Panopticon – Path of Reflections is an adventure game that revolves around solving puzzles and finding hidden objects. You will explore areas across the world! Visit a 19th century Park, tour the House of Illusions theater, see a circus, travel to Arabia, explore a cemetery, and even meet Harry Houdini by the seaside.

Junior Constable John Boston has called on the great detective John Perry to help solve the mysterious disappearance of the fabulous magician Andy Fox and his lovely assistant, who happens to be Perry’s lost love, Angela Forest. While performing a show at the House of Illusions, during a trick involving a home-made time machine, the magical duo vanished! Only the greatest detective of the 1800s can help them!


General Tips & Tricks


General Gameplay
The general display is very simple. The area is shown in the majority of the screen. Certain thoughts or hints are displayed across the top of the screen. Your journal, perhaps the most important thing in the game, is in the bottom left corner. Your inventory is displayed across the bottom of the screen. It may disappear, but bringing the cursor down to the bar will cause it to reappear. The bottom right corner of the screen is home to the Hint button, which will display a sparkling circle around the area you ought to click next.
Cursor Icons
The game is played using only the mouse. The cursor icon changes when placed over different objects, and each icon implies something different.
– The magnifying glass implies that you can examine an object
– The gears imply that a certain action can be taken, such as repairing an object. Those actions generally require the use of an item from your inventory.
– The double-arrows imply that you can walk in a certain direction or through a doorway.
This game includes many puzzles, most of which are somewhat randomized and cannot be laid out with step-by-step instructions. When a puzzle appears, the bottom of the screen, where the inventory usually is, will give you vague directions on how to solve the puzzle, such as “Arrange the tiles to create an image.” Clicking in a puzzle might swap tiles around, it might rotate the clock face, it might attach the belt from one wheel to the next, there is no telling. It is best to try a few test clicks and see what exactly happens. If a puzzle has got you completely stumped, a Skip button is positioned directly under the puzzle screen. When it fills up, click it to automatically solve the puzzle.

Hidden Object Scenes
These scenes appear regularly. You will be shown a screen with many items strewn about, and given a list of objects in the inventory bar. Objects with names in white are simply found and selected on the screen, and then they are crossed off. Objects in yellow require more effort. If the object is a violin, it may require that you find the bow and place it with the instrument before the item is crossed off of the list. If the item is a pearl, you may have to open a clam before you can find the pearl. Completing hidden object scenes rewards you with important plot objects.
Tips and Tricks
This is a hidden object adventure game. The most important advice is this: Go everywhere and look at everything. A lot of backtracking is required, and you may have to return to a certain area two or three times before you can progress to the next stage. Keep a careful eye and be aware of any subtle changes you might see when you revisit an area. Several places are home to hidden object scenes on multiple occasions. If you have even a remote feeling that something in the area might be of interest, click on it.
Many of the actions you are required to take to solve the mystery don’t make real-world sense. Throwing dynamite to scare away some bats? That’s not something I recommend you do at home. However, some of the sequences are common sense. When the sewing machine is missing a flywheel, the only way to repair it is to replace the flywheel. Try absolutely everything you can think of. You cannot do the wrong thing.
Read and reread your journal. The journal is home to a wealth of information. You can find lore, plot details, hints, directions, and recipes in that little book at the bottom left of your screen.
Don’t worry! There is no way to actually lose the game except by giving up, so take your time, click everything, go everywhere twice, and have fun with it.
Remember, there’s no shame in clicking that Hint button! It is only there to help you get started.

In the tutorial section, simply follow the onscreen commands.


Panopticon – Path of Reflections Walkthrough


What a lovely 19th century park! Examine that magnificent fountain to enter a hidden object scene. Be sure to have a good look at the quaint bench, the gorgeous statue, and that cute little toy rat before you head on to the theater.

Quick catch that man! Darn! Missed him. And he locked the door behind him. We’ll have to find another way. To get in, we will need a Mask and a Coin. You should already have the Coin, and the Mask is found in the base of the statue, which can be opened using the Beetle that the owl dropped.
Put the Mask on the keyhole to the door, and then put the Coin in one of the key slots to start a puzzle. Complete the puzzle and head into the theater.

Panopticon - Path of Reflections - Mask Puzzle Solution

Panopticon – Path of Reflections – Mask Puzzle Solution

House of Illusions

Who is this guy? What does he know? We have to find out! Let’s go find his monocle.

The Monocle is in the mailbox, and we need the code. The jester knows the code. Use the Matches to light his lantern. Give the jester your Pocket watch and he’ll give you his Lantern. Fair trade. Some number appeared on the wall! 174.
Give the man his Monocle and he’ll give you a letter from Andy Fox himself. He also gives you a Ticket to enter the theater. Feed the Ticket to the lion on the door upstairs and enter the House of Illusions.
There is a lock sequence written on the far wall. You can smear the Makeup on the markings and then scrape off the excess with the Piece of Glass from the mechanical man’s eye. It’s a sequence of notes. The sequence is: quarter note, half note, eighth note.
To turn on Fax’s machine, use the wire on the left on the bottom right of the machine, where the sparks are. The machine glows! Turn the crankwheel to the left of the machine to start the flow of steam. Put the Sphere in the top left slot on the machine. A portal just opened! Go through the portal to the circus.

Panopticon - Path of Reflections - Portal

Panopticon – Path of Reflections – Portal


Okay so now we’re in a creepy, perhaps otherworldly, circus.

In this circus, we will need to explore the fortune teller’s cart, the ticket office where the little man stands, the circus tent, and the bow-and-arrow game. There is a copious amount of backtracking involved in this part, so be sure to go absolutely everywhere you can go and do everything you can do, as recommended in the Tips and Tricks section.
To fire the cannon, you need to collect gunpowder in the Handkerchief you took from the fortune teller’s house. Place the gunpowder in the cannon, then the Cannonball, from the chest by the dwarf, and the light the fuse and stand back!

Panopticon - Path of Reflections - Cannon

Panopticon – Path of Reflections – Cannon

When you have found all three figurines needed for the cart-game, the game is played like this:

The Prince goes on the horse, the Princess goes in the tower, and the Witch guards the door. Pick up the torch from on top of the barrel and light it using the fire, then use it to scare the bear away. Move the Prince forward. Use the wood to rebuild the bridge and move the Prince forward again. Move the sun to change day to night, and the owl will leave. Give the Prince the sword. Use the cannon to smash through the gate and move the Prince forward to face the Witch. You saved the Princess! You are given an Arrow as your reward.

Panopticon - Path of Reflections - Prince

Panopticon – Path of Reflections – Prince

Be sure to get the Hookah from the circus tent. Use the Handle to open the box with stars on it. Put the Pipe and the Jar of Wine in the box to receive the Hookah. Go back to the circus.
Give the fortune teller her Tarot Cards to begin the seance. Take her magic Sphere and go put it in the machine in the upper right slot.


We’re in Arabia now. Andy and Angela could be anywhere!
We will explore a well, a blacksmith’s, a sheik’s house, a peacock room, an eastern shrine. There is some backtracking, but not as much as was needed in the circus area. You never need to go further back than the stage.
To repair the mechanical head, you will need the Lens, which is found by completing the hidden object scene by the well, and the Blue Eye, which is found by using the Broom to sweep the trash under the carriage. Remove his broken eye, replace it with the Lens, and put the Blue Eye in its socket.

Panopticon - Path of Reflections - Mechanical Head

Panopticon – Path of Reflections – Mechanical Head

Perhaps the trickiest part is using the blacksmith’s furnace to make the key to the sheik’s house. You will need the Nugget from the sun on the stage after fixing the mechanical man, the Hammer from the blacksmith’s cabinet, which is opened using the moon from the stage, the Basket from the well, the Blower from under the swords in the blacksmith’s, and the Matches you’ve been carrying around this whole time.
Place the Basket in the furnace. Light the furnace using the Matches. Attach the Blower to the furnace. Place the Nugget in the pan, place the pan on the furnace, and pour the molten metal into the mold. Using the tongs, put the metal mold in the bucket of water. Use the Hammer to break mold and retrieve your handcrafted object. Go back to the well, where you can open the door and meet the sheik.

Panopticon - Path of Reflections - Handcrafted Object

Panopticon – Path of Reflections – Handcrafted Object

In the sheik’s house there is a credenza on which there are several hookahs. Put them together and give him the completed hookah to earn his trust and assistance.

Panopticon - Path of Reflections - Handcrafted Object

Panopticon – Path of Reflections – Handcrafted Object

You will need to give the God statue the Lotus from the peacock room in his center-left, and the Peacock Feather in his center-right hand, and you will need to put a Match in his far left hand and some water from the well in his far right hand. To get water from the well, use the Rope and then the Bucket. To get the Lotus, pour some water into the vase to make it bloom, then smash the vase with the Hammer.

Panopticon - Path of Reflections - Lotus

Panopticon – Path of Reflections – Lotus

After appeasing the God statue and talking to the ghost, the sheik will give you a yellow magic Sphere. Place this in the machine, in the lower left slot, and a portal will open to a cemetery.

Panopticon - Path of Reflections - Ghost

Panopticon – Path of Reflections – Ghost


In this eerie, creepy, scary, area, we will explore of course a cemetery, a coffin-maker’s workshop, a mausoleum, and a memorial.
The mausoleum needs a key to be opened, and the key is found in the coffin-maker’s workshop. It is earned by completing a hidden object scene. Make sure to grab all three Carrots while you’re in the workshop. When you give the Carrots to the donkey, he will move the coffin-cart out of your way. You will also need to place a Board under the wheel of the cart. The Board can be found in the mausoleum.
You will need to find three Rungs to collect the items from the top shelf in the coffin-maker’s workshop. The first is found in the workshop, the second in the mausoleum, and the third is found near the memorial after the donkey has moved the coffin-cart.

To get through the gate in the memorial, simply try each key on the Ring of Keys you found in the coffin-maker’s workshop until you find the right one. Once through the gate, you can scare off the bats with an explosion. Throw out the Dynamite you found in the coffin behind the coffin-cart to clear the area.

Panopticon - Path of Reflections - Dynamite

Panopticon – Path of Reflections – Dynamite

Back in the mausoleum, using the Belt on the machinery starts another puzzle. Simply get all of the wheels spinning to break open the coffin, then use the Pickaxe to open a secret passage!

Panopticon - Path of Reflections - Wheels

Panopticon – Path of Reflections – Wheels

In the secret passage, lasso the lion to unblock the drain and then explore the room carefully. Now you’ll have to go all the way back to the hallway where you followed the little man, and then arrange the statues until they are in the correct positions, as seen in your journal.
The Windup Key the butler gives you is for the clock under the skull. The puzzle under the skull is solved by placing the Candle on the plate and lighting it. Take the Skull back to the ghost’s skeleton and pour the Potion you made in the library on his head. Finally he can be at peace.

Panopticon - Path of Reflections - Skeleton

Panopticon – Path of Reflections – Skeleton

The ghost will bless the final magical Sphere. Plug it into the machine in the bottom right slot.
Seaside. In this portal, we explore the stairway, the town, the Chinese man’s shop, the clock tower, Houdini’s room, and the garden.

To get the Chinese man to open his door, first you need to repair his wind-chime using the Dragon’s Wings, both of which are found in the town screen. Second you will need to offer him a Herbal Potion. You can find the herbs on the ship, which can be reached by casting the Net and crossing over. Complete the hidden object scene to receive the herbs.
To get the Scroll from the jester statue in the theater, find the Bell on the organ and attach it to his hat.
In the police station, find the items where the Constable tells you they are. Place the Envelope on the table, then use the Letter Opener to open it. Examine the fingerprints with the Magnifying Glass until all fingerprints have been identified.

Panopticon - Path of Reflections - Fingerprints

Panopticon – Path of Reflections – Fingerprints

After giving the Scroll to the Chinese shopkeeper, grab the Chair and use it to lock him in his room until he gives you his Key. It’s probably better to leave him locked up in there while you search his shop.

Panopticon - Path of Reflections - Lock Up

Panopticon – Path of Reflections – Lock Up

The Handle for his cash register is in a secret compartment of the jade box on his desk. Beside the cash register, the code is written: 8427. Give the little writing statue the Paper, the Ink, and the Stylus so he can write a note for you.

Panopticon - Path of Reflections - Cash Register

Panopticon – Path of Reflections – Cash Register

The Chinese man’s Key opens the padlock on the door across the street from his shop. The stairs are repaired simply by picking them up and placing them back where they belong. Set the clock to the proper time, and then wind it using the mechanism in the middle of the room. Time to meet Houdini!

Panopticon - Path of Reflections - Clock

Panopticon – Path of Reflections – Clock

Invite Houdini to perform at the House of Illusions, the Mr. Fox theater. You need to find his missing items. Use the Fishing Rod from the clock tower to open the locked doors in Houdini’s room and enter the garden. Use the Wrench from the boxes near the steps to open the fountain, and complete the puzzle to get the fountain water flowing. Then, use the Acid to melt through the grate and pick up the item you dropped in there.
Back at the stairs, run the octopus off and take the Handcuffs from his chest. Take all the items to Houdini and help him perform his daring escape trick. Close all the latches on the box and seal it with the Melted Wax. Wow! How did he escape? Yes, it is amazing, Mr. Houdini!
The magnificent machine can open a door to Oblivion! That must be where Andy and Angela have gone. Now, do we dare go after them? Head back to the machine and activate all four orbs at once. Head into Oblivion.


The little man from the circus! He’s the one who did it! Jealous of Andy’s largess, perhaps?

Clog the gears in the middle of the cavernous room. Then head to the left to find Andy Fox being dunked repeatedly into a giant top hat by a creepy rabbit. Destroy the rabbit by completing his puzzle and jamming him with the Wrench you found under the boards.

Panopticon - Path of Reflections - Gears

Panopticon – Path of Reflections – Gears

Go off to the left to find Angela trapped in a giant sphere held by robotic hands. Rebuild the Doll on the workbench and place him on the ballerina stage in the shelves.

Panopticon - Path of Reflections - Ballerina

Panopticon – Path of Reflections – Ballerina

Rewire the circuit on the chair by completing the puzzle. The hands smashed sphere and let Angela free!

Panopticon - Path of Reflections - Circuit

Panopticon – Path of Reflections – Circuit

You freed them both, but now you have to save the culprit and escape the realm of oblivion. Smash the mirror and let him out. Place the Gemstone in the device by the mirror Mr. Toad was stuck in, and solve the final puzzle by reflecting the light from mirror to mirror until it opens the pathway home.

Panopticon - Path of Reflections - Gemstone

Panopticon – Path of Reflections – Gemstone

Congratulations! You saved Andy Fox and completed our Panopticon – Path of Reflections Walkthrough! You saved Angela! Mr. Toad has learned the error of his ways! Houdini is going to perform in the House of Illusions! And we can all live happily ever after.
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This Panopticon – Path of Reflections Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.