Clover Tale – The Magic Valley is a Match 3 electronic game about the mysterious people called the Nifflings. Created by nature, the Nifflings live in harmony with the Valley and its inhabitants. Travel with the fairy Melissa to The Nifflings’ Valley and help them return the sun and scented flowers to their environs. The Clover Tale – The Magic Valley contains ten game modes and over 200 levels of game play fun. As levels are cleared in this Match 3 acquire PowerUps, Bonus, and Diamonds to purchase items in the Store to return beauty to the valley.

The Clover Tale – The Magic Valley Walkthrough Game play Guide is a complete Walk through game play guide to the main rules, instructions, tips, Power Ups, and Bonuses of the Match 3 game Clover Tale – The Magic Valley. The Clover Tale – The Magic Valley Walk through Game play Guide is divided into three sections. Access the sections in order or toggle between them to reach the section you’d like to review.


Clover Tale – The Magic Valley Walkthrough

Section One: General Game play Guidelines


All of the scenes to visit in the game can be accessed from the Main Menu. There are ten total scenes in the game. Play begins in the Berry Meadow. The Mushroom Town is also accessible when the game begins. The other eight scenes are unlocked as gameplay progresses. The other scenes and the levels in which they become available are listed as follows: the Laboratory (unlocks at level 3); the Library (unlocks at level 5); the Bee Hive (unlocks at level 9); the Little River (unlocks at level 9); the Warrior Academy (unlocks at level 12); the Marquee (unlocks at level 15); the Clover Field (unlocks at level 17); and Granary (unlocks at level 19).

Progress Bar

The Status Bar is located on the left side of the game layout and tracks the player’s progress through the level. There are three opportunities to collect gold stars as gameplay in the level progresses. The faster the level is completed, the higher the points awarded. Obtaining the three gold stars in the same level maximizes the amount of points that can be accumulated in the level. If the level cannot be cleared before the clock runs out, the level must be replayed to advance to the next level.

Tips and Tricks

1. Feed all of the animals in the Valley and accumulate points or items to place in the Valley.
2. Harvest all berries and make jam to accumulate points or purchase items in the Store.
3. Jam is made in the Berry Meadow.
4. To reach Mushroom Town need to access a map. To Unlock some scenes a special item may be necessary.
5. Ice lies under some chips. To eliminate, make pairing and match 3 like chips. Some chips are so frozen, must repeat action twice to clear chip. All levels with ice, focus on clearing the frozen chips to complete task and advance to the next round.

Game Modes

The game contains 10 game play modes from novice to most challenging. At the end of each level, the player receives her stats. In the stats the game play mode achieved in the level is listed.

Section Two: Game play Rules and Instructions

At the beginning of each level a Quest is posted on the tree. The Quest can be accessed at top left corner of the screen. Once the Quest is completed, the level is cleared, and the player advances to the next round. Levels are cleared in the following manner.

Basic Rule. The basic rule of this and all Match 3 games is that chips are swapped with like chips to create a row of 3 or more chips in the same color or pattern. Once selected and swapped, the chips automatically disappear from the game board layout and the player scores points. Match 3 pairings continuously until no more pairings are possible, the game board layout is clear, or time runs out. TIPS AND TRICKS: Goal is always to complete level as fast as possible.

Clover Tale - The Magic Valley - 1

Clover Tale – The Magic Valley – 1

Locked Chips. Locked chips contain an X-shaped twig over it. To unlock the chip, swap similar chip with locked chips. HINT: Locked chips do not move. Only chips adjacent to the locked chip can be selected to move.

Clover Tale - The Magic Valley - 2

Clover Tale – The Magic Valley – 2

Wave Chips. Some chips have a wave on it. This is a Power Up. Match 3 chips and receive the Wave Chip. At the end of the level, Wave Chips are assigned a higher reward or point value.

Clover Tale - The Magic Valley - 3

Clover Tale – The Magic Valley – 3

Lightning Chips. Matching 4 chips of the same color in either a row or column creates a lightning chip. The Lightning Chip can be used to eliminate all chips in a row or column.

Clover Tale - The Magic Valley - 4

Clover Tale – The Magic Valley – 4

Frozen Chips. Some chips are frozen in ice. In order to clear level, must clear chips with the ice first. Some of the ice is so hard must be cleared twice.

Clover Tale - The Magic Valley - 5

Clover Tale – The Magic Valley – 5

Bomb Chips. Bomb chips are explosive. They eliminate surrounding chips when matched with two other like chips.


Clover Tale - The Magic Valley - 6

Clover Tale – The Magic Valley – 6


Combine 2 or more Bomb Chips in a Match 3 pairing and receive an extra bonus.

Clover Tale - The Magic Valley - 7

Clover Tale – The Magic Valley – 7

Rainbow Bomb. Eliminate 5 or more chips in a line and receive a Rainbow Bomb. A Rainbow Bomb allows player to eliminate all chips of the same color from the entire game layout.

Clover Tale - The Magic Valley - 8

Clover Tale – The Magic Valley – 8

Stones. Stones are chips that look like stones and appear in the game board layout. Stones are eliminated from game play by matching 3 or more like chips around the stone.

Clover Tale - The Magic Valley - 9

Clover Tale – The Magic Valley – 9

Bushes. Bushes are leaf shrubs that appear throughout the game board layout. To remove the Bushes, eliminate like chips around the Bush in Match 3 pairings to clear the level.

Clover Tale - The Magic Valley - 10

Clover Tale – The Magic Valley – 10

Seashells. Seashells or marine mollusks’ also appear in the game board layout. They too must be cleared by eliminating the like chips around it by making Match 3 pairings.

Clover Tale - The Magic Valley - 11

Clover Tale – The Magic Valley – 11


The Stones, Bushes, and Seashells do not move. They are only eliminated when the chips around it are destroyed.

Section Three: Power Ups, Bonuses and Tools

Throughout game play, items are collected or purchased to enhance the livability of the Village. The bottom toolbar contains access to the Store and Power Ups to enhance play or decorate the village. Right to left the tabs are as follows:

  • Inventory – Allows the player to store all the materials she collects or purchases during game play.
  • Store – The Store contains a Chests, Amulets, Access, Tools, For Collections, and Misc. The Store will be discussed in further detail below.
  • Collections – An area to display items collected or acquired in groupings, like Wedding Bouquet and Wild Strawberries. Like the Inventory section, items here are needed to complete Quests or enter Scenes.
  • Achievements – As the game is played, milestones are tracked and extra points assigned once the Player completes certain actions. This tab keeps track of the earned Achievements and provides a list of upcoming Achievements and Rewards.
  • Diary – Is a place to exchange notes with Melissa, the fairy guide, and file important information.
  • The Goals tab is a summary of the main quests of the level.

In the Store the tabs to focus on are the Chests, Access, and Tools.

In order to access the Chests, the player needs keys. Keys are collected and acquired during play. There are four chests to open: Traveler’s Sack, Weaved Basket, Canned Casket, and Forged Chest. The contents of the Chest are random but the player can receive points, Bonuses or Power Ups.

In order to Unlock scenes, the player needs to access:

  • The Map to enter the Mushroom Town.
  • The Knife to cross the Little River.
  • The Lab Key to enter the laboratory.
  • The Invigorating Nectar is needed to enter the Warrior’s Academy and provides warriors with extra energy.

The Tools tab contains goodies that accelerates play or provides additional points. They are as follows:

  • The Brush repaints the chips from one color to another.
  • The Square Key places a key in the game layout. Collect to unlock the Chests.
  • The Burning Chip destroys all of the ice chips.
  • The Seriamus’ Staff breaks the selected chip.
  • The Magic Beads double to the counter value of bomb or chips.
  • The Vanadian’s Mixer shuffles the chips.
  • The Thumb Pointer can move a chip on the game layout in any direction.

Congratulations! You’ve completed our Clover Tale – The Magin Valley Walkthrough!


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Clover Tale – The Magin Valley Walkthrough Game play Guide is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.