Delicious - Emily's Mansion Mystery

Delicious - Emily's Mansion Mystery

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Delicious - Emily's Mansion Mystery joins Emily and Francois as they unravel a mystery in a wealthy family's estate! Help them uncover the truth in this GameHouse Premiere.

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A GameHouse Premiere Exclusive! Join Emily in a Time Management mystery of culinary proportions!

Delicious - Emily's Mansion Mystery joins Emily, the renowned culinary queen, as she's drawn into a suspenseful mystery while catering for a wealthy family's engagement party! With Francois by her side, they must uncover secrets before lives are destroyed. The stakes are high, the secrets are deep, and the clock is ticking in the GameHouse Premiere of Delicious - Emily's Mansion Mystery!
  • Play 60 Time Management levels and 30 bonus levels!
  • Upgrade brand-new locations in a high-society mansion.
  • Enjoy new minigames and collect vital clues to find the culprit.
  • Investigate the of poisoning a wealthy socialite!

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