Viking Heroes 3 Collector's Edition
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Viking Heroes 3 Collector's Edition

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Viking Heroes 3 Collector's Edition embarks on an action-packed Time Management adventure! Join the brave Vikings on a dangerous journey to rebuild Bifrost.

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Join the Vikings on an incredible journey to save the world!

In Viking Heroes 3 Collector's Edition, the Vikings are invited to a feast of the Gods! As they embark on their incredible journey with the guardian of the rainbow bridge, they soon discover that the bridge has been destroyed and the path to Asgard is cut off! Help the brave Vikings on their epic quest to restore Bifrost and stop the collision of all worlds in Viking Heroes 3 Collector's Edition!
  • Conquer 50 thrilling Time Management levels!
  • Play tons of fun minigames and unlock 15 bonus levels.
  • Earn achievements and find collectible owls.
  • Enjoy downloadable music, wallpapers, and more!

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