The Far Kingdoms - Elements
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The Far Kingdoms - Elements

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Play The Far Kingdoms - Elements and help Princess Ariana to face a powerful evil. Remove the curse with a magical combination of hidden objecs and match 3!

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In The Far Kingdoms - Elements you seek hidden objects to lift a deadly curse. Find the three elements!

The Far Kingdoms - Elements unites the magical worlds of hidden object and match 3! Skies open and lightening strikes the earth. You wake up and discover the evil Morgana has turned your people to stone. Help Princess Ariana remove a deadly curse from her kingdom by finding the three essential elements. Do you dare to face such a powerful evil? Play The Far Kingdom - Elements today!
  • destroy the stone pillar that holds a curse by finding water, fire and air
  • fight Morgana's deadly magic in countless match 3 challenges
  • play Casual, Expert or Hardcore mode to adjust the gameplay to your expertise
  • become the brave heroine in this captivating story

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