Jewel Quest 3
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Jewel Quest 3

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It's time for a new Jewel Quest adventure! In Jewel Quest 3, Rupert goes on a quest to find a cure for his blind daughter.

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Rupert and Emma are back for an exciting new adventure in the innovative Jewel Quest 3!

Rupert and Emma are back for a new adventure in Jewel Quest 3! Their daughter Natalie is infected by spores while playing with a jewel board. Rupert is going on a quest to find a cure for the blind little girl. His chances to find it grow as he receives cryptic messages from someone who claims to have the cure. But who will that person be? Play Jewel Quest 3 now and find out!
  • 200 challenging levels
  • 11 regions with different gameplay
  • uncover hidden jewels
  • match your skills against others

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