Sail the high seas with Emperor Omadon In Imperial Island – The Search for new Land to rescue Prince Caleb, who was shipwrecked in dangerous waters. Match 3 action propels you through violent storms while you seek safe passage around dangers such as pirates and a giant octopus. Beware of the jellyfish, for they will overrun the board if you do not catch them soon enough.



Imperial Island – The Search for New Land gameplay Walkthrough

Imperial Island – The Search for New Land is a straightforward Match 3 style game. Swap tiles to match three of the same kind in a row vertically or horizontally. While game play is simple, this instalment is extremely challenging when played in the timed mode. This guide does not include cheats, but offers tips and tricks designed to help you get the most out of playing this addictive.

Getting Started

You can play Imperial Island – The Search for New Land in Relaxed or Timed mode. If you are new to Match 3 games, start with Relaxed mode. While game play is identical in these two modes, this game offers a relatively short amount of time to complete puzzles.

While playing, your statistics are displayed across the top of the screen. The first red space indicates how many levels you have completed. Next is your accumulative score from all levels. The third space shows how many crowns you have earned, and the fourth space shows how many time records you have broken. The last space indicates the total number of stars you have achieved.

Below this last space is a small question mark. This is the Help button, and will take you to a basic tutorial for game play. In the upper left, below the Menu button, is a spyglass. Clicking on the spyglass will pause your game. In the lower left is your progress meter for the level. If playing in timed mode, a time indicator will appear on the lower right.

During a level, your objectives are shown at the bottom of the screen, and count down as you achieve them. If you hover over a task, the board will reveal only those tiles you need to finish the level, which can help you focus on what you need to do.

As you progress through the levels, you will earn access to more charged bonuses. These bonuses will appear on the bottom right of your screen.


How to Play

Game play in Imperial Island – The Search for New Land is standard Match 3 action. Swap tiles to create either a row or column of three or more identical tiles. Larger matches reward you with bonus tiles.

Completing a Level

Each level has a specific objective you must reach to clear that level. The objectives are displayed in a bar across the screen at the start of every level.

Imperial Island - The Search for New Land - Level

Imperial Island – The Search for New Land – Level

All levels require that you remove all the yellow and red tiles. To clear a colored tile, simply make a match over that tile. You only need one match to clear a yellow tile. Red tiles require two matches, as the first match will change the tile from red to yellow, and the second match will remove the yellow tile.

Most regular levels also require that you make a certain number of matches of a particular tile type. During play, your objectives are shown in the middle of the bottom of the screen. The numbers indicate how far you have to go to complete the level.

Imperial Island - The Search for New Land - Matches

Imperial Island – The Search for New Land – Matches

During a level, if you have trouble finding your objective tiles hovering over the objectives at the bottom of the screen will reveal where they are on the board. This is especially helpful when you are playing on a large board and the tiles are small.

Imperial Island - The Search for New Land - Help

Imperial Island – The Search for New Land – Help

Special Objectives

Occasionally you will encounter special objectives. You usually find these special objectives during dangerous storms, avoiding obstacles such as a giant octopus, or while fighting off pirates.

  • Pearls: On some levels, particularly during storms, you will see clam shell tiles. A few of the clam shells will hold pearls. When your objective is gathering pearls, empty clam shells do not count towards your objective.
Imperial Island - The Search for New Land - Pearls

Imperial Island – The Search for New Land – Pearls

  • Drop Item to Bottom of Board: In some levels, you must remove certain items from the board. You do this by matching tiles below the item, allowing it to fall to the bottom of the board.
Imperial Island - The Search for New Land - Board

Imperial Island – The Search for New Land – Board


While playing Imperial Island – The Search for New Land, you will encounter certain obstacles. You must clear the obstacles to accomplish your objectives for that level.

  • Jellyfish: Jellyfish occasionally swarm your ship. To remove jellyfish, simply make matches next to them. Certain bonuses can also remove jellyfish.
  • Ice, Sand, and Stone: Ice, sand, and stone can cover tiles. You must remove these obstacles by using bonuses or make matches near these tiles. Some obstacles will need more than one hit to completely clear them.
  • Chains: Chains will lock a particular tile in place. To free the tile, include it in a match or use a bonus to destroy the chain.
  • Keyhole: A keyhole blocks certain portions of the board. Unlocking the keyhole will reveal hidden portions of the board. To unlock, simply make a match adjacent to the keyhole or use a bonus to blow it up.


There are two basic types of bonus. One type is earned by making matches of four or more, creating a special tile on the board. The other type requires a charge, and when released will perform a certain action on the board.

You can create six different types of bonus tile: bombs, cannons, poison, cross-fire, arrows, and rockets. Each type of bonus tile has three levels of strength bas. You can find more information about these bonuses by accessing the Help menu in the game.

Imperial Island - The Search for New Land - Bonuses

Imperial Island – The Search for New Land – Bonuses

You also have four types of bonus that requires a charge: hammer, shuffle, magic ball, and collector. Charge these bonuses by matching tiles that have sparks.

Imperial Island - The Search for New Land - Charge Bonuses

Imperial Island – The Search for New Land – Charge Bonuses

Charge bonuses will become more powerful as you advance through the game. For instance, your basic hammer only creates a single hit. If you use a basic hammer on a red tile, it will simply change the tile to yellow. An advanced hammer equals two hits, so hitting a red tile with an advanced hammer will completely remove the color.
Combo Mode

If you make 16 quick matches in a row you will enter Combo Mode. When in Combo Mode, all matches yields dramatically higher points. A countdown timer from 10 flashes in the middle of the screen to tell you how much longer you have of this rapid score bonus.


During game play, you can earn 21 different trophies. Trophies have a bronze, silver and gold level. Some of the trophies signify great achievements, such as earning crowns. Other trophies are more of a Hall of Shame trophy, such as the “Unobtainable Goal” for completing a number of levels in a row without earning a trophy.

Tips and Tricks

  • Gather charges. Charged tiles are sparkly. Making matches with the charged tiles fills up your charge bonuses.
  • If you need to remove a significant numbers of a tile to meet your objective, you may want to use the collector bonus. When you activate this bonus, every tile of the type you click on is instantly removed from the board.
  • Unlock hidden parts of the board first. Sometimes certain areas of a board are extremely difficult to make matches in until the entire board is unlocked. Unlocking these areas first can greatly decrease the overall time it takes to clear the level.
  • Making matches towards the bottom of the board increases your chance of making combo matches.
  • Look for the biggest match. The bonus tiles you earn for large matches helps clear the board faster and earns more points.
  • Remove the jellyfish as soon as possible. Jellyfish multiply every time you make a match that does not include a jellyfish. If you neglect the jellyfish, they will quickly multiply and take over your board.

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The Imperial Island – The Search for New Land Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.