Griddlers Legend Of The Pirates
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Griddlers Legend Of The Pirates

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In Griddlers Legend Of The Pirates, you'll learn how to safely sail the seas and hunt for hidden treasures! Be careful though, as sea monsters are always lurking...

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Can you puzzle your way across the seas to discover hidden treasures? Just beware of the sea monsters!

Play Griddlers Legend Of The Pirates and become a courageous pirate! On one of your recent adventures, you learnt of a way to safely sail the seas and discover hidden treasures. It's going to take all of your puzzle skills to make it work though... And what about the sea monsters that lurk beneath the waves? Find out if you can make it to the treasures safely in Griddlers Legend Of The Pirates!
  • set sail for hidden treasures and go on an exciting puzzle adventure
  • put your brain to the test with 120 pirate-themed puzzles
  • complete special quests and earn over 15 trophies
  • enjoy some real pirate music that sets the perfect atmosphere

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