Wonderland needs help. Beautiful mosaics depicting Alice and her adventures are shattered. Help Alice put the pieces back together in this stunning picture mosaic game. Every time you complete a puzzle you earn a key. You need keys to unlock the next world. Can you earn enough keys to unlock all of the adventures in Wonderland?


Alice’s Patchwork Gameplay Walk through will guide you down the rabbit hole, giving you tips and tricks to play through to the very end. Do not worry about any cheats or spoilers here. With the help of this guide you will enjoy hours of relaxing entertainment as you travel down memory lane, reliving the magic of this classic tale.


General Tips & Tricks

  • The size of the pieces on the ribbon can be deceiving. Clicking on a piece to bring it to full size makes it much easier to figure out where it goes.
  • There is no penalty for picking up a piece and dragging it around. It is only considered a mistake when you click to place it.
  • The Levels screen shows thumbnails of what each puzzle looks like. Click Pause and then Levels to see the thumbnails. Remember to click on the forward or back arrow to see the specific puzzle you are working on.
  • Use the Hint feature early and often. There is no penalty for getting hints, and it can be very helpful to get you started and keep you going on a difficult puzzle. As an added bonus, you can earn a trophy if you use enough Hints.
  • Remember to use the Pause button. If the phone rings or someone asks you a question, click on the pause button. When you are ready, click the check mark and your game will resume without losing any time on the game clock.
  • If you are seriously struggling with getting enough keys to unlock your next world, try playing in Relaxed Mode. This eliminates the time factor from your game. Simply completing a puzzle automatically grants you two keys. You can earn the third by not making any mistakes.


How to Play
Come to wonderland and follow Alice on her adventures. This game takes you through six worlds: White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, White Knight, White Queen and Queen of Hearts. Each world holds over 100 beautiful mosaic pictorials about the adventures of Alice in Wonderland. Your job is to replace the missing pieces and restore the pictures.


The Basics
All of the glorious glass mosaics depicting the phenomenal landscapes of Wonderland have been shattered. Carefully you gather the pieces and reassemble the shattered mosaics. As you progress through this game, you are treated to delightful images from the children’s classics of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. The puzzle pieces are in a ribbon on the right side of the screen. Click on a piece to pick it up, then click again to place it. The pieces are small when they are on the ribbon, but will become full size as you drag them onto the board.

Alice's Patchwork - 1

Alice’s Patchwork – 1

Every time you complete a puzzle you unlock the next one. You can also unlock a puzzles by using coins if you get really stuck. Although the puzzles start out easy, with just a few pieces, they quickly become progressively harder as you advance. Fortunately, you are also given more time to complete them as your game progresses.

Alice's Patchwork - 2

Alice’s Patchwork – 2

Looking at the thumbnail can be very helpful. Many of the puzzles are symmetrical. For example, you know that in the picture of the treasure chest a yellow rectangle is below the hot pink box. Using this information, when you see the other pink box you can bet that a yellow rectangle will go below it.

Alice's Patchwork - 3

Alice’s Patchwork – 3


You can control several elements of your game by accessing the Options panel. Use the slide switch to controls the volume for music and for the game sounds. The first box allows you to enter and exit Full screen mode. Check the box to go full screen, and uncheck to play within a window.


The second box gives you control over the appearance of the curser. Check the box to use a golden curser, or uncheck to use your computer’s default curser.


An additional feature allows specialized controls for left handers. This option switches the ribbon to the left side of the screen to make game play more comfortable for you south paws.

When you are looking for a truly leisurely activity, check the Relaxed Mode box. This completely removes the timer from the game board. You automatically earn the Time key, which can help you unlock new worlds more quickly.


Earning Keys

Each puzzle has three goals: assemble the mosaic, don’t make any mistakes, and complete within a given amount of time. You get a key for each goal that you accomplish. You must reach all three goals in a single play to get all three keys. For instance, if you earn the completion and no mistakes key, you cannot play again just to get the time key.

Alice's Patchwork - 4

Alice’s Patchwork – 4

Opening New Worlds

Completing a world does not automatically unlock the next. You need keys to unlock the next world. If you finish a world and the next is still locked, either use coins to unlock the world or go back and earn more keys.

Unlocking a new world elevates your status. In the White Rabbit world you play as a Pawn. You must actually unlock a new world, not just finish the previous one, to progress in status. The levels of status are Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen, and King

Alice's Patchwork - 5

Alice’s Patchwork – 5

Hints and Pausing

If you need a hint, click on the Question Mark in the top right corner. This will highlight a piece on the ribbon and highlights the spot on the board where it goes. Using Hints does not affect earning keys. The Hint automatically recharges, so get as many hints as you need. Besides, there may be secret rewards for using the Hint button often.

Alice's Patchwork - 6

Alice’s Patchwork – 6

Sometimes you have to stop playing your game and attend to business of one kind or another. You do not have to waste game time simply because life happens. Just hit the Pause button in the lower right corner, and when you are ready you only need to click the check mark to continue your game.

Alice’s Patchwork Walkthrough

This guide will take you through all of the worlds of this game, which are White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, White Knight, White Queen and Queen of Hearts. Each world presents you with 20 unique mosaic puzzles.


White Rabbit

Follow the white rabbit into the first world. Here, you are a Pawn. This world consists of 20 mosaic puzzles. Don’t let the first puzzle fool you. This level goes from having a single piece in the first puzzle to over 30 pieces in the last puzzle. If you need help, use a Hint. Additionally, you can see a thumbnail picture of the puzzle on the Levels screen. Knowing what the picture should look like will help you place the pieces.
The first ten puzzles start out modestly enough. Mosaics of mundane items such as flowers, teapots and playing cards get your skills warmed up. Then, Alice falls down the rabbit hole.

Alice's Patchwork - 7

Alice’s Patchwork – 7

Reality starts to shift in the second set of puzzles. Psychedelic motifs and smiling flowers challenge your puzzle skills as things might not go together as expected. By the end of this set, time is surely running late. If you gathered enough keys, you can advance to the tea party.

Alice's Patchwork - 8

Alice’s Patchwork – 8

Mad Hatter

If you have enough keys, you are never too late to enter the world of the Mad Hatter. When you unlock this world, you are elevated to the level of Rook. This world takes you deeper into wonderland, where things are not what they seem.

Alice's Patchwork - 9

Alice’s Patchwork – 9

In the second set of ten puzzles in the land of the Mad Hatter, your travels take you great distances as you travel to castles far away. Keep collecting keys so you get escape the tea party and move on to the next world.

Alice's Patchwork - 10

Alice’s Patchwork – 10

Cheshire Cat

You will find more than just a fading smile in the world of the Cheshire Cat. Hold you head high, as you have now reached the status of knight. The hookah smoking caterpillar lurks within the Cheshire Cat’s world, along with pink flamingos and a treasure chest. Enjoy your elevated view while you unlock all 20 puzzles.

Alice's Patchwork - 11

Alice’s Patchwork – 11

Images of hearts, diamonds and spades saturate this world. From teddy bears to glass slippers, the challenging puzzles will keep your brain working as you figure out a place for everything and get everything in its place. As you reach the final puzzle in the Cheshire Cat’s domain, a horse arrives and if you have enough keys, will carry you into the world of the White Knight.

Alice's Patchwork - 12

Alice’s Patchwork – 12

White Knight

Enter the absurd world of the White Knight. You are now promoted to the level of Bishop. The whimsical mosaics keep you going on your quest. The animals and landscapes are more exotic as you pass through the world of the White Knight.

Alice's Patchwork - 13

Alice’s Patchwork – 13

As a proper knight, ride proudly as you put the mosaics back together. Gaze upon the image of the knight in shining armor. After you pass the dragon, you will again encounter the White Rabbit as you make your way to your next destination.

Alice's Patchwork - 14

Alice’s Patchwork – 14

White Queen

While the White Queen insists on believing in the impossible, completing this world is definitely possible. Congratulations on achieving the Queen status. With the tick tock of the grandfather clock, here you see the strangest of creatures. A princess stands with a bird on her finger. Hot air balloons and fairies come to life as you assemble the broken pictures.

Alice's Patchwork - 15

Alice’s Patchwork – 15

Mosaics on the second page of the White Queen’s world will definitely have you believing in the impossible. Rescue griffins and frogs as you piece together the magical pictures. Try as you may, you will not be able to turn that frog into a prince. But fear not. You will find plenty of dashing characters as you advance and gather together enough keys to enter the final world: the dreaded world of the Queen of Hearts.

Alice's Patchwork - 16

Alice’s Patchwork – 16

Queen of Hearts

Off with their heads! You have surely kept your head if you make it all the way to the world of the Queen of Hearts. While you may be in the world of the Queen of Hearts, you are the top dog because now you have arrived at the King status.

Alice's Patchwork - 17

Alice’s Patchwork – 17

Who knows what to expect from the fickle Queen of Hearts. You will find deer, a lion and a kangaroo. A knight dashes by with lance blazing. But as you work through the final puzzles of the game, you find yourself coming full circle.


As all good things must come to an end, so to this wonderful game must end as well. You come to restore that final picture: the Queen of Hearts herself. In her magnificent glory, you solve the final puzzle and know that you have experienced an adventure well-traveled.

Alice's Patchwork - 18

Alice’s Patchwork – 18


As if playing these mind tickling puzzles was not enough, the game has built in e=incentives to keep you unlocking those new worlds. You can earn a plethora of trophies game. With 18trophies to strive for, you will enjoy hours of entertainment trying to achieve them all.
At the most basic level, you earn a trophy for each world that you complete. In shining gold, each trophy memorializes a cherished part of Wonderland.

Alice's Patchwork - 19

Alice’s Patchwork – 19

Being perfect has its rewards. Earn a trophy for completing 20, 40, and 80 levels with all three keys. For 20 levels, you earn Royal Croquet Flamingo. A Beautiful Garden is the trophy for 40 levels with all three keys, and Looking-Glass Land is the reward for 80 perfect levels.


Perfection is measured in many ways. If you complete five levels in a row with no mistakes you are indeed the Wise Caterpillar. If you receive 17 trophies, you earn the final reward, a Coronation, for collecting every trophy.


Do not worry. You don’t have to be perfect to get rewarded. Receive the Mad Tea-Party trophy for completing 20 levels within the time limit.

Alice's Patchwork - 20

Alice’s Patchwork – 20

What would Wonderland be without Tweedledee and Tweedledum? When you earn 100,000 coins the Tweedledee trophy is unveiled. For the complete set of Tweedledee and Tweedledum, earn 500,000 coins. Even though Humpty Dumpty could not be put back together, you can have an intact Humpty Dumpty trophy for earning 1,000,000 coins.


Don’t turn down free help. Three trophies are reserved simply for utilizing the Hint feature. When you need to get small, use 50 hints to get the Drink Me potion. The super-sizing Eat Me cupcake is yours when you use 100 hints. By this time, you are certainly overheated from all your hard work. Pick up that Magic Fan trophy when you use 150 hints.

Alice's Patchwork - 21

Alice’s Patchwork – 21

Congratulations! You’ve completed our Alice’s Patchwork Walkthrough!



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This Alice’s Patchwork Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.