Rainbow Mosaics - Blooming Garden
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Rainbow Mosaics - Blooming Garden

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Rainbow Mosaics - Blooming Garden lets you create the garden of your dreams by playing your favorite mosaic puzzles. Roll up your sleeves and go for it!

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How does creating the garden of your dreams while playing your favorite puzzles sound? That's what we thought!

Discover Rainbow Mosaics - Blooming Garden and roll up your sleeves! A new gardening competition offers you the chance to show off both your green fingers, and your mosaic puzzle skills. Combine your talents to beat the other participants and create the garden of your dreams. Enjoy what you love the most in Rainbow Mosaics - Blooming Garden!
  • combine your love for flowers and gardening with your love for mosaic puzzles
  • complete mosaics that consist of 3 or 4 colors across 120 challenging levels
  • discover colorful backgrounds that fit this lovely theme
  • Make use of a wide variety of helpful upgrades and power-ups

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