Nightmare Realm – In the End Walkthrough will help you navigate this exciting and challenging puzzle game with highlights and hints to unlocking extras.


General Tips & Tricks

The map icon opens to reveal the game map and your current location, marked with a white figurine, and locations yet to be discovered. Areas visited, but incomplete appear as green exclamation marks.

Inventory is located in the lower panel and it also auto hides. You can freeze it to remain open by selecting the lock. There are unlimited hints, but time’s need to recharge before you can request another.

The most important tip is the randomization of both mini-games and hidden object scenes. If unable to solve puzzles with the solution provided, peruse other walkthroughs until you find an untried solution. Also, words marked in yellow in hidden-object scene require additional steps to acquire the object. You often will need to combine objects to create the requested object marked in yellow.

Event cards provide an overview of the storyline up to where you are in the game. Simply hover over the map and a picture from that area will display. Also, collect origami scattered throughout the game to unlock secret character cards.

Each chapter of the walkthrough provides the location and items you will need to progress. Hidden object scenes, puzzle solutions, and origami locations are included.

Nightmare Realm – In the End Walkthrough

Chapter 1: The Nightmare Realm

Origami Locations

  • Strange Place on the table
  • Prison Entrance
  • Prison Hallway inside the termitarium
  • Strange Place on the painting mini-game

Move leaves aside in the cart, take the stick then retrieve the metal rod from the pond. Open mailbox, use stick on the bird. Use the metal rod on the mailbox door.

Take the umbrella then look at journal on the table. Turn journal pages until you find clip. Use the clip on suitcase zipper. Locate Emily and provide her with the letter for Emily.

Place colored pieces adjoining matching colored pieces into the grid to complete picture. Pieces are in the correct places when you see a flourishing movement.

Nightmare Realm - In the End - Colored Pieces Puzzle

Nightmare Realm – In the End – Colored Pieces Puzzle

Take the hourglass and talk to Emily again. Take the picture of shackled children before entering portal. Remove a game from the box and use the cutting knife on the tape. Continue removing items until picture of David is revealed.

Use the umbrella on the pond to pull the vial closer. Use solvent on the sponge and use sponge on the painting thrice. Read instructions on the portal. Put pictures in these areas:

  • Picture of David in upper left hand
  • Picture of a City in lower left hand
  • Picture of a shadow person in upper right hand
  • Picture of Shackled Children in lower right hand
Nightmare Realm - In the End - Pictures

Nightmare Realm – In the End – Pictures

Take the goblet from the warden’s table and the key from the bench. Proceed through game until you come to a termitarium. Use the key in the lock to remove blade from the glass. Return to warden’s table and place the blade into hilt.

Use the dagger on the roots thrice before removing upper piece. Place the bat ornament into the box lid.

Drag a circle piece over another to swap positions and hover over a circle and select the arrows to rotate it into position.

Nightmare Realm - In the End - Puzzle Pieces Solution

Nightmare Realm – In the End – Puzzle Pieces Solution

Chapter 2: The Dryad’s World

Origami Locations

  • Magic Opening
  • Magic Tree
  • Dryad

Wake caterpillar and use the dagger thrice on the bamboo and take three firewood. Place firewood in campsite’s pit and use your flint on the firewood. Look at the cave for a hidden object scene.

As a general guide, items that must be combined are listed only.

Combine chameleon and red mushroom: Red Chameleon
Use bone on crocodile and ax to open log.
Use furs to take hedgehog.

On the island, move doll to the stone picture. Place four beads on the green cord. Place cloth, green algae, and leaf on the doll. Place waterlily on the leaf. Use charcoal on dolls face. Move dead flower, take straw and place on doll. Place beads on doll.

Nightmare Realm - In the End - Doll

Nightmare Realm – In the End – Doll

The wraps can be removed from dryad’s mouth with the dagger. Locate campfire and remove embers with the scoop to retrieve scoop with embers. Use on the egg located in the nest. Receive a flower token after speaking with the dragon. Place it on the magic stone.

Move clouds to the top and flowers to the bottom. Select tokens to move to adjacently and if there are two positions available, the areas will light up until one is selected.

Nightmare Realm - In the End - Clouds and Flowers

Nightmare Realm – In the End – Clouds and Flowers

Talk to the dragon and take the leaf. Use the leaf on embers in the campfire. Place spell on tree. Place stick to campfire’s right and wraps on the stick, placing in fire to make a lit torch to use on the caterpillar. Place spell on tree again and take magical fruit to give the dryad. Return to the dragon once more and take dragon after speaking. Remove the empty vial from the nest and give the dragon to the boy. The boy tells you about a flute.

Chapter 3: Saving Emily

Origami Locations

  • Davids Cell
  • The Bridge
  • Floating Island

Place goblet in fountain. Place it under the bench in front of the pipe. Use dagger on goblet. Find the serpent and use ice on it. Use the empty vial to collect David’s tears.

Locate Emily; touch her head.

Place the vial of tears into her eyes. Take the bowl and cloth from the bed of David’s cell. Move sheet and use the dagger on the seam to remove parts of a dark robe. Use dagger on the tree hole to remove bark. Place cloth on pitch to gain cloth with sticky pitch.

Nightmare Realm - In the End - Stool

Nightmare Realm – In the End – Stool

To the right is a stool that needs the leg put on before you use the cloth with sticky pitch on it. Take the stool. Use the bowl on the water. Retrieve another parts of dark robe. Place stool on the floor near aquarium then use the bowl with water on the plant. Look to painting for another parts of dark robe. Enter dryad’s world and talk to boy who will give you a flute. Use the flute on plants. Now use bowl on dripping acid.

Nightmare Realm - In the End - Boat

Nightmare Realm – In the End – Boat

  • Move two monsters to the boat
  • Pull Lever
  • Move one monster from boat to shore on left
  • Pull Lever
  • Move monster from left to the boat
  • Pull Lever
  • Move a monster to the right shore
  • Pull lever
  • Move Monster from boat to left shore
  • Move two children to the boat
  • Pull the lever
  • Move two children to the right shore,
  • Move monster to the boat
  • Pull lever
  • Move monster to left shore
  • Move child to boat
  • Pull lever
  • Move child to right shore
  • Move monster to boat
  • Pull lever
  • Move another monster to the boat
  • Pull lever
  • Move one monster to shore
  • Pull lever
  • Move monster from left shore to boat
  • Pull lever
  • Move two monsters from boat to right shore
  • Walk forward

Chapter 4: The Sanctum of Knowledge

Origami Locations

  • Castle Wall
  • Tower Stairs
  • Sanctum of Knowledge

Take log then look to ledge and pull the rope up, tie it in a loop and use it on the log at the far ledge then pull rope back in. Place both logs on arbalest, pull it back then place grappling hook and rope on it. Select the spool to fire the arbalest so the old man will give you the sun amulet. Note the positions of the figures on the shield when you take the pike and crank handle. Use the pike five times on clogged vent holes.

Take tongs from the desk to use on vent and receive part of the ancient seal. Place crank handle on flagpole hole, turning it; take the flag.

Use the pike to pry locker open. Place flag over book and belt on flag. Place both dragon head tokens into niches on the desk. Open container to place demon book inside. Take the sealed book, place ancient seal on the cover. Take metal flames from vault to place on sealed book.

Place sun amulet into top
Place metal flames on sides
Use metal flames to fill in holes
Move figures to same positions noted earlier on shield

Nightmare Realm - In the End - Shield Figures

Nightmare Realm – In the End – Shield Figures

Take the wooden ship in a bottle then go to the old man to receive an old knight figurine. Open door to prisoner’s cell. Use large branch on the rock where rat hole is. Place the wooden ship in a bottle on termitarium. Place bottle of termites on the large branch root and talk to Jeff for magic powder.

Use magic powder on beast in aquarium, taking enchanted beast. Place enchanted beast into mouse hole.

Move beast to dark robe piece then select a space to move the beast along to earn parts of dark robe. If danger lurks, beast returns to beginning.

Nightmare Realm - In the End - The Maze

Nightmare Realm – In the End – The Maze

Remove parts of dark robe from desk and enter loom. Pull lever to your left and look out window. Place all parts of dark robe on loom.

Left click pieces of dark robe to place or take and right click to rotate in place. Place all pieces of dark robe into frame. Select shuttle to weave pieces together.

Nightmare Realm - In the End - Dark Robe

Nightmare Realm – In the End – Dark Robe

After entering the gate, peer into hole near elevator. Take sack labeled family bonds located in crate. Open statues head by swinging the wrecking ball several times. Place both sack labeled determination and sack labeled family bonds on right scale then move sack labeled negligence to left scale. Look at statue base and take rock to use on sword. Use part of sword to unseal crates top. Capture two glow worms from the grass by placing glass pyramid at base of the left statue to receive glass pyramid with glow worms. The glass pyramid breaks if you hit rocks capturing glow worms. Look into hole to place glass pyramid with glow worms.

Move stack of five to right by placing smaller weights atop larger ones. Once solved, go to elevator car.

Nightmare Realm - In the End - Glass Pyramid

Nightmare Realm – In the End – Glass Pyramid

Chapter 5: The City

Origami Locations

  • City Entrance
  • City Square
  • City Catwalk
  • Junkyard
  • Chessboard in Junkyard

Find crowbar near broken bridge. Take marbles from chessboard. Locate city square gate to find triangle key. Use crowbar on the scaffold. Return to broken bridge, placing planks over the hole. Use dagger to take strange gear.

Locate bike in junkyard and take triangle key, use dagger on bike tire for rubber tire. Place strange gear into strange contraptions semi-circle before placing rubber tire on U shape. Place marble in hand to load slingshot. Bring house into focus until balloon appears in the center.

Press the red button to fire and load another marble. Aim and fire until both balloons release the house. Enter house, look at chessboard and talk to Kjuu to learn about mechanical dog.

Nightmare Realm - In the End - House

Nightmare Realm – In the End – House

Use knife to cut open chair for springs. Pull chair lever to find camera. Use knife to open radio Pull chain down to find battery. Look to table and use the blueprints to build mechanical dog. Place springs into the nuts. Place toaster, then camera on springs. Place cassette, then propeller into toaster slot. Put vacuum tubes, then binoculars on camera. Place bandana on neck and plug at the tail end. Place battery in the dog’s mouth and take mechanical dog to give to Kjuu.

From house hall take stone buckle from cupboard and tablet of symbols from door. Place tablet with symbols in statues right slot and stone buckle in center. Return to cupboard and remove contents once ice melts. Tilt cupboard right and quickly take extractor’s book and place on statues lap.

Take two color coded symbol fragments from the book and place them into the fire to make symbols that match a letter. Some of the symbol fragments are used more than once to create a matching letter. The goal is to spell Klaatu. Proceed to the study.

Nightmare Realm - In the End - Klaatu

Nightmare Realm – In the End – Klaatu

Remove lever from bookcase and replace with the crowbar, then turn it after you take the triangle key. On the table is a case lid that will house all four triangle keys. Take the key and use it on the tube.

Go to the spell statue and again place two color coded symbol fragments from the book into the fire to make the symbols matching a letter and spell out verato.

Walk up the spiral staircase. Use dagger to remove wallpaper. Remove the candle from hole, walk down and use candle on flames before walking upstairs again.

Place the hooded figure silhouette and door silhouette on the lanterns mechanism before placing the burning candle inside. Figurines can be moved to form shadows on the wall. Triangular buttons move figurines near or far and circle buttons swap positions of the figurines once two figurines are near it.

From left to right: Small hooded figurine, large door, small door and large hooded figurine. Change direction by clicking figurine or door.

Place door knob on door and enter secret room. On the shelf, remove four origami’s before using the strange key. Take the button and place it in the empty triangle of the punch card machine with blank cards being placed in front of machine, and one in the slot. Press buttons in the following order with the red button pressed after each creature button: Wolf, Snake, Eagle, and Scorpion. Go to city square and use the punch card on the slot at the gate.

Chapter 6: The Tower

Origami Locations

  • Tower Entrance
  • Archives
  • Painting in Archives
  • Archivist in Archives
  • Post Office
  • Post Office Attic

Take spider ornament from left statue, proceeding to archives. Place spider ornament in niche of archivist.

Use blue buttons to change features on the diagram to match photo from the file. Use the weird key in case’s lock.

Nightmare Realm - In the End - Diagram

Nightmare Realm – In the End – Diagram

Place repair kit in holder located beneath painting. Open repair kit and place postman doll on it.

Colors will need mixing and must be applied in correct order. Empty the sprayer by clicking disposal if you select wrong color. Follow sequence below:

  • Blue and white paint/blue tab
  • Blue and orange paint/brown tab
  • Yellow paint/yellow tab
  • Yellow and blue paint/green tab
  • Orange paint/orange tab
  • Orange and white paint/flesh tab
  • White paint/white tab
Nightmare Realm - In the End - Postman Doll

Nightmare Realm – In the End – Postman Doll

Enter painting.

Use insecticide on spider in the wall case before cutting web with scissors. Take glasses and give them to the postman.

Location/Item List

  • Top Left Drawer/Balloon
  • Bottom Right Drawer/Rat
  • Pour Alcohol on Burner
  • Use Matches to Light Burner
  • Place Pot on Burner
  • Place Wax Sticks into Pot
  • Use Pot Holder and Take Pot
  • Use Bucket of Water on Flames
  • Use Hammer on Hole
  • Pour Wax on Package
  • Use Seal on Wax
  • Use Quill on Package
  • Lower Left Drawer/Stamps
  • Place Stamps on Package
  • Use Knife on Last Stamp
  • Place Last Stamp on Package
  • Take Key/Unlock Upper Right Drawer
  • Open Drawer and Take Bravery Elixir

Pour Bravery Elixir into cat food and take the lever to give to the Postman. Climb ladder, take belt; go down hole. Use belt on gears in case; flip switch before climbing ladder. Look at mosaic. Object: Restore dove mosaic by swapping two panels.

Nightmare Realm - In the End - Dove Mosaic

Nightmare Realm – In the End – Dove Mosaic

Use scissors and cut string on the box. Place wax seal ornament on bird statue, taking the turtledove. Take spatula from other statue to give mailbag to mailman. Pull lever; use spatula on roof gunk and pull lever. Place roof tile on roof . Place glass eye in eye socket of bird statue. Place both turtledoves in doors lock. Look at clock through the doors.

Discs should line up to depict a trees life cycle. Take paper and place in outline. Place star on empty square and key on the cage. Set time on clock to 8:30. Proceed to junkyard.

Nightmare Realm - In the End - Clock Mini Game

Nightmare Realm – In the End – Clock Mini Game

Go to chessboard, placing all figurines on it. Click the house.

Find saddle by flipping the chair lever twice. Locate anchor by placing the valve on the tank. You have curator’s mask now.

Chapter 7: The Curator

Origami Locations

  • Corridor
  • Balcony
  • Execution Place

Place ancient tablet into opening.

Arrange color coded symbols so outer section matches middle section then select two pieces to swap positions. A drawing appears in the white area when a section is correct.

Nightmare Realm - In the End - Symbols Solution

Nightmare Realm – In the End – Symbols Solution

Take book from the bureau and open it. Remove inhaler from the drawer. Pull back bed curtain and talk to Phillip. Remove vinyl record case and mechanical arm from bed. Go to the door and use mechanical arm on handle to go through it. Take another mechanical arm, the puppet controller, and hooked wire; placing the puppet controller and both mechanical arms on the puppet.

Nightmare Realm - In the End - Puppet

Nightmare Realm – In the End – Puppet

Walk down until you arrive at the statues. Place arrow key into indentation of left statue. Use the wire hook on the bureau to get a puppet controller from the jar. Go to balcony and place puppet controller on the puppet; remove broken piece from hood, replacing it with light bulb, and curator’s mask over light bulb before taking starting handle. Place phonograph horn on pipe, and vinyl record case in the holder. Locate record title begone and place on turn table. Move needle to play record. Place starting handle on right.

Take the crown and gate key from the the mysterious compartment. Use the crown on Phillip. Go to the gate and use gate key in lock. From the execution place, go to David and place origami tulip on him.

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The Nightmare Realm – In the End Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks or serials.