Regency Solitaire is a love story about Bella the eldest daughter of King George III and his wife Charlotte in 1812 England. Bella is a single roman, looking for a husband. Her brother, Edward gambles away the families fortune, making it very difficult for Bella to attend the social balls and events that would allow her to meet a potential husband. She dreams of meeting and potentially marrying Lord Worthington, a handsome and wealthy man in the region.


Regency Solitaire Gameplay Walkthrough

She asks her father whether she will ever have her own ball so that she can sway Lord Worthington to marry her. Her father reminds her that they have lost their fortune and are not able to put on a fancy ball. He suggests that she settle on marrying their neighbor, Mr. Bleakley, who does not mind that she has no fortune. She is not at all interested in Mr. Bleakley. Her mother encourages her to try to go to balls and meet a more suitable man. Bella sets out to restore her family’s wealth and realize her dream of marrying Lord Worthington.

Regency Solitaire - Map

Regency Solitaire – Map

The game starts out at Bella’s home. It is a game of solitaire with a few twists and turns. Start by clicking on the card that is one number higher or lower than the card facing up on deck in lower right hand of screen. An ace can go over the King and vice versa. The 2 over the Ace and vice versa. When there are no more valid plays, click on deck of cards that are face down in the middle of the screen to turn one card face up. If you get 6 cards turned over before you have to turn a card up (combo), you get one pearl at the top. Each time you get the next higher number in combo (7 straight, 8 straight. Etc..) you get another pearl. These are used at the end of each hand to multiply your score.

Regency Solitaire - RomanBaths

Regency Solitaire – RomanBaths

If you have zero cards remaining on the playing screen, you get a Perfect Score.

• Perfect Score = 3 stars
• 1 card remaining = 2 stars
• 2 cards remaining = 1 star
• More than 2 cards = 0 stars

Regency Solitaire - Perfect

Regency Solitaire – Perfect

Scoring of Each Hand

When you finish a hand, you will receive a score based on your performance. Each card turned over, gives you money towards Bella’s clothing and other things she needs for her ball. If you had one or more combos in the hand, your score is increased by the multiplier you earned. In addition, if you got a perfect score, you get 500 bonus points. Some tips and tricks for scoring well; replay hands that you have scored low in. You need to get as many points as possible to power-up your game.

Object of the Game

With each hand that is played, more points are earned. Therefore, you are closer to Bella’s Ball. Periodically along the way you are given the option to buy things to help Bella along, therefore, you are closer to Bella’s Ball. One level that is FREE is when Bella’s mother offers an old trunk to Bella. In it she finds a fancy fan. With each new item, the game gets more a bit more complicated. After mama’s trunk, you have the option to buy Bella a new ballroom gown. The gown has a price tag. If you have enough money to buy the dress, you get more options in the next hand. Another item you can purchase for Bella are long white gloves for the ball. You may decide to buy them or not, depending on how much money you have. (This is determined by you score). If you purchase the gloves, you get to undo moves per hand after that. If you purchase Edwards portrait, it turns over 15 percent of the cards at the start of each level.

Regency Solitaire - Ballroom

Regency Solitaire – Ballroom

Each chapter of the game has a different set of requirements, like finding items hidden beneath cards or getting different combo sets. There will be different types of cards along the way as well. You will encounter locks on cards, and you have to uncover the keys to unlock them before you can see the cards underneath.

Options that Come Up Along the Way

There are several things tips and tricks that can help you score higher in each hand. These options come up as you make more purchases for Bella.

• Find the Fancy Fan in Mama’s trunk, gives us a wildcard. This gives you an extra card to play in a pinch.

• The undo button, lets you undo a wrong move. If you buy the long white gloves, you get 2 instead of 1 for each hand.

• If you get the Cupid Statuette, at the end of a hand, if you have one card remaining, you can shoot it and get a perfect score.

Regency Solitaire - Combo

Regency Solitaire – Combo

Each Chapter has goals and things that need to be accomplished. Examples include, earn 400 gold coins, get 3 perfect hands, find an item or get 2.2 multiplier. You will encounter many different things along the way. Each Chapter offers new powers to use in reaching the ultimate goal. Use your head to make the right moves and choices along the way. Bella is depending on you to help make her dreams come true. You simply follow the steps to achieve each goal. When you quit the game, you can pick up right where you left off, when you come back. Be sure not to miss any of the tips and tricks for getting a perfect score with each hand.

Regency Solitaire - Folly

Regency Solitaire – Folly

With each step you gain more power. You can destroy cards, reshuffle the deck and other helpful features. You can pick up wildcards and joker cards to help you out of tight spots. Along the way you will earn greater combos, more money and more points. you gain additional abilities, such as destroying cards or reshuffling the deck. You can also pick up wildcards and jokers throughout the game, allowing you to play greater combos and earn more points and money.

Regency Solitaire - Henry's Estate

Regency Solitaire – Henry’s Estate

Features that Can Be Added Along the Way

• Choose which items to buy at the end of each chapter. (These increase your playing options).
• Decorate the ballroom with coins you have earned.
• Change the backgrounds and the look of the cards.
• Classical music plays while you play.
• 180 levels
• Choice normal level or more difficulty.
• Re-playable hands. You must replay them immediately. Otherwise, you will have to replay the whole Chapter when you return.
• The hand-drawn artwork is beautiful. This is not a quick game, but the aesthetics make it a nice journey.

The game is set up for long play times. It has a great soundtrack that is pleasant to listen to, along with the pictures and story line to keep you focus. It adds variety to the simple game of solitaire, in a way you never could have imagined.

Path the Game Takes

The game starts at Bella’s home, then moves to Bath, where her Godmother, Lady Fleetwood, invites her to a ball. She moves through a number of different places on her way to rebuilding her family fortune and moving towards her goal of marriage. When you finish each hand, you advance the story. With each step you are trying to help Bella get closer to her dream, by finding objects she will need, and collecting money to furnish her home and prepare for the ball she will have. You are able to purchase items to decorate the Ballroom and prepare for the big event, as well as purchase clothes and accessories for Bella to wear to attract your beau.

Regency Solitaire - Shop

Regency Solitaire – Shop

Finally, Bella is able to the Ball at her home. Lord Worthington meets her family, and has fallen in love with Bella. He asks for her hand in marriage. They marry and live happily ever after.



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