Runefall is not your classic match-3-build-items game. In fact, it is a whole new level of match3 gameplay. This innovative game offers much more than matching; it has a great dialogue and story plus the matching pairs well with discovering new places and levels, item collecting and even quests.

With each level there are treasure chests that need to be unlocked, secret sections on the map that you need to discover, runes to collect, tiles to clear, sequences of items to match for rewards and much more. In truth, the discoveries are exciting and endless.


The Plot and Objective

In the kingdom of Silverdale lies a small and meagre town. It was once a thriving community, but fell on hard times when war brought the trade routes to a quick halt. Now in debt to the kingdom, the town must pay a monthly tribute to keep it afloat.

However, valuable runes and enchantments are discovered while searching for the resources necessary to pay tribute. These great discoveries encourage the so called “heavy-eyed” town and the town begins to wake up and come back to life. Your mission is to find the resources needed to help pay tribute and save the town from a dismal and mundane existence. The ultimate goal of every level is to collect all rune-tiles. You will traverse massive surroundings, collect resources, overcome obstacles, solve mysteries, unlock treasures and help upgrade the town.

Runefall - Town

Runefall – Town

Dialogue, Cast and Story

Although there is a bit of repetitiveness in the game, the cast is quite likable with variable tones in dialogue. The story itself is genuinely engaging and filled with believable fantasy quests. The scripts dialogue even contains some light humor and immediate likable characters. Two main characters are the demanding princess and the tee-tottering old knight. The ill-mannered princess is actually very kindhearted and really does appreciate others. The old knight is thoughtful but is unable to fix much of anything. The town is rather quant and starts to build some character as you add more to it on each level. Just do not forget to pay tribute every few levels.

Runefall - Characters

Runefall – Characters

Starting the Game

There is a lot of territory to cover on each platform. Also, certain items need to be found before you can go to the next level. One of the biggest tips and tricks of Runefall is to start the game in relaxed mode instead of timed mode. That way you have a good chance of meeting your goals and getting the items you need while you get familiar with the game. You can always go to time mode once you are comfortable with the game.

Moving Around the Map

One of the main objectives of the game is to match the tiles. You need to line up 3 or more identical tiles in a row. The corresponding elements are also how you move around the board. When you match the matching icons you are moved in the direction of the match on the map. For example, if you have a match on the right hand side of the board, everything will move and shift in that direction, disclosing more boards on the right. Also, the area you need to discover (on each level) will not fit on your screen.

Tips and tricks: It is easy to lose your place while discovering new secret places and resources. In addition, every level has a new map and the areas seem to get bigger as you level up. There is a map on the lower left hand side of the screen that will display where you have been on the current level. Also, when you click the Blue Eye on the top center it will give you an aerial view of where you have been. Since treasures and needed resources such as keys are located anywhere, you will need to search most every part of the map. One of the easiest strategies is to start at the bottom and work your way up. Also, move around the level slowly, especially in areas of the map where it looks like it has ragged edges. Generally ragged edges indicate that there is something yet to be discovered before you can level up or move to another “secret” section of the map.

Runefall - Map

Runefall – Map

Tile Resources

For the most part, the tiles you need to match are wood, stone, gold, shields and blue potion bottles. The wood, stone and gold are for buying upgrades for your town and to pay tribute to the king. The blue potions refill your power-ups. And if you collect enough shields then you can teleport anywhere on the map that you have already been. The transport really comes in handy from time to time. Just use the magnifying glass to aim where you want to go. Be careful, the magnifying glass is tricky to operate. If you are not careful, you will end up in an area that you did not want to go. It takes vigilant precision to aim the pointer exactly.

Other Tiles and Obstacles

There are other tiles that you need to match up such as the elements like wood inside a grass tile. Often, there are special items hiding in the grass or sand. You will also run into obstacles like crates and blocks. These barricades need to come down in order to proceed in the game. To pass through, you will need to make matches alongside the obstacles in order to shatter them.

As well, you will need special items in order to cross certain areas. For instance, you need a rock axe to cross a huge pile of rocks and also a boat to cross a river. The special items will be found throughout the map. Once you find an item then you need to return to the area to use it. Such as, in order to use a key you found on your journey, you need to return to the area on the map where the treasure chest is.

Runefall - Rock Pile

Runefall – Rock Pile

Your Cursor

Your curser is one of the most helpful tools in the game. Every time your curser gets close to a special item that you need, it will start glowing. In fact, the closer you are to an important item, the more your curser will light up and glow.

Goals and Challenges

Each level has its own set of goals that you will need to fulfill in order to get a bonus or gain extra resources. For example, one level wants you to visit all areas on the board, another requests that you clear all grass tiles and one other level goal is to collect 500 wood tiles.

There are also other challenges and special features. Let’s say you are near the mine – it will yield stone points for numerous matches you make around it. And if you play in relaxed mode; you can earn extra wood, stone, shields, blue potion or money that you may need.

Puzzles and Riddles

In addition, Runefall has a variety of puzzles and riddles that need solved before you can continue in the game. Although not child’s-play, the puzzles do require some ingenuity and brain power to solve. Some of the riddles and puzzles include number games, lining up the gears of the windmill and allowing the flow of water from the trough to continually flow.

One of the best features in the game is the ability to turn off time mode when you are solving a puzzle. That way you are not under a lot of pressure when trying to figure out the riddle or puzzle. Although there are no cheats for the puzzles, just remember they are fairly simple and to not give up. In honesty, it took me a few tries with some of the puzzles before I figured out that it will require a little ingenuity to solve.

Runefall - Puzzle

Runefall – Puzzle

Tips and Tricks

Even though there are not any “real” cheats, there are some guidelines that can give you an advantage in the game. Here is an outline of a few basic guides that can support you in the game:

  • Never forget to pay tribute to the king.
  • Grass tiles generally hide treasure chest keys.
  • Play in relaxed mode until you are familiar with the game
  • Watch your curser, when it glows you are near important items.
  • Most tiles should not go unturned, there are resources everywhere.
  • Re-charge or fill the transport/jumping meter by matching shield tiles.
  • When the “jump meter” is full, you can jump to any part of the map already explored.
  • You must first find the appropriate tool to venture through tough terrain like massive rocks, heavy forest and rivers.


Runefall is one of the best match-3 game produced in a very long time. It contains a wide variety of levels with countless obstacles and challenges. There are hundreds of items you collect to solve quests and help upgrade you town. In addition, enjoy the amazing graphics while you unlock 7 power-ups and numerous game play bonuses.

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The Runefall Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks or serials.