Viking Heroes 2 Collector's Edition
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Viking Heroes 2 Collector's Edition

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Viking Heroes 2 Collector's Edition sends you on an epic journey. Join a family of courageous Vikings and put an end to a dark and destructive force!

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Embark on an epic adventure through a magical land!

Viking Heroes 2 Collector's Edition is a story-driven Time Management game. Join the Viking brothers and sisters on an epic quest to seek out those spreading destruction and help the inhabitants of Midgard. Join forces with old friends to rebuild villages and solve the mystery. The stakes are higher and the gameplay is more fun than ever in Viking Heroes 2 Collector's Edition!
  • Defend Midgard and unlock over 10 bonus levels!
  • Challenge your skills and earn achievements.
  • Find and collect mystical owls.
  • Enjoy bonus wallpapers and downloadable music!

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