Rainbow Mosaics - Treasure Trip
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Rainbow Mosaics - Treasure Trip

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Take to the air in Rainbow Mosaics - Treasure Trip! Join Charlotte on a treasure hunt from castle to castle. She must succeed to save her father. Will you come to the rescue?

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Rainbow Mosaics - Treasure Trip takes you on a treasure hunt through Europe. Take flight and delve in!

Play Rainbow Mosaics - Treasure Trip and board your hot air balloon for a puzzling adventure! When Charlotte's father is kidnapped, she's left all by herself on their treasure hunt around Europe. If she's to save his life she must succeed. Oh these awful men... It's all so unfair! Can you help Charlotte find the treasure? Explore Rainbow Mosaics - Treasure Trip right away!
  • take flight and explore European castles in a tricky treasure hunt
  • help Charlotte save her father from treacherous men
  • solve fill and cross puzzles to get closer to every treasure
  • train your brain while fulfilling this riddle-filled quest

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