The Kingdom is in a state of crisis: an evil Sorcerer appeared, wreaking havoc on the innocent townsfolk. What’s worse, he’s kidnapped the Princess, the King’s beloved daughter! In these dire times, the King has turned to a brave, good-hearted young man who offers help to all in need. Will you defeat the evil Sorcerer, rescue the princess, and restore the King’s land to its former glory? The path ahead is treacherous: luckily, this Fables of the Kingdom Gameplay Walkthrough will guide you with tips so you can make it back to the King in one piece.


General Tips & Tricks

This is an action game with heavy emphasis on time management. In each level a timer counts down, with extra points awarded for finishing levels faster. Gameplay consists mainly of collecting resources, building and upgrading structures, and using magic spells. The challenge is in managing resources and workers to get the highest score in the least amount of time.

Main Menu

Here is where you can start a new game or resume an earlier save. There are options to change volume and screen size, and you also have the ability to read the names of everyone who worked on the game on the credits page. When you’re ready to start, press the Play button and you will see a slideshow detailing the events leading up to the start of the game before being dropped onto the main map. Take a moment to survey the land before you; your journey will take you all over this map. After taking it in, press the Play button once more to start the first level.


~ As a rule of thumb, you should make sure there are no idle Workers. Be sure to queue up plenty of moves so your Workers are always moving.

~ Renewable resources such as Berry Bushes should be picked as soon as they generate new resources. The quicker you harvest, the faster they generate more! This will increase your final score and can save you time when waiting for enough resources to accomplish a task.

~ With spells, stick to Quick Work and Extra Time when starting a level, even if you have to wait longer for the bar to fill up. Towards the end, you’ll want to rely more on Fast Run so you can move between resources and your Town Hall faster.

Fables of the Kingdom Walkthrough

Level 1

At the start of the first level, you will be prompted to remove the Log Piles in the way of the road. Click on the first Log Pile in front of you and your character will run over and collect the resources, which total 4 wood. This will grant you 20 Points, but it also removes 4 Food from your stores. After returning to the house and unloading your wood, click on one of the Food piles on the paths to the sides. This will replenish your Food stores, allowing you to clear the rest of the Log Piles in your way. Be sure to collect all Food on both side paths before clearing the rest of the Log Piles.

Fables of the Kingdom - 1

Fables of the Kingdom – 1

Cheat #1: You can queue multiple actions by clicking multiple objects. Your character will perform these actions in the order you click them. Save some time by queuing up multiple moves; then, you can sit back and relax while your character does all the work!

Level 2

Your new tasks are to build a farm, repair the bridge over the stream, and upgrade the Town Hall to level 2. You’re going to need more resources to accomplish this, so start by collecting the Log Piles and Food to the bottom and bottom-left of your starting location. Once you have amassed ten Wood, click on the Town Hall (hint: it’s the house you start at) and you will upgrade it to Level 2, accomplishing one of your three tasks.

With your newly upgraded Town Hall you are granted an additional worker: go ahead and use both Workers to clear the rest of the Food and Log Piles on the path, as well as the broken Cart. After getting another ten Wood, have one of your Workers build a Farm on the empty plot of land near the bottom-right of the screen. Finally, use ten Food and twelve Wood to repair the bridge on the top-right part of the screen after collecting the nearby Timber.

Fables of the Kingdom - 2

Fables of the Kingdom – 2

Cheat #2: Try to upgrade your structures as soon as possible. The sooner you have more Workers, the faster you can accomplish your tasks, and the longer you have a farm, the more Food you can generate.

Level 3

Now your tasks are to remove the Log Piles and Broken Carts on the paths and construct a Sawmill. Upgrade your Town Hall to level 2 once you have the resources, and use both your Workers to clear the two paths leading up to the empty land plots. Next, repair the bridge on the lower-left part of the map; don’t forget to pick the Berry Bush next to it! Build a farm on the plot near the upper-right and pick the Berry Bush next to it as well. After collecting another seven Wood, you can build the Sawmill in the plot near the upper-left, which will steadily supply you with Wood. Finally, clear the last Large Log Pile in the top-right to beat the level.

Fables of the Kingdom - 3

Fables of the Kingdom – 3

Cheat #3: Like Farms, Berry Bushes are a constant source of Food, but they have to be picked manually by your Workers. Be sure to check on them periodically to make sure you don’t miss out on any Food!

Level 4

Enough horsing around! There’s a Library to build and some Pits to remove, and it’s up to you to make this happen. Start by collecting the resources in front of your path and upgrade your Town Hall to level 2. Use your Workers to continue collecting Food, Wood and Stone. If you’ve collected all the Wood in all previous levels, you should receive the Lumberjack achievement. Use the plots near the top of the map to build a Sawmill and Farm once you’ve cleared most of the left side of the map.

Collect more resources and you should receive the Farmer achievement as well. Build a Library on the plot in the center as soon as you have the requisite ten Stone so you can begin charging your Fast Run spell. Continue clearing the path of Stone, Food and Wood: using Fast Run will save you some time. Finally, fill the pits on the path leading to the top-right to finish off the level.

Fables of the Kingdom - 4

Fables of the Kingdom – 4

Level 5

Repair Bridges, build a Gold Mine, and remove the Large Piles. Just another day in the life of a hero. Start by collecting nearby resources and upgrading your Town Hall. You can build a Sawmill in the top left, and there’s some Gold on the path towards the bottom. There are replenish able sources of Food and Wood nearby: take advantage of these to make a level 2 Farm on the plot toward the bottom-middle. You have a Quick Work spell as well as Fast Run, but stick to Fast Run for the time being. the Gold Mine goes in the quarry toward the middle. Finally, use Quick Work to make quick work of the Large Piles near the ends of the map. If all goes well, you should receive The Experienced Player achievement.

Fables of the Kingdom - 5

Fables of the Kingdom – 5

Level 6

Your path is obstructed by some Wild Boars, so you’ll have to build a Hunter’s House to shoo them away. Upgrade your Town Hall and repair the bridge near the upper-right. Continue collecting resources and build a Farm near the top-left, a Sawmill near the middle, and a Gold Mine near the bottom, guiding the Hunter to scare away each Boar you encounter. Close call!

Fables of the Kingdom - 6

Fables of the Kingdom – 6

Cheat #4: Use the Extra Time spell to stop the timer for a few seconds, increasing your final score.

Congratulations! You’ve completed our Fables of the Kingdom Gameplay Walkthrough!


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This Fables of the Kingdom Gameplay Walkthrough is meant as a guide and contains no cheat codes, hacks, or serials.