Welcome to the Walkthrough for Botanica – Into the Unknown.

Use your skills in plant science to make your way through a beautiful alien planet. Will you be able to get back to Earth in this exciting Hidden Object adventure?
Regardless of whether you use these tips and tricks as a lifeline when things get hard or as a compass to get you from start to finish, we believe you’ll find what you need in this walkthrough.


General Tips & Tricks

– The tablet journal holds all of the clues that you gather as you explore the planet.
– The game contains a task list and map for easy reference.
– If a new mini-game is in your botanist’s kit, an exclamation point will appear to let you know it’s there.
– We can’t provide a step-by-step for the mini-games and hidden object puzzles because they’re usually randomized in this game.
– If a listed hidden item is written in yellow text, the item is hidden or you need to do a few more steps to reveal the item.

Botanica – Into the Unknown Walkthrough

Chapter One: The Cliff

The game begins on a cliff. You’ll see items scattered around. Start by taking the Botanist’s Key plus the Tablet. Then pick up the Empty Vial. Take the Empty Vial from your control panel and use it on the Strange Plant. You’re a botanist, after all!

A mini-game opens. Click on the spores; the flower opens to reveal a beautiful portal. Walk through the portal. Pick up the Stick. Go over to the plants, touch the Stick to the flower blossom, then click on the Flower to take it.

There’s now a mini-game in your botanist’s kit. Sort the petals among the matching specimen dishes. This will give you the Striped Petals.

Botanica - Into the Unknown - Petals Solution

Botanica – Into the Unknown – Petals Solution

A lizard is peering out of a cave. Give the lizard the Striped Petals.

Abandoned Outpost Building

Walk over to the old building and take the ID Card with the Poster from the front door. Go to your right. Grab the Red Shape from the door and the Yellow Shape from the chest. Then pick up the Trowel.

Go to the gate that’s made of plants. Use the Trowel on the dirt mound three times to dig up the Blue Shape. Go to the front door. Place the Red, Yellow and Blue Shapes onto the wheel. Combine the colors to make the color that’s in the center. You’re in! Go inside of the abandoned outpost.

Open the dresser drawer. Click on the Diary Pages. Then click on the Rubber Glove to take it. Use the ID Card on the control box. This gives you a Feather Duster. Look around at everything in this building, and then head back out to the yard.

Use the Feather Duster on the plant gate. It opens and leads you to the landing pad.

Landing Pad Area

Use the Rubber Gloves on the vines; pick up the Button. Click on the robot to receive a Small Key. Now go back to the abandoned outpost.

Abandoned Outpost Building

Go to the chest and use the Small Key to open it. There’s a hidden object puzzle inside. Find every item on the list. Then, match the items up logically. For example, the pencil sharpener goes with the pencil, the nuts get used on the nutcracker. Once you’ve matched up everything, you’ll receive a Coin.

Go inside of the outpost building and use the Coin on the table in the center to remove the eight screws. Put the Button onto the telegraph machine. Click on the control panel to reveal a puzzle. Find the correct path from valve to valve to solve it. Here’s one possible solution.

Botanica - Into the Unknown - Path Solution

Botanica – Into the Unknown – Path Solution

Take the Knife and leave the outpost building.

Landing Pad Area

Use the Knife on the Backpack. Pick up the Flare. Put the Flare inside the dummy’s hand and click on the string to pull it.

Take the Tag from the giant dragonfly named Eddie. Put the Tag on the Saddle, then put the Saddle on Eddie’s back. Click to get onto Eddie. You’ve completed Chapter One!

Chapter Two: The Abandoned Village

To start this chapter, go inside the tree house.

Tree House

Talk to Ian. He gives you clues that will help to solve the puzzle at the desk. Match his bold-type words with the items. For instance, he mentions plants; select the leaf, and so on. Pick up the List of Missing Parts. Exit the tree house.

Move the leaves on the post and take 1/3 Acorn. Continue to the village.

Abandoned Village / Cooking Hut

Go inside the cooking hut. Take the 2/3 Acorn out of the basket. Click on the shelves for a hidden object game. Find the items on the list. Then use the items you’ve found where it makes sense; for example, the skewer goes with the fish, the cup will get you a cup of sugar. At the end of the puzzle, you’ll receive an Empty Pitcher. Leave the hut to go to the old plane.

Old Plane

Sam gives you a Vine Sample. Flip through the flight log to find the 3/3 Acorn.
Present the three Acorns to the raccoon-like animal called a Pandaroon. Pick up the Wooden Shape.

Place the Wooden Shape onto the door to enter a mini-game. Arrange the blocks so that no shapes repeat in a row or column. Once complete, you can go through the door.

Botanica - Into the Unknown - Wooden Shape Solution

Botanica – Into the Unknown – Wooden Shape Solution

Teacher’s Hut

Click on the White Cloth to take it. Use the Vine Sample on the drawing to trigger a puzzle. Flip the pieces so the drawing matches the vine. You’ll receive a Carving. Leave the hut.

Path to the West Shore

Go to the ornate gate and put the Carving on it. Open the gate and enter the path. Go to the tree and take the Key. Head down to the shore.

West Shore

Put the Empty Pitcher in the river to create a Filled Pitcher. Then use the Key on the toolbox. Pick up the Hammer.

Landing Pad

Walk back to the landing pad to the crate. Use the Hammer to open it. Pick up the Bright Red Fruit and the Lighter. Return to the village.

Cooking Hut

Put the Bright Red Fruit onto the cutting board and cut the fruit to obtain Chopped Red Fruit. Use the Lighter on the logs below the cooking pot. Pour the water in the pot from the Filled Pitcher. Add the Chopped Red Fruit and the White Cloth to the pot. You’ve now created a Bright Red Cloth! Take it and leave the hut, going left and then straight ahead.


You’ll find a loose hook on a tree near the bull. Use the Hammer on the hook. Put the Bright Red Cloth onto the hook. The bull will ram the tree, dropping Yellow Nuts. Take them. This will open a simple mini-game in your botanist’s kit. Solve the game and take the Vine Killer.

Botanica - Into the Unknown - Scales Solution

Botanica – Into the Unknown – Scales Solution

Old Plane

You’ll see four vines. Use the Vine Killer on them, and then go inside the plane. Take out the List of Missing Parts and click anywhere to trigger a hidden object puzzle. Find all of the objects listed, and then combine them logically, such as using the crowbar to open a crate. Once finished, you’ll receive Spare Parts.

West Shore

You’ll see Ian. Give him the Spare Parts to trigger a mini-game.
Put the parts in the machinery to finish the chapter!

Botanica - Into the Unknown - Machinery

Botanica – Into the Unknown – Machinery

Chapter Three: The Steamboat

This chapter starts inside of the steamboat with Ian. Look at the porthole and pick up the Red Cross. Put the Red Cross on the medical kit; grab the Brick. Use the Brick to break the glass case. Pick up the Hose and a Glass Shard.

Open the medical kit and use the Glass Shard to remove the wrapper from the Light Stick. Finally, remove the tarp to start a mini-game. Move the crates around to find a trapdoor.

Botanica - Into the Unknown - Crates Solution

Botanica – Into the Unknown – Crates Solution

Then tie the Hose to the trapdoor handle. Toss the Light Stick beyond the trap door.

Go to the front of the desk for another mini-game. Move the buttons to match up with the code that’s on the desk. Then slide the green panels to reveal all of the buttons. Pick up Ian’s Research and put it on the desk. Read the notes, and then walk downstairs.

Botanica - Into the Unknown - Code Solution 1

Botanica – Into the Unknown – Code Solution 1

Botanica - Into the Unknown - Code Solution 2

Botanica – Into the Unknown – Code Solution 2

Click on the cargo for a hidden object puzzle. Find all of the listed items. Then, use the items logically, such as the corkscrew on the wine bottle, to complete the puzzle. Once the puzzle is completed, you’ll receive a Steel Bar.

Pick up five Rope Rungs. Use the Rope Rungs on the rope to create a Rope Ladder. Walk to the left to go outside of the boat cabin. Put the Steel Bar on the wall and hang the Rope Ladder on it. Climb up and pick up the Compass. Climb down the ladder to put the Compass on the chest to trigger a mini-game. This game is randomized so the solution will vary. Turn the compass pieces to find the Three Lenses.

Go up the ladder again. Pull down the compartment cover and put the Three Lenses inside. Go back down and look at the periscope for another mini-game. Move the lenses using the buttons. This is another random game, so the solution varies. You’ll know you’ve gotten it right when green lights surround the lens.

Chapter Three is complete!

Chapter Four: Newstone Way

To begin the chapter, speak with Sam. Take the Leather Glove 1/2 that’s next to the stone marker. Take the Herbs 1/4 that’s near the sign. Follow Sam up the path, and then take the Ladder.

Margaret’s Hut

Go inside and talk to Margaret. Take the Crayon 1/4. Find Crayon 2/4 on the shelf. Also, take the Empty Jar. Pick up Crayon 3/4. Then climb the bunk beds using the Ladder. Take the Crayon 4/4 that’s on the top bunk. Put the 4 Crayons on the drawing that’s on top of the desk. This will activate a fun, coloring mini-game. Use the crayons to color in the inventory items shown.

Botanica - Into the Unknown - Coloring Mini Game

Botanica – Into the Unknown – Coloring Mini Game

Once you’ve colored the items, select them. Leave the hut, and then walk toward the rear of the village.

Pick up the Leather Glove 2/2 that’s near the pigs. Find Herbs 2/4 at the bush, and then go inside the healer’s hut.

Healer’s Hut

Pick up the Herbs 3/4, the Incense and the Gear 1/3. Click on the healer’s table for a hidden object game. Find all of the listed items, then place the items with the objects they match up with logically; for example, put the eye mask on the speak no evil monkey and the earmuffs on the hear no evil monkey. Take the Empty Vial.


Walk south towards the gate. Using the Leather Gloves, pick up the Chain. Walk to the boat and use the Leather Gloves to open the can of fuel. Go forward to the chainsaw; put the Chain on it. Take the cap off and pour the Can of Fuel inside the chainsaw. Take the Chainsaw and use it on the blocked path. Walk up the path.

To complete this level, go to the mine entrance. Take the Lever and click on the old tractor to find a hidden object puzzle. Find all of the listed items, and then use the Glue to fix the broken pot. The Handle goes onto the door. Pick up the Garden Trowel. Find the Mining Helmet. Move the petals onto the flower, creating a Sunflower. This will give you a Silver Key.


Turn on the light. Take the Wooden Handle from the hopper. Walk down. Use the Wooden Handle to make a Pickax together with the ax head. Use the Pickax three times on the rocks. Pick up the Blue Tube plus the Mechanical Heart.

Walk further inside the mine and use the Pickax on the rocks there. Pick up the Red Tube. Walk down to the Minebot and enter the combination that’s in your journal. Then click on the dial to the right until it shows the number 80 on top. Then drag it to 25, then back to 55. Put the Mechanical Heart inside the pipe hole.

Put the Key in the lock on the collection hopper. This will give you a Robot Serial Plate. Take the Spores. Walk forward three times. Place the Spores in the pack on the flutter hawk.

Chapter Five: Aqueaux

First speak with Sam. Then take the Ladder Rung from the pedestal.

Gustav’s Laboratory

Put the Ladder Rung on the ladder and then pull the ladder down. Click on the engine to activate a mini-game. Arrange the red pistons in the correct order. Speak with Gustav then give him the Robot Serial Plate for another mini-game. Find the items on the desk based on the bold-type words in Gustav’s dialog. When finished, take the Blue Key Card.

Gustav’s Study

Click on the cabinet to activate a mini-game. Find the differences between the two panels; there are 10 in total. Then grab the Two Empty Bottles. Leave the study.

East and West Gates

Use the Blue Key Card to get through the gate. Use the Empty Bottle to collect Sunlily Pollen 1/2. To obtain Sunlily Pollen 2/2, you have to go through the West Gate and then click to go to the left. Flip the switch on the light and take the Light Bulb. Use the Palette Knife to obtain the Aqua Moss Sample. Go to the bookshelf and put the Aqua Moss Sample onto the tray to open a hidden object puzzle. Find all listed items. When you’re finished, you’ll have earned a Glass Display Kit.

To finish this chapter, walk down twice, then move to your left. Select the pile for another hidden object puzzle. Find all listed items to earn the Tentacle Pieces. Click on the steering wheel to turn right. Put the Tentacles onto the design on the gate. Then click the steering wheel again to turn left. Take the Pipe Joint from the wreck. Go right to view the control panel. Move the levers then press the green button. Go to the acquisition compartment to pick up the Crystallized Spore.

Attach the Pipe Joint to the pipe network to trigger a randomized mini-game. Move the pipes by pressing the buttons.

Botanica - Into the Unknown - Pipe Solution

Botanica – Into the Unknown – Pipe Solution

Once complete, you can enter the elevator. Chapter Five is complete!

Chapter Six: The Capitol

Start out by taking the Cloth. Pick up the Piece of Wood. Then use the Piece of Wood on the thorns to create the Sharp Wood Piece. Collect Bright Red Flowers 2/6 using the Sharp Wood Piece. Search the area to find all Six Bright Red Flowers. Then click on the roof of the cage to zoom in and see a rope. Put the Sharp Wood Piece on it to earn a Lens.

Leave the cell and put the Six Bright Red Flowers in the bowl along with the Lens. Pick up the Two Vines. Set the Cloth and Vines onto the dragonfly, and then get onto the dragonfly.

When you land, click on the weapons rack to find a hidden object puzzle. Find all listed items. Once complete, you’ll receive a Spear.

Guard’s Quarters

Take the Gems off of the counter. Find a mini-game in the closet. Push the buttons in the correct order. The maze will guide you. Take the Tablet, Botanist’s Key and another Gem.

Botanica - Into the Unknown - Gems

Botanica – Into the Unknown – Gems

Use the Gems on the easel to create a brooch design. Once completed, you’ll receive a Brooch. Go to the closet and put the Brooch on a cape. Click on the Disguise to take it. Go to the mirror and put the disguise on yourself. Go down and forward to get to the next scene.

Side of the Building

Look at the statue and click on the Dagger to take it. Walk downward three times and use the Dagger on the tree bark. Pick up the Mushrooms and go back to the guard’s quarters.

Guard’s Quarters

Find a mortar on the counter. Put the Berries inside it and grind them down to a Berry Powder. Put the Mushrooms in the mortar to make Mushroom Powder. Find a new mini-game in the botanist’s kit. Put the diagram together. Then put the Powders inside the correct holders to receive the Sleeping Dart.

Side of the Building

Put the Sleeping Dart inside the pipe on the statue to get a Loaded Dart Gun. Go forward and shoot the guard with the Loaded Dart Gun by clicking on him with it. Take the Valve from the cell door. Take the Pantry Key from the guard’s pouch. Also, take the Stool.

Guard’s Quarters

Go to the pantry that’s below the bust and use the Pantry Key to open a hidden object puzzle. Find all of the items on the list to receive an Empty Jug. Click down and forward two times to get to the next scene.

To finish the game, first attempt to enter the portal. Talk to Ian and Kassandra. Pick up the Crossbow. Use the Crossbow to hit three rocks. Then hit four green spores. Finally, hit the gun that’s in Gustav’s hand.

Botanica - Into the Unknown - Crossbow

Botanica – Into the Unknown – Crossbow

Once complete, the ending cut scene plays.

Congratulations! You’ve just finished Botanica – Into the Unknown.


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This Botanica – Into the Unknown Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.