items will cost.
Additional Objectives – Some levels will have additional objectives. You will know which of these levels have additional objectives, because your assistant will come in and let you know. If you complete the objective within a minute, you will receive a super hint. If it is after the minute, you will receive a regular hint.


Shop-N-Spree – Family Fortune - Tips

Shop-N-Spree – Family Fortune – Tips

Shop-N-Spree – Family Fortune Walkthrough


In the game, there are 10 different types of customers. However, there are four types of customers that are considered to be special customers. These customers actually shop differently than the other six types. Below, you will be able to find a critique on the four special customers, which will let you know what makes them so different.

Photographer – Unlike other customers, the photographer actually shows a picture of the item that he is looking for. The only downside to this customer is that you will not know how much the item they want costs. He only requests one item, which makes it easier to deal with your other customers first.
Business Man – This customer is always in a hurry. You have to click on him before finding out what he wants. He will tip an extra $10 if you take care of it quickly. However, if you wait too long, he will actually leave.
Rich Man – This customer always asks for 4 to 5 items that are the same. You have to click on his thought bubble to find out what that item is. He has an extra clock on his speech bubble. His order has to be filled before it is full. If you don’t, he will actually leave.
Riddle Aunt – She is one of the most difficult special customers. She doesn’t tell you exactly what she wants. For instance, she might say she wants to make a pumpkin pie. At this point, you will need to figure out what equipment and items are needed to make it. Super hints are excellent if you can’t figure out what the ingredients are, because they reveal three items at once.

Shop-N-Spree – Family Fortune - Riddle Aunt

Shop-N-Spree – Family Fortune – Riddle Aunt

Riddle: “I want to make pumpkin pie.”
Ingredients: Pumpkin, flour, egg, salt, and sugar

Mini Games

There will be a mini game after every three scenes. Each mini game will give you either a hint or a super hint for completing it. Gaining stars by completing mini games will actually allow you to unlock additional mini games that will be available in the main menu. You can skip any mini game if you do not want to play it. It will not count against you, but you will also not be able to receive the rewards for it. Below, you can find a list of the different types of mini games available and what to do in each one.

Restock the Department – In this mini game, you will be given the same scene twice. You will need to make them both look exactly the same by replacing missing items in one to match the other.
Product Match – Here you will find pairs of items in a scene. You win the mini game by finding all the pairs before the time goes out.
Find the Pair – This mini game will have various scenes where you need to match pairs. Each page will give a different pair.
Swapped Products – In this game, the goal is to follow the given item throughout the scene as it is maneuvered around. Don’t lose sight of it. After the pieces stop, click on the box where the original item can be found.
Find the Differences – You will find the differences in two different pictures. Each item you click correct will give you a green check mark.
Warehouse Search – This is like a hidden object scene, but the list of items that you need to find will actually disappear. You have to remember the list on your own.
Image Swap – In this mini game, you will need to swap the picture squares around in order to complete the picture.

Shop-N-Spree – Family Fortune - Mini Games

Shop-N-Spree – Family Fortune – Mini Games

Tips and Tricks

Tip #1 – To reach your goals faster, it is imperative to complete customer orders that have more expensive items in them.
Tip #2 – Remember to look for the sparkles. Periodically, you will see an item you need sparkle to make it easier to spot.
Tip #3 – Most types of customers will never become inpatient and leave due to time. Therefore, make sure that you remember to make the special customers that will leave a priority when finding items and completing orders.

Additional Objectives and Mini Game Solutions

Find 5 Missing Candles
To complete this objective, you have to place candles on the candleholders.
Restock the Living Room

Bedroom and Bathroom – Missing Flower Canvas
Put the five flower art canvases in their places on the far wall.

Restock Bedroom and Bathroom

Find 6 Flower Seed Bags

Diving Trip Riddle
The aunt customer will come into the store. She will agree to going on a diving trip with you only if you can find the equipment she needs. There are 6 different types: Wetsuit, life jacket, diving mask, diving fin, diving tank, and life saver.

Riddle Aunt – Purple or Blue Fruits
The riddle from the aunt customer is, “I would like items with blue or purple fruits.” The five different items that are needed are blueberry jam, grape soda, bottle of wine, blueberry yogurt, and grape yogurt drink.

Riddle Aunt – Communication Equipment
The Riddle is, “I need communication equipment.” This requires you to find three items, and those three items are a fax machine, a telephone, and cell phone.

Riddle Aunt – Hair Appliances
The riddle for this customer is, “I need appliances for my new hair salon.” In order to complete this riddle for your customer, you will need the following items: the blow dryer, the pedestal hair dryer, the culling iron, and the hair straightener.

Riddle Aunt – Flying Vehicles
“My nephew loves flying vehicle toys,” is the riddle for this customer. The five items that it requires are the UFO, the toy biplane, the helicopter, the space shuttle, and the fighter jet.

Riddle Aunt – Black Headgear
“I want black headgear that suit with y new black clothes.” This riddle comes with the riddle aunt customer, and there are four items needed to complete it. Those four items are a Balaclava (face mask), bowler hat, tricorn hat (pirate hat), and a black wig.

Riddle Aunt – Lightning Equipment
The items that are needed for this particular riddle customer are stage lightning, light bulb, clamp light, fluorescent tube, magnifying lamp, and the table lamp.

Absolutely Anything Strawberry
In this riddle, you are looking for 7 different items that are strawberry. The items for this riddle scene are strawberry sticks, strawberry juice, strawberry tart, strawberry cake, strawberry yogurt, strawberry yogurt drink, and strawberry jam.

Riddle Aunt – Blue Stuffed Dolls
Riddle Aunt – “I want to buy some blue stuffed dolls for my friend’s kid.” The items that you will need to complete this riddle are the blue dolphin, the blue bear, the blue bunny, and the blue penguin.

Riddle Aunt – Food Containers
“I want food containers!” In order to finish this riddle, you will need to find five different items. Those five items are a cafeteria tray, a baby feeding set, a stack of bowls, a stack of dishes, and a pet bowl.

Riddle Aunt – Stuff to Wear
In this riddle, you are expected to find three different items. They are all items that can be worn, and the three items are oven mittens, chef’s hat, and an apron.

Riddle Aunt – Rock Music Instruments
There are five different instruments needed for this riddle. The five instruments needed are a microphone, a drum set, drum sticks, an electric guitar, and an amplifier.
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You have completed the walkthrough for Shop-N-Spree – Family Fortune! We hope that you had an excellent time! Remember there are three modes for you to play through! Each one a little harder than the last in various ways!


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