Griddlers - Victorian Picnic
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Griddlers - Victorian Picnic

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Proper puzzlers await in Griddlers - Victorian Picnic! Enjoy the finest pictographic puzzle gameplay in a classical Victorian setting.

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Enjoy the finest pictographic puzzle gameplay as can only be offered in a Victorian setting!

Griddlers - Victorian Picnic offers the finest in amuse-bouche puzzle gameplay. Solve classic mosaic puzzles in a calm and relaxing setting inspired by the Victorian era. Take a stroll through 120 charming levels and discover their hidden pictographs. Unlock new locations and exhibit your skills. Griddlers - Victorian Picnic awaits you!
  • play through 120 puzzling levels
  • earn coins and unlock special trophies
  • embark on an adventure or practice with training mode
  • locate help easily with integrated tips and tricks

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