The creeps and crawlies are out and about in this game designed to give you Goosebumps! After a normal day at school, you start to notice that something evil is taking over your town. You’re the only one who can put a stop to this nightmare, but if you feel like you are over your head in Monster Blood, this Goosebumps – The Game Walkthrough with it’s tips and tricks will help you get safely through the night.


General Tips & Tricks

– Movement: Goosebumps – The Game has a very simple navigation system of LEFT, RIGHT, UP and DOWN. You may not be able to go in all directions on every screen.

– Your Cellphone: A very handy tool! Not only can you use it to call your Mother and Brother, it can be used as a tip line. It also doubles as your map tool.

Inventory Items are outlined in bold in the guide below.

Goosebumps – The Game Walkthrough

Part One: After School

School Yard

As Goosebumps – The Game starts, you will find yourself standing outside your school and missing a very important tool for any high school student: Your cellphone! On the right, click on the door to enter the building.


Locker Hallway

Goosebumps - The Game - Locker

Goosebumps – The Game – Locker

In your inventory on the right, take the Locker Key and use it to open locker 402. Your cellphone is sitting on the third shelf. Click it to add it to your inventory. Close your locker and pick up the piece of paper closest to you on the ground. Now go down, left and right to arrive at the Tool Shed.


Tool Shed

Sitting beside the side of the shed is a bottle of Weed Killer. Collect it before going down and then left to walk into the Woods.



On the right, take the Flyer posted on a tree. Go up from here to cross the bridge into the Clearing.



There is a creepy guy standing here and blocking your path. Spray him with the Weed Killer! With him out of the way you can move to the left toward The Tunnel, then go right to enter The Neighborhood.


The Neighborhood

You’re nearly home, but the street is blocked. You’re going to need to find another way around. But take a moment to stop and smell the roses. Click on the bushes in front of the blue house to get the Roses. Then go right to look inside the Moving Van.


Moving Van

Goosebumps - The Game - Van

Goosebumps – The Game – Van

What a creepy collection! There’s plenty to pick up here. You’ll want the Top Hat in the upper left, the Books in the lower left and finally the Shrunk Head on the right. Then go down and down again to go return to the Tunnel.



When you come back to the Tunnel you’ll notice the kids have left and there is white rabbit here. Use the Top Hat on the white rabbit. Now enter the tunnel and walk though to the Wash.



There is a lot of trash here, but the only thing you need to collect is the Old Shoe on the left side of the screen. Now go up towards your neighborhood but be ready for a surprise!


Your Street

That dog is vicious! Not only was that scary, but now there is a big, creepy mansion where your house used to be! The front door is locked, so move up to go into your Backyard.


It’s much calmer back here. You’ll want to collect the Truck, Spade, and Toy Dino from the sandbox first. Now we need to find the key to get into your house. Under the steps there is a hole you can look at. Inside you’ll find a Cola Can. Shake it to find the House Key and add it to your inventory. Go right to get back to the front door.


Your House

This is getting really spooky! Steel your courage and use the House Key on the front door, then go inside.


Part 2: Inside Your House


Goosebumps - The Game - Ghost Kids

Goosebumps – The Game – Ghost Kids

TIP: If you save your game here and reload, it will make the Ghost Children appear in the foyer and save you turns if you are trying to earn the “How I Learned to Fly” achievement.
When the children appear, give the Letter to the blonde boy on the left. He’ll take it and drop the Photo Paper, which you should collect. From here, go right to go to the basement.



Pick up the Portrait in the lower left of the screen. Search the toolbox to collect the Screwdriver, then open the closet. Pick up the Coat Hanger and a Step Ladder inside. Give the Vise on the left of the workbench a turn before going left and back upstairs, then go up towards the dining room.


Dining Room

There is an old woman here, but don’t strike up any conversation with her yet. Instead, you will want to collect the Place Mat and Candle from the front of the room as well as the Deco Plate on the back wall. The continue right and into the Kitchen.



The kitchen is full of useful things to collect. Open the fridge to find and collect the Purple Stuff and Jelly Jam. Open the pantry to find and collect the Purple PB. There is a partly opened drawer on the lower right. Open it to find and collect the Talisman. Then use the Coat Hanger on the left sink to pick up the Study Key. Now, open the cabinet under the sink and collect the Dish Soap and Sponge from inside.

When all this is done and you are looking inside the cabinet, use the Screwdriver on the screws. This will open up a crawlspace. Enter it by going up. Then go up, up, right, up, right, up, up and up. There will be a Bag here for you to collect. Inside is a Bathroom Key and a Chess Piece. Now hurry and go down until you make it back to the Kitchen. Go up to enter the Den.



In the Den you will want to collect the Remote from the table, the Film from the left shelf, then look under that to get the Horses Book. Then take a look at the clock and use the Screwdriver on the 1988 marker to take it off. From here, go right into the Laundry Room.


Laundry Room

In the Laundry Room look at the shelf on the right to collect the Dryer Sheets and Detergent. Open the closet and then use the Bathroom Key on the door to your left. Go left to enter the Downstairs Bathroom.


Downstairs Bathroom/Photo Developing Station

This isn’t a bathroom! It’s a place to develop photos! Go ahead and open the left cupboard to take the Camera and Container, then collect the Tongs from the tub and the Photo hanging on the line.

Goosebumps - The Game - Bathroom

Goosebumps – The Game – Bathroom

Fill the sink. Now you can use the Tongs on the Photo Paper. Place it into the leftmost tub. Wait a minute, then use the Tongs to pick up the Photo Paper again. Repeat this process, first with the middle tub, then the right tub, and finally the sink. You can now hang the Wet Photo with the clothespin on the line. Click on the Wet Photo and select wait. Now you can click on the Wet Photo and collect it. Go down to return to the Laundry Room.


Laundry Room
Take the Photo and put it into the Frame. Now enter the portal by going up and through the closet.



It’s like you found your way into a M.C. Escher hallway! Collect the Film on the right, then go down to the basement. From there make a left into the Foyer, then back up into the Dining Room.
Click on the Old Lady to talk to her. Use the following responses to make your way through the dialogue: “No Way”, “Apologize”, “Decline”, “Give Details”, “Change the Subject”, “Keep Talking”, “Continue”, “Let her Sleep”.

Use the Purple Stuff on the Glass in her hand. Take the Cassette Tape. Go back down to the Foyer, then Left to go onto the stairs.

There is a Blank Space over the painting of a body on the wall. Use the Portrait there, then open to collect the Chess Knight. Go left, open the door on the left and go inside, then another left to enter the Upstairs Bathroom.


Upstairs Bathroom

Turn both the Sink and the Faucet on and then off to fog the room. The mirror will have a number to look at. Take the Hand Mirror from the top right drawer of the sink and open the Cupboard. Open the Closet then go left, left and down. In the hallway, open the closest right door with the Study Key and enter.



Use the Computer and select the Music option. Use the Tape Cassette on the Search Bar and select Download. Go back twice to exit the computer then collect the Chess Rook sitting beside the computer. Return to the Foyer by going down, down, down.



Use your Cell Phone on the ghost. Now go left, right and right to the Master Bedroom.


Master Bedroom

On the right, open the Closet, then the trunk beside the bed, followed by the window. While looking out the window, use the Container on the Saliva in the monster’s mouth. Exit the window and go down, then up, to enter the empty room.


Empty Room

Use the Screwdriver on the Pipe, causing bright green Monster Blood to burst out. Use the Saliva on the Monster Blood. Now set the Stepladder down and open the Attic Hatch. Pull down the ladder and climb up into the Attic.



There is a standing mirror here. Use the Mirror you took from the bathroom on the mirror in the room. When it shatters, pick up the Goosebumps Book that is left behind. Go down to leave the Attic and go back to the Foyer.



Your older brother, Chad, has arrived at the house. Talk to him with these dialogue choices: “Ask about Chad”, “They’re Monsters!?” Then go right, up and right to go back to the Master Bedroom.


Master Bedroom

Search the trunk at the foot of the bed. You will collect Chad’s Birth Certificate. Now go down three times to return to the Foyer.



Give Chad his Birth Certificate. He’ll be disappointed, but will agree to drive you to the mall. Go down and leave the house.


Your House

Chad will be here. Talk to him with the following dialogues: “Let’s Go”, “School”, “Just Drive!” From the School, go left, up and right into the Beast’s Clearing.


Beast’s Clearing

Give the Shrunken Head to the Beast. After he leaves, use the Spade to dig up the Uneven Dirt and collect the Keycard. Go down, down, and down to return to the parking lot.


Parking Lot

It’s time to ask Chad for another ride. Tell him: “Let’s Go”, “The Mall”, and “Ready”


Part 3: The Mall

The Mall

Go up from the parking lot to get to the mall entrance. Here, use the Keycard on the Card Reader. Go up into the mall, where you will be shoved out by a Security Guard. Running into him again will be an automatic Game Over, so wait for the Security Guard to disappear before trying to go back inside. Keep an eye out for his shadow, too. If you are caught, chose “retry” instead of “load”. Now, go up, right and right to the Pay Phone.


Pay Phone

Open the Phone Book and look at the name “Ghoulberg” and choose the “Memorize” option. Use your cellphone to call the “????” option. Now go down, down and to the left to enter Cavity City.


Cavity City

Collect one of the Bags underneath the sweets display and fill it one scoop from each bin marked on the image below:

Goosebumps - The Game - Candy

Goosebumps – The Game – Candy

Look at the register and use your candy bag on the scale. A door will open and you move up and into the bookstore.



Look at the Dummy. Use the following dialogue options: “Don’t Give Name”, “Stammer It Out”, “Sincere”,“ Whatever”, “Challenge” “Scrutinize”, “Shrug”, “Made Ya Look”, “Fight Back”


Congratulations! You’ve completed our Goosebumps – The Game Walkthrough! Be sure to check out our blog for more great tips and tricks!


The Goosebumps – The Game Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks or serials.