We know what you’re thinking, Delicious – Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise is quite the challenge! Even the most advanced players among us have a hard time completing every challenge. For all of you who believe the game is a little too challenging, we’ve made a walkthrough. This Delicious – Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise walkthrough contains the most important tips and tricks. Read them carefully and you should be able to complete every challenge. Good luck!


How to unlock all collectables

Let’s start with the collectables. You’re probably missing a few and you’re having trouble figuring out how to get them. Don’t worry, this list will provide you with the answers. Most of the time it’s about reaching enough golden hearts, but some of them are harder to complete!

Collect 5 Golden Hearts to unlock “Francois”.
Collect 10 Golden Hearts to unlock “Angela”.
Collect 15 Golden Hearts to unlock “Brigid”.
Evelyn & Edward
Collect 20 Golden Hearts to unlock “Evelyn and Edward”.
Collect 25 Golden Hearts to unlock “Jimmy”.
Collect 30 Golden Hearts to unlock “Brad”.
John Tones
Collect 35 Golden Hearts to unlock “John Tones”.
Chuck the Delivery Guy
Collect 40 Golden Hearts to unlock “Chuck the Delivery Guy”.
Kate & Jewel
Collect 45 Golden Hearts to unlock “Kate & Jewel”.
Cruise Kids
Collect 50 Golden Hearts to unlock “Cruise Kids (Emma, Eric and Jayden)”.
Jimmy’s Parrot
Collect 55 Golden Hearts to unlock “Jimmy’s Parrot”.
Georgeopolos & Jenny-Lee
Collect 60 Golden Hearts to unlock “Georgeopolos & Jenny-Lee”.
Eddy and Freddy
Collect 65 Golden Hearts to unlock “Eddy and Freddy”.
Uncle Antonio
Collect 70 Golden Hearts to unlock “Uncle Antonio”.
Collect 75 Golden Hearts to unlock “Josh”.
Robodog 3000 XT
Collect 80 Golden Hearts to unlock “Robodog 3000 XT”.
Emily and Patrick
Collect 85 Golden Hearts to unlock “Emily and Patrick”.
Collect 90 Golden Hearts to unlock “Ivy”.
Harp Player
Reach Exert on all levels to unlock “Harp Player”.
Parcel on the Boat
Buy 61 Items in the Shop to unlock “Parcel on the Boat”.
Find 90 Mice to unlock “Mouse”.

Episode 1: Starts with a Splash! (the Pool Deck)

The first episode starts off with a bang as we see Francois working at the Pool Deck (who would have thought?). Emily offers to help out, but Francois only wants her and Patrick to relax. While they’re relaxing, Francois can’t catch a break and it gets even worse when he has to compete with the young Josh. Meanwhile the cruise ship gets fixed by Jimmy, and Emily and Patrick have an awkward talk about children.

Mouse locations

  1. Level 1-1: On the upper-deck, peeking over the mosaic wall to the right.
  2. Level 1-2: On the upper-deck, peeking over the plants at the end of the mosaic wall.
  3. Level 1-3: Just above the pool-ladder.
  4. Level 1-4: By one of the token machines.
  5. Level 1-5: By the water spout.
Emily's Honeymoon Cruise - Mouse locations episode 1

Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 1

Episode 2: Coming Apart at the Seams (The Boutique)

Angela gets her own boutique on the cruise ship! Emily and Patrick are one of her first visitors and Angela is proud she gets to run the shop. She even starts designing her own clothes. Patrick’s little sister Kate loves her outfits and mentions that Jewel Jacobs would love them as well. And, as luck would have it, she happens to be on board! Emily avoids Patrick’s question on whether she would like to have kids and she’s not sure how to balance her life with having children…

Mouse locations

  1. Level 2-1: Peeking out from the head of the female mannequin.
  2. Level 2-2: In the wall mirror to the very left.
  3. Level 2-3: Peeking out from the jewelry cabinet.
  4. Level 2-4: Next to the red/white polka dot shirt.
  5. Level 2-5: Peeking out over the top of the changing rooms.
Emily's Honeymoon Cruise - Mouse locations episode 2

Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 2

Episode 3: No Time to Relax (The Spa)

Who wasn’t surprised to find out that Patrick’s mum, Brigid, was running the ship’s Spa!? But unfortunately she has some sad news; her husband left her for someone else. After a relaxing day at the Spa Emily feels much more at ease, until that is, Brigid starts talking about being a grandma. To get her mind off things Emily decides to help out at the Spa as a cleaner. But then there’s Uncle Antonio, he’s forming a crush on Brigid and in the meantime he’s bringing Emily and Patrick closer together.

Mouse locations

  1. Level 3-1: In the empty alcove/shelf.
  2. Level 3-2: By the faux counter (that has lotions and potions).
  3. Level 3-3: Peeking in through the window.
  4. Level 3-4: In the ice, by the tea.
  5. Level 3-5: In the grinder.
Emily's Honeymoon Cruise - Mouse locations episode 3

Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 3

Episode 4: Entertaining Possibilities (The Piano Lounge)

The surprises just keep on coming after we find out the Piano Lounge is run by Evelyn and Edward, Emily’s parents. Evelyn is in a very good mood after she finds out that her favorite singer and former boyfriend John Tones is on board. Emily and Patrick share a beautiful moment as they dance together on stage. Edward is feeling a little down as Evelyn and John Tones are getting a bit too cozy, but he does have a great talk with Emily.

Mouse locations

  1. Level 4-1: On the coffee tray, at the back of the restaurant.
  2. Level 4-2: On the stage.
  3. Level 4-3: On the kitchen counter, to the left of the waffles.
  4. Level 4-4: On the carpet, to the right of Emily and Patrick’s couch.
  5. Level 4-5: Peeking in through the glass above the hot food station.
Emily's Honeymoon Cruise - Mouse locations episode 4

Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 4

Episode 5: Kid Crazy (The Kid’s Club)

While Emily and Patrick are exploring the ship they discover the day-care. Jimmy’s been locked in a drawer by the children and Emily’s trying to set him free, all the while Patrick entertains the kids. After Patrick finds out there’s no one who’d like to run The Kids Club, he immediately volunteers. Again, Patrick proves he’s very good with children and really enjoys running The Kids Club. Emily is frustrated with Patrick, because he’s too prepared for kids and she feels pressured by it.

Mouse locations

  1. Level 5-1: In the basket just above the yellow car.
  2. Level 5-2: Peeking over the top of the bottle warmer.
  3. Level 5-3: Peeking over the top of the oven.
  4. Level 5-4: Peeking out from the bottom table.
  5. Level 5-5: In the pink shelves.
Emily's Honeymoon Cruise - Mouse locations episode 4

Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 5

Episode 6: Throwing Dirt (The Beach)

The ship has reached its first destination, a beautiful beach in Greece. Patrick tries to talk to Emily, but she’d rather enjoy the beach instead. Especially when she finds out that her ex-suitor Brad runs the food stand. Brad has some relationship problems with multiple ladies (shame on him!). Patrick spends time helping a young ankle-biter rebuild his sandcastle, which triggers Brad to tell him he’s good with children. Patrick apologizes to Emily for being good with kids, but also mentions they’re in the perfect place to have kids. Emily’s angry and doesn’t want to give up her career yet.

Mouse locations

  1. Level 6-1: In the bushes by the tree.
  2. Level 6-2: Peeking out from the top of the cash register.
  3. Level 6-3: Peeking over the top of the left pillar.
  4. Level 6-4: Peeking over the top of a beach chair.
  5. Level 6-5: In the empty basket next to the shell.
Emily's Honeymoon Cruise - Mouse locations episode 6

Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 6

Episode 7: Not Entertained (The Piano Lounge)

Patrick has been left on the beach by accident. Emily, not yet aware of this, talks to her dad about the awful conversation she had with Patrick. Emily tries to talk with her mother too, but she’s too busy swooning over John Tones. Edward has to serve John and his entourage during dinner and after they go too far, Edward throws a punch. Evelyn gets mad at Edward for losing his temper and during all this nobody notices Patrick’s disappearance. When Emily and Evelyn finally have a talk they realize Patrick is missing. Evelyn apologizes for Edward’s behavior to John, but then they cross the line.

Mouse locations

  1. Level 7-1: Peeking over the couch next to Emily.
  2. Level 7-2: Peeking over the counter next to the cocktail.
  3. Level 7-3: Next to the ribs.
  4. Level 7-4: Next to the cream for the waffles.
  5. Level 7-5: Peeking through the left pot-hole.
Emily's Honeymoon Cruise - Mouse locations episode 7

Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 7

Episode 8: The Grand Gestures (The Spa)

Emily heads to the Spa where Antonio still has a crush on Brigid. Brigid hasn’t seen Patrick but she tells Emily to stay put for a while, Patrick will probably pop up soon (or will he?). Antonio tries to charm Brigid but fails miserably. After a few days there’s still no sign of Patrick. Brigid mentions that Emily might have scared him off. When a customer hears Emily talking about Patrick he shows a video of what happened to Patrick. Emily is in shock and rushes off to Angela to borrow her phone and call Patrick.

Mouse locations

  1. Level 8-1: To the very left, by the lavender.
  2. Level 8-2: In the pot for the roses.
  3. Level 8-3: Peeking through the window.
  4. Level 8-4: On the bar.
  5. Level 8-5: By the faux counter (that has lotions and potions).
Emily's Honeymoon Cruise - Mouse locations episode 8

Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 8

Episode 9: Fashion Victims (The Boutique)

Emily and Brigid explain to Angela what happened but there’s no reception when they try to call Patrick. Jewel Jacobs drops off some fabrics with which Angela needs to create a mini-collection. Emily talks to Angela about her fight with Patrick and tries to call him again and again, but there’s still no reception. Angela struggles with her mini-collection and when she’s finally done Jewel Jacobs criticizes her choices. Poor Angela! :(

Mouse locations

  1. Level 9-1: At the counter by the charms.
  2. Level 9-2: Next to the skirt pattern.
  3. Level 9-3: Next to Emily’s couch.
  4. Level 9-4: Above the two wall mirrors.
  5. Level 9-5: On the male mannequin’s head.
Emily's Honeymoon Cruise - Mouse locations episode 9

Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 9

Episode 10: Small Steps (The Kid’s Club)

Emily is back at the day-care and takes over after she finds out the children are unsupervised. The children ask after Patrick, which leaves Emily in tears. They try to comfort her and clean-up the place to surprise Emily. When a sleep-deprived couple drops off a baby, Emily needs to take care of the little one and soon realizes she’s better at it than she thought. The children try to convince Jimmy to turn the ship around and pick up Patrick. Luckily he agrees!

Mouse locations

  1. Level 10-1: By the milk box.
  2. Level 10-2: Behind the soft-toys at the back table.
  3. Level 10-3: Peeking through the left-hand window.
  4. Level 10-4: By the doll and the block.
  5. Level 10-5: By the cash register.
Emily's Honeymoon Cruise - Mouse locations episode 10

Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 10

Episode 11: Revenge is Best Served Wet (The Pool Deck)

Emily heads to the Pool Deck to look for the beach. Francois is decorating the deck for the crowning ceremony for Josh, ‘The King of the Pool’. In fact he’s trying to take revenge on Josh by putting a bucket on top of the throne. Francois has second thoughts after he hears about the present Josh bought him and after Josh’s parents thank him for being such a good friend. At the end of the level Francois tries to save Josh from embarrassment.

Mouse locations

  1. Level 11-1: By the salad.
  2. Level 11-2: Peeking over the side of the ship, under the waterslide.
  3. Level 11-3: At the back table, by the lifesaver (could be hidden behind an order bubble if customers are seated, so keep an ear out for Carl’s squeak).
  4. Level 11-4: At the bottom of the waterslide.
  5. Level 11-5: In the middle of the pool rings.
Emily's Honeymoon Cruise - Mouse locations episode 11

Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 11

Episode 12: Landlocked (The Beach)

This episode takes place a few days earlier, just after Patrick was left on the beach. Patrick helps out Brad while waiting for the ship to return. Patrick can’t believe the way Brad is treating women, but things start to make sense when he finds out Brad had his heart broken by a girl named Ivy and that’s why he’s acting this way. When Patrick spots a very rare flower and contacts the World Wide Flower Association they offer him a job. Before accepting it he needs to talk with Emily. In the final level of this episode Emily arrives at the beach. Emily and Patrick make up and apologize to each other.

Mouse locations

  1. Level 12-1: By the luau/pig.
  2. Level 12-2: Peeking over the counter, at the left end (opposite end to the cash register).
  3. Level 12-3: Next to the drinks and Patrick.
  4. Level 12-4: By the tree trunk.
  5. Level 12-5: Peeking out from the top of the tree.
Emily's Honeymoon Cruise - Mouse locations episode 12

Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 12

Episode 13: Stitching Up (The Boutique)

Back on the boat, Emily and Patrick check on Angela. She’s still very upset and has lost faith in herself. Emily decides to surprise Angela and creates designs based on Angela’s design book. She’s even building a runway! When Emily talks to Patrick about the flowers she needs for this, Patrick tells her about the job offer. Emily is confused after Patrick tells her not to worry about kids because he’s going to investigate rare flowers. The surprise fashion show is a great success and finally Angela is smiling again. People are even lining up to buy her designs right away.

Mouse locations

  1. Level 13-1: Behind the makeup counter.
  2. Level 13-2: By the table.
  3. Level 13-3: By the earrings and the watch.
  4. Level 13-4: Top of the very left changing room.
  5. Level 13-5: Peeking through the glass at the top of the stairs.
Emily's Honeymoon Cruise - Mouse locations episode 13

Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 13

Episode 14: Trial and Error (The Spa)

This episode takes place in the Spa where Emily and Patrick talk to Antonio who’s not having luck winning Brigid’s heart. Emily and Patrick advise him not to put too much pressure on her, especially after she receives a call from her ex that leaves her angry. Despite their advice Antonio makes another move which doesn’t go well. Brigid is sad because no one sees the hard work she put into the Spa. Then Antonio is there to compliment her on the fantastic job she’s doing which leaves Brigid in a much better mood. After a romantic indoor picnic Antonio even manages to get a kiss on the cheek!

Mouse locations

  1. Level 14-1: By the almonds and sugar.
  2. Level 14-2: By the mud-masks.
  3. Level 14-3: In the Spa :)
  4. Level 14-4: Peeking out from the left-hand side of the Spa.
  5. Level 14-5: In the chamomile flower pot.
Emily's Honeymoon Cruise - Mouse locations episode 14

Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 14

Episode 15: A Magical Reunion (The Pool Deck)

Emily and Patrick meet up with Francois at the Pool Deck. Francois is sad because Josh hasn’t been back to the pool since he’s mad at Francois for pulling a prank on him. Emily is figuring out a way for Francois to make it up with Josh and finds out Josh likes wizards and castles. They decide to make a castle and organize something for Josh. Patrick dresses as a wizard and brings Josh back to the pool. Francois dresses up as an evil king, so Josh can defeat him in a sword fight. In the end Francois and Josh finally make up.

Mouse locations

  1. Level 15-1: On the deck by the pool ladder.
  2. Level 15-2: Peeking over the plants.
  3. Level 15-3: Near the bottom of the slide.
  4. Level 15-4: Between the counter and the BBQ.
  5. Level 15-5: Peeking over the top of the BBQ.
Emily's Honeymoon Cruise - Mouse locations episode 15

Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 15

Episode 16: Kid-Friendly (The Kid’s Club)

The props from the castle need to be returned, so Emily and Patrick visit the day-care again. Patrick tells Emily he heard she ran The Kid’s Club while he was left on the beach. Patrick gets a call about his job offer and he asks for some time to think about it. Emily tells Patrick they need to look for a bigger house when they return from their honeymoon, but Patrick is distracted by the job offer. At the end of this episode Patrick talks to Emily about the job offer. He’ll have to travel a lot and that means spending a lot less time together as they’re used to. Emily says they’ll make it work. Then a sad Evelyn drops in looking for Edward who’s been away for days.

Mouse locations

  1. Level 16-1: Peeking over the top of the top crib.
  2. Level 16-2: Peeking over the top of the cake decorating station.
  3. Level 16-3: Peeking over the ice.
  4. Level 16-4: Peeking through the window, above the lolly-pop.
  5. Level 16-5: On top of the pink bookshelf.
Emily's Honeymoon Cruise - Mouse locations episode 16

Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 16

Episode 17: End-Entertainment (The Piano Bar)

At the Piano Lounge, Evelyn explains that Edward saw John kissing her. Emily helps her mum set-up for the open mic show. Patrick searches the ship to find Edward. Emily talks to her mum about Patrick’s job offer and how confusing it is. The open mic is a success with lots of different acts. Then out of the blue there’s a performance by Edward and The Studs. Evelyn dances on stage with Edward and they finally make up. Patrick invites Emily on stage and tells her that despite everything he loved their honeymoon. Josh announces that they’ve reached Snuggford. On deck Patrick tells Emily he turned down the job offer because he wants to be with her.

Mouse locations

  1. Level 17-1: Peeking above the cash register.
  2. Level 17-2: Between the table and the open mic poster to the left of the stage.
  3. Level 17-3: Above the oven.
  4. Level 17-4: In the white coffee mug.
  5. Level 17-5: Peeking through the big port hole.
Emily's Honeymoon Cruise - Mouse locations episode 17

Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 17

Episode 18: Epilogue (The Beach)

Three months later everyone is gathered on the beach with Brad and his girlfriend Ivy. Brad proposes a toast to Emily and Patrick who gave him the courage to reunite with Ivy. Angela calls with great news; she became the owner of her own boutique in New York and she’s going to create Ivy’s wedding dress. Meanwhile Jimmy decided to sell the ship. Antonio and Brigid arrive a little bit later and also have great news; they opened a Spa together in Snuggford. At the end of this episode Brad and Ivy get married after which it’s party time!

Mouse locations

  1. Level 18-1: By the statue of Neptune.
  2. Level 18-2: Peeking over the salt and pepper mills/shakers.
  3. Level 18-3: By the feta cheese and olive.
  4. Level 18-4: In the speedboat.
  5. Level 18-5: Peeking out from the top of Emily and Patrick’s swinging seat.
Emily's Honeymoon Cruise - Mouse locations episode 18

Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 18

The secret mini-game

Have you discovered the secret mini-game in Delicious – Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise yet? If not, you should check it out right away, it’s great fun! Go to the main screen of the game, first click on Patrick, then on Emily and then on the logo of the game. Try to collect as many coins as you can but watch out for the evil giant fish! What’s your high score?

Good luck!

That’s it! With the tips and tricks in this walkthrough and with a little help of your time management skills you should be able to complete every challenge. If you do, don’t thank us. We should all thank KittenChippy for the amazing YouTube videos and Michelle Hornblow for writing such an extensive article about Delicious – Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise. Your work is much appreciated and we’re glad to have you as Delicious fans!

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Good luck to everyone and let us know in the comments if this walkthrough was helpful!