In this walkthrough all of the basic gameplay and concepts that are required to play the Jewel match 2 Reloaded game will be gone over along with some tips and tricks that will help you progress through the game if you get stuck somewhere in the game. The first portion of this walkthrough, or guide, which will discuss the basic gameplay, can be skipped over if you are already familiar with how to play the game and here to learn how to pass some of the more difficult levels. Regardless if this is your first time playing this game or if it’s your fiftieth time playing the game, read the second portion of this guide, since the second portion will help you progress further and better compared to if you did not read it, of course under the assumption you do not use the tips or tricks that are mentioned in this guide.


Jewel Match 2 Walkthrough

After you are finished installing and launching the game you will be greeted with a menu screen. Now, the play button is incredibly inviting, but before you can actually play you have to select one of the three different game modes: Moves Limited, Relaxed, or Time Limited. All of these different game modes keep the align 3 concept of the game intact, but they allow you to make the game either more challenging or less challenging, depending on how you like to play the game.

How to Play

The game is a align 3 game and as such you will be expected to create a align of 3 or more gems wherever you want on the board. There are exactly two hundred levels in all of Jewel align 2 Reloaded along with 20 mini-games that you can play whenever you unlock them, by getting the necessary amount of points to unlock each level, and the core gameplay of aligning 3 or more gems in a row or column remains the same. With that being said, the goal of Jewel Match 2 Reloaded is not to simply align as many jewels as possible, but rather it is to align jewels in order to eliminate the jewels in the yellow or gold boxes on your board and once all of the yellow boxes have been eliminated, by aligning the gems that are in the yellow or gold boxes, the level will be beaten. Note: The gem that is originally in the yellow block can be moved out of the block if you align a row or line of 3 or more jewels so do keep that in mind.

Jewel Match 2 - 1

Jewel Match 2 – 1

Moves Limited
Like the name suggests, this game mode restricts the amount of moves that you can make every level; however, Moves Limited does not restrict the amount of time that you are given so you should always use this to your advantage and think for as long as possible!

This game mode is probably the most casual game mode the game offers with absolutely no limitations on moves or time for each level, so if you are feeling the need for a relaxing afternoon just select the Relaxed game mode and enjoy!

Time Limited
Time Limited is also a very self-explanatory game mode, it simply limits the amount of time you have to think on each and every level; however, Time Limited does give you an unlimited number of moves of level in order to help deal with the time restrictions that the game places on you.

After choosing the appropriate game mode, feel free to press the play button whenever and begin your adventures in the world of the game!

The Shop
The shop is a feature of the game that allows you to purchase many different power-ups, all of can and will help you along your adventures through the game, with coins that will appear randomly as you match 3 in the game and these are the items that you can purchase, given you have enough coins to buy them:
Small Bomb Spell – When cast, clears out a 3×3 piece
Small Fireball Spell – Clears 3 blocks above and beside the target block
Small Chain Lightning Spell – Launches a small lightning bolt that jumps around randomly
and clearing the blocks that it lands on
Small Chroma Frenzy Spell – Turns 6 random gems into multi-colored gems
Small Chain Destroyer – Destroys all chains in a 3×3 area
Small Launcher Spell – Converts two random gems into launchers
Large Hammer – Breaks chains and cubes will also clear all the gems of a the same color
as the target block.
Medium Sized Chest – Contains some gems
Large Sized Chest – Contains a very large amount of gems
Mana Bottle – Restores your mana
Hammer Charge – Completely charges up your hammer
Extra Life – Gives you an extra life

After you finish reading up on all of the available items, be sure to also keep in mind that all spells need to be charged up so make sure you buy them before you get stuck not after, except for the mana bottle, the hammer charge, and the extra life of course.

Tips and tricks

As mentioned at the introduction of this guide, if you are going to read any part of this guide then read this part since it will help you progress further into the game if you found yourself stuck previously. Also, keep in mind that these are tips that can help you, but there is not actual need or necessity to actually implement all of these tips when you play if they too heavily impair your ability to play. These tips only exist to help you play a more efficient game and, if they impair your ability to play too heavily, you should choose not to use them and simply play the way you want.

Jewel Match 2 - 2

Jewel Match 2 – 2

Tip 1: Stay Calm
The game is specifically designed as a puzzle game so there is no shame in feeling stuck; however, try to remain calm in these situations since the frustration and anger that can follow from feeling stuck can very easily cloud your mind and make beating the level that much harder. Also, the game is also random at times, as sometimes falling jewels can completely clear a previously unclearable section of the board and sometimes falling jewels will render a previously clearable section unclearable, so don’t get stressed or angry if you cannot beat some levels. It just happens in the game.

Tip 2 Think Simpler
The amount of different boards in the game is very impressive and they all have unique qualities that make beating them that much more difficult; however, that does not change the fact that the game and goals of the game remains the same so do not let the size of the board or the shape of the board too heavily impact your thinking process. Simply keep the goal at hand in mind and progress through the game. If you do find yourself having a hard time ignoring the overall shape and size of the board, try to split up each board into quadrants or however many different sections you want and focus on each of the different quadrants or sections until you finish all of the objectives within each quadrants or sections.

Jewel Match 2 - 3

Jewel Match 2 – 3

Tip 3 Do not be scared of failure
The game is a single player game that has no penalty for failing a level, besides losing the time that you invested into the level. Since the game does this it is alright to fail and play a level more than one time, or maybe even a few times, so take advantage of this and, if you get stuck on a level, start the level again and do something new and creative. Who knows, this might even allow you to see a solution that you did not see before or let you explore a new section of the level that was previously unusable.

Tip 4 Be Aware of Your Game Mode
Now, it’s quite obvious that specific game modes will have their own unique restrictions, but what is not obvious is how to play according to those game modes or, sometimes, the way to play the game mode becomes more and more obscure as you play, until you forget how you should play the game, but in either case scroll back up to the different game mode descriptions on some methods to deal with the restrictions that each game mode gives you. Also, in case you don’t know how to approach a specific game mode, in moves limited try to think for as long as necessary about the consequences of your next alignment of jewels in order to optimize your ability to clear the board and for time limited try to make as many moves as possible without too heavily ruining your ability to clear out the necessary blocks on your board.

Jewel Match 2 - 4

Jewel Match 2 – 4

Tip 5 Collect your coins or don’t!
This tip is probably the simplest tip in the list and is also probably the simplest one. During your clear of the board coins will appear, but you will not be prompted to click on them in any sort of way and this usually would not be a problem but the coins do take up a block on your board which can make some matches either impossible or improbable. That being said, the coins can also help you make some matches that you couldn’t before by allowing a block to remain put in a certain position. Do keep in mind that if you are planning on swapping a block while leaving the coin on the board, don’t click the coin! The coin will disappear the moment you click on it!

Tip 5 : Use powerups
Now, if you are anything like me, when you play certain types of video games you become adamant in your own ability and stubborn about using things outside of game mechanics. Well, when you get stuck don’t be that stubborn! Use your powerups! The powerups can and will help so use them and don’t use sit there being frustrated and just use a powerup. Also, you should buy a powerup, even if you are choosing not to use any powerups, when you can, because buying powerups from the store sill requires mana, or charges, that you get from clearing gems from the board so be sure to buy them and charge the powerups before you get into a situation you can’t get out of, no matter how you choose to play.

Now, with all of that being said, I hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks, or maybe cheats, and, hopefully, you can use some of them to get past whatever levels you are stuck on. Thank you for reading this and good luck in Jewel Match Two Reloaded!


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Jewel Match 2 Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.