Griddlers - Zodiac
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Griddlers - Zodiac

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Griddlers - Zodiac is a cosmic puzzle adventure dedicated to the 12 signs of the zodiac. Fill in the sky atlas - what's your sign?

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Fill in the sky atlas as you travel through the stars. What's your sign?

Griddlers - Zodiac is a thrilling puzzle adventure through the cosmos. Fill in the sky map as you explore 120 unique levels dedicated to the planets and the zodiac. Play locations inspired by the signs and learn more about your own. Is there really a connection between the planets and our lives? Discover your sign in Griddlers - Zodiac!
  • fill in the sky atlas with over 10 hours of gameplay
  • explore 120 unique and otherworldly levels
  • solve mind-bending griddler puzzles
  • learn more about the zodiac and your own cosmic sign

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