Build a brand new aquarium from the ground up in Fishdom 3! Work with Tina the turtle and a whole host of other fish to play games, solve puzzles, and create a grand aquarium. Fishdom 3 is a casual game that started life as a free to play online game. The full release adds extra graphics, more levels, and a wealth of other features to bring this match three puzzle game up to excellent quality.


Getting Started; Tips and Tricks

Fishdom 3 is the offline, full version of the popular online game. The basic mechanics are the same, but in case you aren’t familiar with these, this basic tips and tricks section will teach you what you need to know.

  • Experience: Experience points allow you to level up and unlock new content. They are earned by completing tasks such as buying a plant or feeding a fish. The experience bar is located in the top right corner of the screen. The star indicates your current level, and the green bar represents your progress. When you earn experience, it will appear in the tank as star pieces. Mouse over these to collect the experience points. Everything in game, from the fish to the eye candy in the store, has a level requirement under it.
  • Money: Money is used to purchase items in the store. It is critical if you want to get new fish, or to purchase items for your aquarium. Money is earned from playing the match three portion of the game as well as from completing achievements. Money is displayed in the top right corner of the screen next to the fish coin icon. It can be spent in the store which is in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • The Tank: The tank is your main screen of the game. It is where your fish will spend their time, and where you will be able to place, resize, and move your decorations. The tank screen functions as your main hub. In the bottom right corner of the game is the play button. It lets you start the match three section of the game. The top right is your experience, the top left is your money, and the bottom left are your action buttons. There will be a more detailed overview of what can be done in the tank after the “How to Play” section.
  • Inventory: Purchased items will be placed in your inventory to be added to your inventory so you can place them at a later date.

Fishdom 3 Walkthrough

How to Play

Now that you understand the basics of the game, it’s time to head to the gameplay portion of the walkthrough.

Match three 

  • At its heart, the game is a match three puzzle game. This means that you will be swapping tiles on a board in order to arrange three of the same tile in a row.
  • From the tank, just click on the green arrow in the bottom right corner to start a level.
  • In order to win you must clear all the gold tiles from the level. This is done by making a match within the gold tiles.
  • Every level has a timer on the right side of the screen. As the green bar drops below the gold and silver coins, your time bonus will shrink. If it completely runs out, you will have to retry the level.
  • If you get stuck, don’t worry. The game will highlight a suggested match after a short delay.
  • For every gold tile you match, you will get 1 money. This means a standard match nets you three money.
  • Sometimes, the tiles will be silver. This means there must be two matches made within the same tile in order to clear it.
Fishdom 3 - GoldTiles

Fishdom 3 – GoldTiles

  • The earth tiles will get in your way as you play. To get rid of them simply make a match on the tiles next to the earth. You don’t need to clear all the earth to finish the level, but it certainly helps.
  • In some levels, there are gold and gems buried in the earth. These count as gold tiles for purposes of finishing a level. These are worth a lot of money for clearing too!
  • If you match 5 tiles in a row, you will get a bomb. Swap the bomb with a token in order to destroy all the tiles within two squares of the bomb. Bombs can also be double clicked to activate them without moving it. Sometimes bombs will be buried in the earth. Clear the earth, and then you can use the bomb.
  • Set off seven bombs in one level to get lightning tiles. These tiles will instantly clear every type of tile they are matched with. Lightning tiles can also appear buried in the earth. Just like bombs, clear the earth before you can use the tile.
  • Warheads are the rarest of special tiles; you get them from matching seven in one combination. They destroy everything within four squares and are activated the same way as bombs.
  • If 5 tiles fall into place, you will get a firecracker tile. This works like a bomb, but it only clears one tile square around it. Firecrackers can never be earned; you have to get lucky.
  • Tiles that are in chains have to be matched before they can be moved. The chains block you from swapping that tile, but they also prevent whatever is in that square from falling when another match is made. Clearing the chain will clear whatever tile is in that square, but it will not clear gold or silver tiles.
  • Frozen pieces have to be used in a combination before they can be removed from the board. After you thaw them, you will still have to match them again to remove the tile. Thawing a tile doesn’t help to remove gold and silver tiles that were under the ice.
  • Remember that the playing area is not always going to be square. This will change how the tiles fall and where you can make matches.
  • At the end of each level, you will get money based on your performance. Gold and silver tiles earn you money. Buried gold, and diamonds earn you even more. You also get bonuses based on the time remaining and the level itself. This money will appear in the tank after the level.
Fishdom 3 - Earth

Fishdom 3 – Earth

The Tank: In Depth

While the match three section of the game is the bulk of the gameplay, the tank section has a massive amounts of things to do. This section of the walkthrough will go over all the actions that you can do in the tank, and cover a few tips and tricks to maximize your tanks beauty.

  • To start out with, your tank can hold three fish. This number is shown at the top of the screen as a fraction under the fish bowl. Due to the fact that you get experience for purchasing fish and for feeding fish, it is recommended that you keep your fish count maxed at all times.
  • The net icon is on the bottom portion of the tank screen. You can use it to select fish that you want to look closer at or sell. This is useful for when you level up and want to replace old fish.
  • Occasionally, the tank will get dirty. The sponge tool is used to clean this up. Simply select the sponge from the bottom of the screen, and use the mouse to clean off the grime. Doing this will earn you experience points.
  • Filling your tank with decorations will increase your tank’s beauty. The beauty meter is located at the top of the screen. As you fill this up, your tank will earn trophies. Trophies allow you to increase the number of fish that your tank can hold.
  • Each decoration has a theme (such as pirate). Matching items of the same theme within the same tank provides a bonus to the beauty rating of your tank.
  • Later in the game, you can purchase backgrounds for your tank. These backgrounds also have themes, which can be matched with your decorations for even more bonus beauty rating.
Fishdom 3 - Dirty

Fishdom 3 – Dirty

Congratulations! You’ve completed our Fishdom 3 Walkthrough!


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Fishdom 3 Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.