Rainbow Mosaics - Love Legend
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Rainbow Mosaics - Love Legend

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Rainbow Mosaics - Love Legend tells the story of Kitsune and Yoichi, a magical shapeshifter and an ordinary human. Their road to love is paved with many mosaic challenges.

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What do you get when you combine challenging mosaic puzzles with a romantic love story? A truly magical game!

Rainbow Mosaics - Love Legend is a true love story. Kitsune is a fox-shapeshifter who can take on the form of humans. When she turns into a beautiful girl, she meets Yoichi, and they fall in love. But with many obstacles on their path to true love, will this magical couple succeed? Find out in Rainbow Mosaics - Love Legend!
  • get puzzling with 120 exciting mosaic levels
  • choose one of the charming tile skins and backgrounds
  • earn upgradeable power-ups, and finish every level
  • train your brain with mosaics in up to 6 colors

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