When a vicious undead fever flips the business of Funeraria Loca on its head, it’s up to you to put the problems to rest! Join married couple Bonnie and Johnny as they bury their undead troubles in this charming time management title. With our Grave Mania – Undead Fever Walkthrough in your arsenal of zombie-vanquishing needs, you’ll be certain to revive the business!


Grave Mania: Undead Fever Walkthrough

How to Play

Prepare all the zombies for burial before they wake up! The following steps will guide you through how to play the game.

  • Two difficulties are available: Normal and Relaxed. Relaxed difficulty is a no-sweat timerless mode, whereas Normal mode features zombie burial fun for all!
  • Zombies will enter your establishment and require funeral preparations. Your goal is to sprucen them up and send them on their way before they wake up.
  • Match the zombie’s demand icon with the color of the stations in your establishment.
  • Click and hold to drag zombies to the stations they require. Some zombies may require special services.
Grave Mania Undead Fever Moving Zombies

Grave Mania Undead Fever Moving Zombies

  • Once a zombie has been placed at a station, a new type of demand icon will pop up over its head. Click on the zombie to start this process, whether it’s a simple sprucening or a minigame.
  • Clear a level successfully by earning the goal amount of cash from your zombie clients.
  • Up to 10 tasks can be queued at a time. Right-click at any point to cancel all tasks.
Grave Mania Undead Fever Queuing Tasks

Grave Mania Undead Fever Queuing Tasks

  • Special services are brief minigames that will pop up when a zombie requiring them is selected. The following special services are available:
  1. Formalin Vials Micro-game: Click the FILL button at the bottom of the screen to fill a vial with the correct amount of formalin.
  2. Dress-up Micro-game: Click on the arrows on the left and right to switch outfits on a zombie. Select the one that makes them happy to move on.
  3. Bone Fixing Micro-game: Click on a zombie’s bones to realign them until their entire body matches the silhouette given.
Grave Mania Undead Fever Bone Alignment Minigame

Grave Mania Undead Fever Bone Alignment Minigame

  1. Face Prep Micro-game: Select the correct face accessori(es) as indicated by the outlines on the zombie to complete their desired look.
  2. Feeding Micro-game: Select the type of food the zombie would like to eat.
  3. Casket Cleaning Micro-game: Click on dirt, cobwebs, or other undesirable materials within a casket until it’s clean.
  4. Voodoo Micro-game: Use your cursor- now a spirit detector- to scan a zombie’s body for evil spirits. A bright spot will appear when an evil spirit is detected. Click to free the spirit of the zombie’s body.
  5. Photo Booth Micro-game: Find the items on the zombie’s body using the gray sketches as reference. Once an item is found, take a picture of it.
  • There are a handful of special items that can be used to give you various boosts. They are as follows:
  1. Chamomile- Pauses the Revival Meter for a period of time.
  2. Holy Water- Gives a bonus star to unconscious creatures.
  3. Hypnotic Pill- Use this to knock out all undead creatures wandering around.
  4. Tonic- Use this to cure Bonnie of zombie infections.
  • Side quests will occasionally pop up. Hunt for pests such as mice or skunks that have gotten loose in the shop. Film reels, limbs, or other miscellaneous collectibles may surface, too. Locate all of them to earn bonus cash! Additionally, you may need to protect a rare and precious food supply, or important townsfolk from the undead invasion.
  • Some stations may break down, become dirty, or require repairs before they can be used again. Click on these stations to fix them up and restore them to working order.
  • You can upgrade or purchase additional stations prior to starting a level. Click on a station silhouette with a purchase tag to unlock it with cash. Items with green arrows can be upgraded.
Grave Mania Undead Fever Purchasing Upgrades

Grave Mania Undead Fever Purchasing Upgrades


Once Bonnie’s shift in the shop is done, it’s Johnny’s turn to put the zombies to rest! Complete the graveyard minigames, outlined below:

  • Art of Whack- Smack all the zombies trying to escape with your shovel by clicking on them. Once whacked properly, click and drag them back to an empty grave and bury them.
  • Dead Man-whacking- Prevent zombies from escaping their graves by clicking on them. Whack them with your shovel in the order shown at the top of the screen for the highest scores.
Grave Mania Undead Fever Dead ManWhacking Minigame

Grave Mania Undead Fever Dead ManWhacking Minigame

  • Tombstone Defense A- Point and click to shoot the zombies attempting to escape the graveyard.
  • Tombstone Defense B- Shoot the zombies, but not Bonnie! Punishment awaits if you accidentally make her angry.
  • Happily Buried A- Follow the zombie burial guide and solve the puzzle. You may place only one zombie into a grave at a time.
  • Happily Buried B- Find the correct burial arrangement that will prevent the zombies from tearing each other apart.
  • Occasionally a zombie will drop a power-up item that will aid you in your tasks. Collect them when you find them!

Zombies & Monsters

Always know your customers! The following list covers exactly what type of threats and/or clients await you in Grave Mania: Undead Fever:

  • Farmers- The first victims of the undead fever, they are relatively harmless zombies.
  • Actresses- Short-tempered superstars, these zombies always get what they want.
  • Comedians- All about the spotlight, these troublemaker zombies will wake up surrounding zombies when they rise again.
  • Sheriffs- Capable of infecting Bonnie, these zombies are short-tempered, as well as capable of shooting and biting at the same time.
  • Soldiers- Formerly the protective sort, now these zombies strike fear into everyone.
  • Mariachis- These zombies will provide small tips, and are also capable of attacking Bonnie whenever the chance arises.
  • Mad Scientists- Capable of attacking Bonnie and simultaneously waking the dead, these zombies are one of Bonnie’s most notorious customers.
  • Werewolves- Known for their brute strength, it’s best to send these clients on their way before they can hurt Bonnie.
  • Vampires- If woken, vampires will give Bonnie a very difficult time, so it’s best to keep these nocturnal creatures asleep.
  • Banshees- Immediate escape artists which are incapable of being contained once they attack. Beware!

Tips & Tricks

Here are a handful of additional Grave Mania: Undead Fever tips and tricks to stem the infection:

  • Always keep your customers happy to earn extra cash. A zombie’s satisfaction level is shown via the stars floating over their head.
  • Zombies with more stars floating over their heads will leave bigger tips!
  • Zombies will become more restless the more agitated they are.
  • Zombies will wake up if you leave them for too long. In case this happens, click on them to knock them back out and prevent them from escaping!
Grave Mania Undead Fever Loose Zombie

Grave Mania Undead Fever Loose Zombie

  • Icons floating over a zombie which show Bonnie’s face indicate that you can expect a minigame.
  • The time management portion of the game will effectively pause when a minigame is triggered, so don’t worry about rushing.
  • Tasks that have been queued for Bonnie prior to a minigame will remain queued once the minigame is finished.
  • Hire a zombie butler to give yourself an extra set of helping hands. They will especially come in handy when stations need to be prepped.
  • In the event Bonnie becomes infected, quickly grab a tonic from the Tonic Machine!

Congratulations, you’ve completed our Grave Mania: Undead Fever Walkthrough! Now sleep tight and don’t let the zombies bite!


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Our Grave Mania: Undead Fever Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.