The Far Kingdoms - Forgotten Relics
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The Far Kingdoms - Forgotten Relics

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Let The Far Kingdom - Forgotten Relics whisk you away with a true fairy tale! Relax and enjoy challenging solitaire levels, while enjoying a tale fit for a princess.

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Are you ready for a tale of princesses and kingdoms, and of trolls and treasure?

Be swept away with The Far Kingdom - Forgotten Relics. Chase a troll through four kingdoms to find the treasure he stole from the Elves. Only you, as a princess, have the means of finding these priceless heirlooms. Enjoy soothing music as you while away the hours, blissfully absorbed in this thrilling tale. Are you up for the challenge of The Far Kingdom - Forgotten Relics?
  • play 150 challenging solitaire levels, packed with surprising twists
  • find the 14 missing relics for the Elven prince
  • upgrade four kingdoms using the resources you collect during your journey
  • enjoy hidden object elements, and earn gold

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