A man has been murdered on a popular television program. This calls for a great detective. Follow the clues, from the police headquarters to television sets to the board room of the station. Only you can solve this case and bring justice and closure to the victim’s grieving widow.

Reality Show – Fatal Shot is a hidden-object adventure game. You will search for clues, collect items, and solve puzzle to keep moving forward in the story.



Like other hidden-object games, this game uses only the mouse. The character is moved, objects are collected, and actions are taken by clicking the appropriate area on the screen.

The character keeps a diary, in which is listed all pertinent information and clues the player has collected over the course of the game. It is accessed by clicking the book at the bottom left of the screen.

Items that are collected are kept in the inventory, which is shown across the bottom of the screen. Click an object in the inventory, and it can be used to interact with items in the area.

There is a Hint button located at the bottom right of the screen. Use this button anytime you get stuck to reveal a hint, such as the location of an object or where you should go next. The hint button recharges over time, and disappears entirely on the hardest difficulty setting.

Puzzles that arise throughout the game are accompanied by specific instructions. The keyboard may be usable for some puzzles, but only the mouse is ever required. If a puzzle is especially difficult, it can be skipped using the Skip button at the bottom right, which charges over time.

Tips and Tricks

This is a hidden object game, so be on the lookout for hidden objects. Some objects are under others, and some are in places that cannot be seen without taking a closer look at nearby objects or areas. The most efficient way to tackle this is to keep a good, trained eye open at all times. The most foolproof way to tackle this is to click everything that can be clicked.

This game requires quite a bit of backtracking. Areas will change as you uncover more pieces of the mystery, so always be on the lookout for subtle differences when you return to a room. If you are stuck, you might try revisiting rooms you’ve been in before to see if there is anything new in there.

The best piece of advice a player can get is to use the Diary and the Hint button. The diary quite often shares clues as to what to look for and where to find it. The hint button can help you out of a tight spot. Since this game is not quite linear, you might find yourself stuck at a certain part, and you may be missing an item that this walkthrough assumed you found a long time ago. The hint button can be an invaluable asset during those times.

Relax. There is no way to fail except to quit. Have fun!

Reality Show – Fatal Shot Walkthrough

The Police Station

Sarah needs our help. We have to do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of this. Take the Envelope she offers you. Find the Blade under the newspaper on the chair. Open the drawer and pull out the folder to find your Badge, then the second folder to find the Handle. Attach the Blade to the Handle to make a Knife. Finally, put the Envelope on the table and cut it open. Pull out the Invitation. Talk to the officer behind the desk, and give him the Invitation. Grab the Dog Toy from his desk and return it to the dog. Take the charged Battery from the outlet by the door and let’s go!

Chase the clown! Go left!

There he is! Have a good look at him and his ice cream cone. Take the Hat from him, but don’t forget the Note. Talk to the homeless man and he’ll give you his Cup. Last, we need the Jack from the bushes. Take a step back and then to the right and you’ll find yourself at the Police Line.

In the mailbox, you’ll find a Clock Hand. Clear the way to enter the Crime Scene. Take a step right.

Peek into the caravan, behind the blanket, and find the second Hat. Examine the crate. Use the Knife to cut the ropes. Open the crate for the first mini-game.

This is a claw machine game. The buttons in the top left move the crane, and the center button drops the claw. Put the pieces back in their proper positions to solve the puzzle.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Mini Puzzle 1

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Mini Puzzle 1

A cat! That’s weird. And she’s standing over a Fancy Key. Grab it and go back to the Police Station.

Pick up the phone. Open the gift-box. Take the Train Handle. We should read the instructions. Grab the Ultraviolet Lamp. Wow, that’s a great gift. This is going to be useful. Use the Ultraviolet Lamp on the red balloon in the box.

I never trusted him. Let’s go outside.

Let’s check out that alley. Cut the poster with the Knife, then turn off the light. The secret code is 467. Go back to the motorcycle and check out the compartment on the back. Put the Badge in its place and enter the code in the lock to open it up. Ah! That was creepy. Take the Clown Head. Go to the Boardwalk.

Look at the clown’s box. Open it and take the Tusks from the walrus. On a table there is a jewelry box topped with dancers. Use the Fancy Key to open the lock, then put the Battery in the Remote. Step back and to the right.

Open the van, climb in, and find the Oil Can. Go to the Caravan.

Put the Jack under the window, lube it with the Oil Can and turn the handle to open the window. Take the Instant Coffee. Let’s make a cup of joe. Back to the Station!

Plug in the coffee maker, and put the Cup on the table. Turn on the electric kettle. When it’s done, pour the water into the cup, then dissolve the Instant Coffee. It may not be fancy, but the homeless man will love it. Let’s deliver it to him.

He’ll give you a Coin for his coffee. Examine the train. Reattach the Clown Head and the Train Handle, then insert the Coin and let’s play a mini-game!

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - RailRoad Mini Puzzle

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – RailRoad Mini Puzzle

To get the train to its destination, swap and rotate the bits of track to complete the railroad. When the track is fixed, the train will drive away. Follow the train!

It crashed into the door! Search the debris for the Stick and the Hat. Take a step to the right.

Let’s search in the trailer on the left. In the trailer, you need to find the Puzzle Piece and the Cannonball. Go back outside. Put the Puzzle Piece in the puzzle on the other trailer.

The finished puzzle is a picture of two kittens playing. It is refreshingly cute compared to the clowns and murder. Swap adjacent pieces until the image is completed.

Enter the trailer.

Oh gosh is she dead? No, wait, she’s a puppet. In the drawers, you’ll find a Puppet Head and some Matches. There’s also a newspaper worth reading. In the manicure kit on the desk, you’ll find some Money and a pair of Scissors. Take the Banjo from its case, then repair the clock for another mini-game.

Rotate the clock hands until the correct time is displayed. The correct time is six o’clock. A winning sequence is: Blue, blue, blue, green, green, blue, green, green, green, green, blue, green, blue. Collect your prizes, the Hat and Cannonball.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Clock

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Clock

Pick up the puppet’s Wig on your way out.

Talk to the lady by the door in the center. Use the Scissors to cut open the crate and reattach the Puppet Head, then take the Puppet and go back into the first trailer.

Read the note on the bulletin board, then remove papers until you find the old photo. Put the Puppet with his friends, and let’s play haberdasher. Swap the clothes and accessories on the puppets until they are all properly outfitted. The left-most puppet wears a tuxedo and top-hat. The second puppet wears a vest, stripes, and a bowler. The third is a policeman, and the fourth is a plumber. Take the Studio Keys. Go back outside.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Puppets

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Puppets

The Studio

Use the Studio Keys to enter the Studio.

Look at the recorder on the right wall. There’s a Bell under that reel. And a red balloon! Use the Ultraviolet Lamp to reveal the secret code. Heart is red. Circle is green. Diamond is Blue. Triangle is yellow. Got it.

There’s a tiny puppet in a locker by the stage, and he needs his tiny Banjo. This is a puzzle. Hit the frets and then the corresponding fingers in the order laid out by the secret code. Heart, red, circle, green, diamond, blue, triangle, yellow.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Banjo

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Banjo

The stage has changed, and there is now a Sun that we need to take with us. Use the Scissors to cut through the seam in the backdrop. Walk through to the Cave Set.

Put the Tusks in the tiger’s mouth. Step right to the Civil War Set.

Supply the cannon with Cannonballs. Shoot all four of the targets with cannonballs of the same color.

Take the Flag from the fallen pole, then pull the electrical switch in the box nearby. Go back to the Cave Set.

Give the caveman the Stick, then wrap the Flag around the end. Light his torch with the Matches so he can defend his family from the tiger. Find the Tax where the tiger used to be, then go left.

Near the lamppost, find the Board. By the boxes, find the Bucket. Fix the camera dolly by removing the metal bar in its wheel. Move the dolly aside. Have a look at the stage.

This guy is here again. He wants to give you a Crest. Plug his Crest into the center of the stage to start a puzzle.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Stage

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Stage

Pick up the man with the Taxi. Give him some Money. Attach the Bell to the house.
Use the Ultraviolet Lamp to see the hidden message. Cut the thread and take the Key.

Use the Key to open the elevator to the right. Solve a puzzle to open the handbag. The puzzle is solved when all of the vines are aligned.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Handbag

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Handbag

In the handbag, you’ll find a Photo, a Note, and a Key. Go to the second floor.

Under the pillars is a box of tools. Take the Nail Gun. Use the Bucket on the stairs. Replace the broken Board. Attach it with the Nail Gun. Put the Sun in the moon. Go right, open the door, and then take a step forward. You should be in a room with an electrical closet and a railway on the bottom right.

Grab the chair. Hmmm….Pick up the Lens in the box. Take the Wrench from the door. Let’s go right.

A red balloon! Use the Ultraviolet Lamp to find the secret compartment. Inside, you’ll find a Stethoscope and a Glass Cutter. Take the Repellant from the table, and get a Tube from the mailbox. Take a step back.

Use the Repellant to get rid of the spider so you can get in the tool bag. Grab the Wheel and Saw. Go back to the area with the secret compartment.

Attach the Wheel to the camera dolly, and then move it out of the way. Take the Ladder. Back to the spider room.

Set the Ladder up above the tool bag. Go right and then through the door.

On a shelf by some wires you’ll find a Lightbulb, and under those wires you’ll find some Pliers. Now, we just need the Red Button from beside the fish tank. Take two steps back.

Examine the lighting above the ladder. Connect the Lightbulb, and then cover it with the Lens. Go back to the room where you found the bulb.

Use the Pliers to fix the lock, and then head on through the door.

The Prop Room

On the table is the second Tube. Open the prop box on the left and take the Triangular Prism and the Green Button from inside. The Glass Cutter can open the scary alien-face tank, allowing you to pick up the File. To get into the cabinet, however, you need to pick the lock.

Use your Stethoscope to listen to the tumblers. In this puzzle, you use the display to know if the code is too high or too low. When you find the correct code, press the buttons to open the door. The correct code is 739.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Code

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Code

Read the note, then grab the Rubber Glove and the Hook. Back in the room, use the File to open the compartment on the table and find the second Triangular Prism. Take a step back.

Back in the electrical control room, have a look at the light board. Use the Rubber Glove to turn the handle. Take another step back.

Look in the secret compartment. Attach the Red Button and the Green Button to the top of the safe to start a puzzle. In this game, you need to end up with more green buttons than red buttons. The game is too complex and there are too many possible solutions to be outlined here. If it is too hard, you can skip it, as stated in the Tips and Tricks section.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Secret Compartment

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Secret Compartment

Now that the door is open, find the Screws, the Steel Ball and the Rag. Go back to the control room.

Clean the tank using the duster nearby. Reach in the with Hook and collect the Board Key. Use the Key to open the electrical cabinet, and then use the Tubes to start another puzzle.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Lights

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Lights

For this puzzle, place the red lights into the slots so that each light is touching the head of a chip. After the puzzle, take a step back.

Zoom in on the mailbox. Hit the switch. Let’s go back into the control room.

Pick the Pump up from the floor. Then, put the two Triangular Prisms on the board over the desk for another puzzle.

In this puzzle, you’ll have to rotate the mirrors to direct the rays to the exit points of the same color. The blue ray has to reach the bottom. The red ray reaches the top. The green ray reaches the left. The yellow ray, however, goes from one prism to the other. After the puzzle, go back to the room where you changed the lightbulb, then walk between the ladder and the window.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Puzzle Solution

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Puzzle Solution

This room has an old car in it. An old car with a flat tire. Connect the Pump and take the Doorknob. Use the Pliers to open the trapdoor on the pool. Put the Steel Ball in the trapdoor to start a puzzle.

In this puzzle, put the steel balls in order to spell ‘Oscar’ and then spell ‘Neil’. The blank ball has to go between the R and the N. Take the Key, then take a step back and go through the door on the left.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Oscar Neil

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Oscar Neil

Affix the Doorknob in his spot with the Screws, then use the Key to unlock the door and head on through.

Outside, find the Wire and the Knob. You’ll need to cut the metal bar with the Saw so you can get the Metal Rod, which you can then use to break the chain and continue forward.

Use the Wire to break into the van and get the Doughnut and the Knife. You can break the boards blocking the route under the bridge with the Metal Bar, and then keep moving forward.

The Bridge

Pick up the Flashlight and pull the Tape out of the coat pocket. Repair the ladder by taping the Metal Rod in place of the broken step. Find the Can and the Medallion Part before taking a step back.

Lay the Flashlight under the van and pick up the Bottle Cover Go back inside, to the room with the old car.

Examine the car. Put the Bottle Cover back on the bottle and pick up the Solvent. Go back to the bridge.

Use the Solvent to loosen the bolts under the ladder, then remove them with the Wrench. Climb down the ladder.

Find the Cone on the steps and then move forward.

Grab the Hammer from the fence and then attach the Knob to the door for a puzzle.

In this puzzle, spin the layers until a picture of a bird on a twig is created. One possible solution is to hit the top button once and then the bottom button three times. Put the Key in the keyhole and go inside.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Bird

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Bird

Talk to the woman. Pick up the Crowbar that’s on the table and find the Thread that’s in the mailboxes. Let’s take two steps back to the base of the bridge.

Use the Knife to cut the netting around the barrels, then untangle the fishing supplies to get the Hook. Use the Hammer on the barrel to break it free and pick it up. Near the center of the wall is a friendly little mouse. Give him a Doughnut! He’ll give you his Pin in exchange. Move forward until you are outside the apartment building.

Put the Barrel by the stairs. Use the Hook and Thread to hang the Can from the birdhouse. Go back inside.

The lady is gone! Take the Disk Lock from her desk, then use the Pin to open her drawers and find the Lightbulbs. Use the Disk Lock to open the mailboxes. Rotate the plates to form the number 13 and grab the Elevator Lever.

Put the Key on the thing by the floor numbers, then reattach the Elevator Lever. The solution to the puzzle is, with the lever positions listed from top to bottom: Black, 4, Wilson, 2, Parker, 5, Johnson, 1, Smith, 6, Murphy, 3. Turn the key to get moving.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Elevator Solution

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Elevator Solution

Step off the elevator into the hallway. Replace the Lightbulbs on the wall. Use the Crowbar to remove the boards from the door and enter the room.

Find the Brick and examine the box on the floor. Find the Fragment, read the note, and pick up the Piano Key. Take a step back.

Open the piano with the Key to find the Winch and the Red Button. Step right.

Use the Crowbar to rip the Door from the cabinet. Put the Winch on the device for another puzzle.

Put the gears in position and pull the lever. Look out the window. Put down the Door. Throw a Brick through the window and then climb through.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Gears

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Gears

The child’s Room

Find the chess board in the cabinet for a puzzle. Match three items to clear the board. Pry it open with the Crowbar a pick up the Tweezers. In the jacket there is a Green Button and a message. In the castle, there find the Bearing and then put the Buttons into their slots.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Match Game

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Match Game

Pick up the balls and place them on the spots of the same color, then guide the yeti into the room. Use the Tweezers to get the Photo.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Yeti Solution

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Yeti Solution

Back in the room, look at the cabinet again. Put the Medallion on the shelf and put the Photo inside. Grab the Rope Ladder and take a step back.

Use the Rope Ladder to climb down to the street.

Attach the Cone to the Extinguisher and pick it up. Let’s move forward.

Find the Toolbox Key under the flowers on the left. Take a step back.

Open the toolbox with the Key and take the Pipe, then go forward again.

Closely examine the flowers on the left to access the irrigation system. Apply the Pipe to start puzzle. Rotate the pipes until everything is connected. Head into the building.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Pipes

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Pipes

Check in the office on the right side. Find the Iron Lever and the Padlock Key in there. Use the Ultraviolet Lamp to find the secret message on the computer. Go back to the lobby and get the Ruler, then use it to open the drawer and collect the Punch Card and the Bearing. Take a step back.

Look through the flowers on the right to find the padlock, then open it with the Key. FIRE!! Quick! Use the Extinguisher! Take the Valve, and take a step back.

Attach the Valve to the machine by the bench for a puzzle. Push the middle button, then the upper-left valve, then the bottom button. After the puzzle walk forward twice. Step into the elevator and get off at the loading dock.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Machine

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Machine

Find the Bearing, the Lightbulb and the Videocassette. Attach the Lever to the control panel for a puzzle. Deliver all of the crates, then take a step forward.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Crates Solution

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Crates Solution

Grab the Shovel and keep moving forward.

Find the Weight by the far door and put the Bearings under the stage. Take a step back.

Smash the glass door with the Weight. Pick up the Glass Polygon and put the Punch Card in the slot. Solve the puzzle by hitting the middle-right button, the bottom-left button five times, the bottom-right button, the bottom-left button, and then the top-left button twice.

Go through the stage door.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Stage

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Stage

The costume Room

Find the Tape Recorder and the Lightbulb in the side table and walk forward.

Use the Ultraviolet Lamp to see the secret message, grab the Lightbulb, and then find the Videocassette . Take a step back.

Put the Glass Polygon and the Lightbulbs in the cabinet for a puzzle. Use the lights to form the outline of a star. Take the Videocassette and the Closet Key, then take a step forward.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Star

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Star

Open the door with the secret message on it using the Key. Grab the Mop. Put the Videocassettes on the control panel for a puzzle.

Match the pattern on the screen with the patterns at the top. Complete the puzzle to receive the master Videocassette. After the puzzle, use the Mop to lift a ceiling tile. Grab the Fan off the ground and take five steps back.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Patterns

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Patterns

Take the elevators up. Open the vent and put the Fan in the duct, then go right into the office.

Behind the painting is a Magnetic Card and a hidden message. Tape the Recorder to the phone and make the Recording. Swipe the Card through the electronic lock by the door and enter the secret code, 2571, then go through the door.

Use the Recording to get past the voice-lock. Dig up the Handle from under that spiky little shrub. Walk forward.

Find the Script, tape it back together, and pick it up. Use the Ultraviolet Lamp to see the hidden clue. Grab the Chip and take three steps back, then one forward.

Find the second Handle, the walk back one, right one, and forward two. Put the Handles on the big circular window.

In this puzzle, rotate the wheel in the following order: Right twice, left four times, right thrice, left, right twice, left, right, left twice, right, life twice, right, left, right thrice, left. Take the Button. Take three steps back and one forward, to find the elevator.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Wheel

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Wheel

Reattach the Button and take the elevator to the board room. Talk to the executive, then take the Jacket from the chair. Go left.

Put the Videocassette in the machine. For the video to play right, balance the passive and active waves. Use the Speed button twice, the Height button three times, and then the Frequency button three times. Go right.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Videocasette

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – Videocasette

Find the Suction Cup, then take two steps back. Place the LTV Logo by the company logo, and then rearrange the company logo until the LTV Logo is formed. Take the Crystal Shard. Go left.

Reality Show - Fatal Shot - LVT

Reality Show – Fatal Shot – LVT

Use the Suction Cup and the Crystal Shard to dip the Jacket into the fish tank. Go right.

Use the Wet Jacket to put out the fire and then put the Chip in the circuits on the wall to start a puzzle. Lay the chips so that electricity can flow from one end to the other. Call the elevator, and walk off into the night.
Reality Show - Fatal Shot - Electricity

Congratulations! You just finished our Reality Show -Fatal Shot Walkthrough!

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This Reality Show – Fatal Shot Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks or serials.