The aim of the game is simple; make sure your train reaches the station before your competitor’s does. Create as many words as possible using 6 random letters. The first levels will be a piece of cake, but as the game progresses the other train gets faster and faster. This means you’ll have to step up your game by scoring more points. But how do you do that? We’ve got 8 great tips for you!

1. Reverse the order

When you’ve created a word, try looking at it in reverse order. Often you can score points quickly and easily by doing this. Try to begin with short words as you have a better chance when reversing the order. After you’ve reversed them, try switching the letters. For example, if you use the word BRO, reverse it to ORB and then switch the ‘O’ and the ‘R’ to make ROB.

Reverse the order

2. Prefixes and suffixes

Many words can be extended by adding letters to the beginning or the end of the word. For instance you can create ‘BIGGER’ from ‘BIG’. Usually you can place an ‘S’ behind a word, which renders lots of new combinations.

Prefixes and suffixes

3. Begin with vowels

Don’t forget words starting with a vowel. We can easily create words starting with a vowel, because they sound simple. We often overlook these words, because we’re searching for words that are more complex. Our tip: Don’t! When it comes to words, keep it simple.

Begin with vowels

4. Rhyming words

When you start with a three letter word, try to rhyme. Rhyming generates lots of options, just try them and press enter. Don’t panic when you can’t make a certain combination; just move on to the next one.

Rhyming words

5. Longer words generate more points

A word with 6 letters yields more points than a word with 3 letters. Twice as many letters means four times as many points. Have you already made a lot of short words? Then try to go for that six letter word on the tip of your tongue.

Longer words generate more points

6. Look at the gaps

The overview of possible combinations and the words that you’ve already created can be quite handy. The words are filled in alphabetically. In the picture below you see that there’s a word missing between ‘APT’ and ‘BAR’. Based on the available letters, you know the word has to start with an ‘A’. Therefore the only option is ‘ARC’. The same goes for 4, 5 and even 6 letter words.

Look at the gaps

7. Bonus, bonus, bonus

When you quickly create words in succession, you get bonuses. These multiply your score, quickly earning you a lot of points. Sometimes a coal will glow behind a certain letter. When you create a word using this letter your points will be doubled. So think hard before you create a word, as the longer the word, the more points you get.

8. Potluck!

As a last resort, you can always guess. Type in random words, it’s that simple. The most important thing is that you keep typing, as it doesn’t matter if you get words wrong. The more ideas you have, the more you type, and the greater the chance to earn points.

Do you have any vital tips that shouldn’t be left out? Tell us in the comments below!